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Are You Thinking Of Him?

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Adrienne didn’t know her dream was more accurate than she could have contemplated

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It was 3:10am in the former Nesser household. Everything was quiet, everything was still.
In the main bedroom Mikey Way and Adrienne Nesser slept soundly, both deep in dream. Adrienne was hugging herself to Mikey tightly as they both lay soundlessly.
Adrienne, the mourning girlfriend (if you will call her that), was still having nightmares a full week after her boyfriend (Again, call their relationship what you will) had taken his own life in a compulsive fit of rage that was typical to his behaviour. Typical.
Every night she had held fast to her late boyfriend’s brother, while tossing and turning, because somewhere deep in her conscious, it was all happening again.

GERARD! I scream, running towards him. He’s standing on a chair, a noose around his pale neck. Please, no! I shriek as he jumps.
But he’s still alive, shaking and screaming.
I cut the rope, but the floor gives way and we’re in the basement, and it’s burning…

Adrienne didn’t know her dream was more accurate than she could have contemplated.
Because Adrienne didn’t know that Gerard Way wasn’t dead at all.

“What are you doing, man?” Gerard said as his brother Mikey pointed a gun at him. Mikey said nothing. “Mikey, put it down. Let’s talk.” Mikey shook his head and thought. His mind was racing, he was confused. “Mikey-“ Mikey shoved his big brother down onto the couch “JUST SHUT UP.” He screamed.
Gerard was scared, he didn’t know what was happening. He was only thankful that Adrienne was upstairs sleeping. As though he had been reading his thought, Mikey whipped around and sneered “Bet you’re glad Adie isn’t here to see this.” Bob walked in and stood still. “Bryar, help me…” pleaded Gerard. But Bob said nothing, but looked at Mikey. “I’m sorry, Gee, I really am. I didn’t want this to happen…” Mikey said, sounding genuinely contrite. Panic flooded through Gerard as he trembled and said “Didn’t want what to happen?” Mikey stepped closer and said “This.” As Bob handed him what he recognised as a baseball bat. Then everything went black.

When Gerard came to, he was freezing cold and laying on a cement floor in a dark space. “Hello?” He said. “Mikey? Adrienne?”
How could Mikey have done this? And more importantly, why? I mean, I’m his brother, thought Gerard. He pulled a lighter out of his pocket, silently thankful he always carried it. He lit it and looked around, and sighed in relief. He was only in the basement. At least Mikey didn’t kill him or take him somewhere else… He looked around and was astonished to find the little fold-out bed that had been in Adrienne’s room for Mikey. There was a note there.

When you read this, you will be in what is now your new home. I couldn’t kill you, you are my brother.
But I need you out of the way. Because I know that with you around, I will never be with Adrienne. And I need her, Gee. I love her, just like you do, and maybe if she thinks you’re dead, she will come to me.
So as long as we stay in this house, you remain in the basement. Everyone thinks you committed suicide. Well, everyone except Bob. I knew he would help me, he thought it was pathetic how you turned into a quivering pile of puke around Adrienne.
You will be fed and kept safe, and alive.
Don’t try and escape, or the latter will be changed.

Gerard looked around again, fearfully. His brother could be just as strong willed as he could, and Gerard knew he was down here for good. Tears leaked from his eyes as he crumpled the note in his hands and slipped to the floor.

Gerard stopped screaming eventually, and had fallen into a pattern. Whoever brought in Gerard’s food refused to bring it in unless he was asleep, and they could tell. They could always TELL. When he realised this, he stopped trying and started sleeping more, what else was there to do.
And now at 3:10am in the basement of the former Nesser household, Gerard Way, The Undead, started to scream again….


I awoke in the night, sweating and panting, from another nightmare. It was awful. It was one of those dreams when you try to scream, but you can’t till you’re awake and it’s real, and the bad things are gone. But for me, they weren’t gone. I was living with them, in bed with one of them.
Life for me had become a perpetual, throbbing toothache. I plastered on a wide smile, was helpful and polite to everyone. Kissed Mikey, Slept with Mikey, Loved Mikey, and such, and such. I didn’t care for anything, really. Food tasted duller, the world seemed to me like someone had thrown a dark hue over the lense of my mind.
I sat up in bed, and looked around. I could hear something. That was odd, there was usually no noise in the mountains in a house when the weather was fine and no one was snoring. I slid out of bed and tried to find where the noise was coming from. It sounded like screaming, something screaming. Or someone. I tip toed down the stairs and sat in the kitchen. It was almost like the noise was coming from inside the house. I sighed and stood up again. I knew it was ridiculous. I thought of myself as quite ridiculous, jumping at every corner and waking up in the night to follow a mysterious wailing. I felt like crying, something I was used to, and walked up the stairs trying to prevent it by squeezing my eyes shut.
I climbed back into bed to find Mikey awake, the blankets pooled at the end of the bed. I crawled into his arms and kissed his neck gently. “Nightmares?” Mikey whispered. I nodded and drew my knees up to my chin, rubbing my ankles slowly. Mikey turned my head gently and kissed my lips. I parted my own, turned and raised my arms as the slow kiss took a more bold ground. I pushed him down into the sheets and continued the fervent kiss.
We rolled amongst the sheets, wild with zealous desire. I wanted him, and into his ear I whispered words I’d never before uttered in my life. “I want you fuck my ass.” Mikey’s sharp intake of breath excited me more, and I rolled over, presenting to him the latter of my slim figure. His voice squeaked and wavered when he said “Are you sure?” I was impatient. “Do it…” I hissed, drawing out the vowels. He nodded and positioned himself behind me. I bit my lip as I felt his finger run through my slit, drawing out the moisture and spreading it upwards. I clenched the sheets till my fists turned white as he slowly entered me. When he was fully in, and awaiting my approval, and nodded twice, and he began thrusting. It must have been hard for him to pace himself so, but he did so. He panted behind me and tugged my hair gently. I whimpered a bit and quickly found my clit with my finger and started rubbing, bringing moans from myself.
It didn’t last more than five minutes, and when we both finished and redressed, Mikey fell asleep with his head on my shoulder. I couldn’t refind sleep, though I’d hoped sex would do that for me. I tossed and turned and sobbed for the remainder of the night. I was confused, lonely and now I was sore. “Great” I muttered angrily, curling my feet up under me and waited for time to carry me through to another day.

Hey guys! You didn't really think I'd kill Gee, did you? Hah, what a notion!

In other news, I have this other story I've been working on, it's about jelousy and how serious it can really be. It's really long, the chapters are twice as long as in this story and I actually started to paragraph and everything!
So I might post a teaser or something, and yeah if you see it, read it?
It's called To His Knees. Well, at the moment it is. It may change.
It's going to be... Realistic. Well, as realistic as fanfiction gets... There's a girl in it... (Ah Mary Sue. Can't live with her, can't write heterosexual fanfic without her).
But I'm not gonna start posting the real stuff till I'm finished this, and guys, the end is in sight.
So read, rate, review, and enjoy!
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