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You Better Run Like The Devil.

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I've never been this far away from home.

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"We're fucked."
Those were the words I woke up to on the cold Tuesday morning. It was still dark outside. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. This sort of abrupt awakening was far from common. Life had been moving so slowly, we had only had one victim in the last few days and she was quickly disposed of, so it was a fairly quiet week, which was why I was disturbed to see the 4 guys running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Bob and Frank were emptying entire drawers into bags and a giant suitcase, and I heard muffled yells from other parts of the house. "Bob? What's-" He turned to me, looking annoyed to see me awake "Go into your room, and get clothes, lots. Pack everything you need, nothing more. Need, I said, not want, you hear? Now." I didn't argue, but scurried to my room where Mikey was dejectedly packing a large bag. "Mikey, what's happening?" He turned to me and said weakly "We're leaving. You're coming too.” My hand rose to cover my mouth in shock. I fell onto my bed and said “Why? What happened?”
He continued packing while saying “Apparently a bunch of people were worried they hadn’t seen your folks around so about five of them turned up earlier night, saw Bob and Frank through the window and knocked on the door.” He paused, folded a shirt and then continued. “Bob and Frankie were both wasted, and forgot the cover story when the people asked and invited them in. Apparently they didn’t take it too well when Frankie pulled out his knife, and got suspicious. They said they’d be around in the morning, with the cops. We just can’t risk it, babe.” I nodded. I looked around at my room, the room I’d lived in my whole life, and then I turned to him and said “No.”
He raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean no?” He said. He started walking towards me, and I backed away, scared. “I mean no I don’t want to leave my home.” He glared at me but stopped walking. “You have to.” He said flatly. I clenched my teeth. “Mikey, you’re not listening to me. I’m not leaving.” I said it slowly, deliberately.
He ignored me and started to empty my drawers into a suitcase. I turned on my heel and left the room, storming down into the lounge room and sitting. He couldn’t make me leave.
You know he can.
Shut up, I told myself. I stood up and sighed.
And started to pack.

We spent the next three hours packing, and by the time the sun had risen we were ready to go. I walked around and took in everything for the last time. I reached Alice’s room and sat down on her bed. I looked out the window and felt my eyes sting from tears that were surely on their way. I had fought her for this room, for the bigger window, the view. I stared until I heard Mikey calling me from downstairs. I got up and walked to a shelf on the wall. On it sat Mina, Alice’s porcelain doll that she had loved. I picked it up and put it in my coat pocket, and started for downstairs. However, when I got to the door I stopped.
“Come on” Mikey urged. The guys were all in the van, which now had a trailer which I presumed was for luggage. I thought it odd considering they hadn’t needed a trailer to bring their stuff here and I only needed two suitcases and they didn’t even take much from the house.
I didn’t move. “Mikey, I’m not going. I can’t.” He rolled his eyes. “Look, babe, I have no time to argue.” He stepped towards me and hugged me gently for a moment. “Sorry.” He whispered. There was a sharp pain in my neck, and I turned to see him holding a syringe. I couldn’t do anything but fall backwards into his arms as everything went black.

I woke up in the van. My hands were held down by what I presumed without even opening my eyes was tape. I pretended to be asleep but no one was talking so I opened my eyes and looked around. No one noticed I was awake anyway. Frank and Ray were both asleep on the seats in front of mine.
Mikey and Bob were in the front seats.
They were whispering, maybe they knew I was awake. I saw no point in even trying to figure out where we were, so I just shut my eyes.
“Is she asleep? And are those two?” said Mikey.
A pause, and then “Yep.” From Bob. I was tempted to turn my head so my ear was facing them, I was so eager to know what they were going to talk about.
“Ok. What are we going to do with him in Jersey?” said Mikey. I heard a lighter and smelled cigarette, and then Bob replied. “Firstly, I have no idea and secondly, even if they are asleep, it’s not safe to talk about it here. Drop it.”
Mikey muttered something and then there was silence.
Well that didn’t help me at all, I thought. But something was up, and I sensed danger.

In an hour or so we stopped at a gas station. Mikey opened the back door and stepped up. “Alright, you can come out, but straight in the bathroom and straight out, ok?” I nodded as Mikey ripped the tape off my wrists. He helped me out of the car and pulled me into an embrace. “I love you.” He whispered. I didn’t reply, but I smiled up at him. He kissed my forehead and let me go, and I walked into the station. I entered the bathroom and used the facilities and while I was washing my hands a woman came in with her little girl. The woman waited at the sinks while her daughter used the toilet.
Something flashed through me and I saw this as an opportunity. An opportunity for escape.
I turned to the woman. “Excuse me,” I said politely. She smiled and said “Yes, love?”
I paused, this was it. No turning back. “Um, I don’t know how to put this, but I really need your help.” The woman looked concerned, and nodded. “There are four men outside who are holding me captive. They’re really dangerous, and I’d hate to put your life in jeopardy, but I would be forever grateful if you could get me out of here and drop me and a train station or something.” I marvelled at how calm and formal I sounded, and the woman gasped. “Really? Well, I…” She stuttered and wrung her hands together nervously.
“Their car is at the far end of the parking lot, behind a gas truck. I think the car is stolen, you see.”
She nodded and said “Yes, I’ll help you.” I could have hugged her. I thanked god that I had my bag with me, my money and Mina. The woman’s daughter emerged, washed her hands and together we made our way to their little grey car parked right outside the station. I glanced over to the guys, where the woman was also nervously staring.
I saw Bob, smoking and laughing at something. Bye Bob, I thought. Frankie was in the car still but I could see him lying with his feet on the dashboard. Bye Frankie. I got into the woman’s car but my eyes were fixated on the guys. Ray was pumping gas into the van and talking to Bob. Bye Ray. I couldn’t see Mikey though. I looked around, but I still couldn’t see him.
The woman had reversed the car and was pulling out. She drove out of the station and pulled onto the highway.
Then I saw Mikey. He was running out of the gas station, yelling something. He had seen me. I turned around and said “Drive faster!” To the woman, who had started to cry.

Suddenly I felt stupid, foolish. Why did I bring her into this? I turned to look at the pretty little daughter and I was so scared for her. I managed a small smile which she returned with gusto.
I turned and looked around again, the van was just driving out of the station, and they were picking up speed.
“Shit,” I muttered. The woman was now driving faster than she ever had in her life, most likely, and I knew there was no point.
“I’m sorry.” I said. “Stop, let me out. They’re gonna catch us.” But she shook her head. “I want to help you.” She said.
But the van was close behind us, too close. I could see Mikey at the wheel and though I was trying to signal to him to stop, he rammed the back of the car. The little girl and her moth both screamed as we lost speed and careened off the road. The car spun and squealed to a stop. I looked at them both. “Are you okay?” I asked. The mother nodded and climbed to the back to tend to her daughter but I grabbed my bag and ran for my life.
There was a turnpike for a town right across the road and it wasn’t busy, so I bolted straight across the highway and started running up the turnpike. I heard two shots and a scream and turned to see Bob running behind me, and the rest of the clambering into the van.
I was getting tired and Bob was gaining on me. Is no other car on the highway seeing this? I thought angrily.
I reached the top of the road and was met by a fork. I frantically ran to the right, where I could see a McDonald’s. I ran towards it, and was thrilled when I noticed I was losing Bob and the van wasn’t in sight. I sprinted to the McDonald’s and ran around the side and crouched down. I wouldn’t go inside, it was too risky. I crawled into the bushes and panted hard, trying to catch my breath.
I sat there for a few minutes before I started hearing the four familiar voices, and almost screamed when I heard the fifth one…

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