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chapter 5

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A/n: Ooo So you like it lemme know! I really want to know like seriously. I actually cried writing that one part so Sorry for the tear stains. Well, this story is taking and emotional toll on me and its not cool lol so Read and Review. Also school has started and its really hard for me to keep the chapters coming so, I am terribly sorry if I don't post at least once a week!

-xoxoxo Mrs_Stump221

Chapter 5:


God she is so sad, I wish I could help her but. I don't know if she likes me that way, she is going through a divorce, with my best friend. I thought to my self as I sat on their couch. Wait is it even 'their' couch or only one of their couches. I shook my head and looked at Rachel walked in wearing tight blue jeans and a strapless t shirt. My eyes about fell out of my eye socket, She smiled a bit then grabbed her soda off the table and took a sip. For have 2 kids she looked really good.

“Hey you, whats up?”She asked me like she didnt have a care in the world, it made me wonder if she had fallen out of love with Ryan too. I smiled a bit then looked at the Tv.

“Nothing ,really just been here and there you know.” I replied to her.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. The divorce was finalized yesterday.”She told me softly in a saddish tone. I sighed, then smiled weakly and took her hand in mine.

“You'll get through it, how is Emmy taking it?” I asked her and she looked at me.

“She doesnt get it yet, that she will be at daddies one week then mommies the next, she is still young.” She said to me and I nodded looking at her then gulping when she hugged me. “Thanks for everything Brenny.”She said going to kiss my cheek and I accidently turned my head just enough and she ended up kissing my lips. She pulled away then looked down not really sure what to think.

“I- I'm sorry.”She stutterd but I didnt give her time to think before I pressed my lips to hers kissing her deeply, she didn't respond at first but then relucantly she kissed me back her right hand on my cheek. I ran my hand down her side and rested it on her hip. I pulled away and rested my forehead on hers and she smiled.

“Do you uhm wanna go out sometime?” I asked her and she laughed.

“Sure Brendon.” She said to me.

“Mommy, why did you kiss uncle Bren Bren.”Emmy asked I scratched the back of my head.

“Mom and daddy arnt married anymore, and now me and uncle Bren Bren are going date which means get to know eachother better.” She said to her softly and I smiled at how cute emmy was she was just so innocent didnt even knnow what was going on.

“GEO!”She said again smiling widely, we looked at eachother ,it made her happy but it worried us.

“Baby do you see Geo?” Rachel asked her and Emmy smiled.

“Yea.” She said smiling. “Right there.”She said pointing to the corner where Geo used to play with his toy puppy. I looked at her my eyes wide not sure what to think was this child seeing his spirit or was she halucinating.

“Brendon, should we ask the doctor?” She asked me since Ryan was away on business with Pete.

“Maybe, but we shouldn't worry to much she eats sleeps and is happy at the momment. Thats all that matters right?”I asked her smiling and she nodded. “Yep.”She said kissing my cheek then going into the kitch.

It was happening, she was going to be mine I hope she falls in love with me, I need her.

I looked over at the area Emmy said she saw Geo at and sighed a bit, this was slightly creepy I just hope he didnt feel like scaring the shit out of me one day and decided to go BOO! I walked into the kitchen and hugged Rachel from behind and she smiled weakly.

“I still love him Brenny. Give me time.”She said and I kissed her shoulder and nodded.

“I can wait a long time.”I said to her and she grinned.

“Good.”She said kissing my lips quickly, god that was nice, they were so soft is this how Ryan felt when they first got married cause if so then boy am I in for a ride cause I feel as if my heart is going to come out of my mouth.

“Sis, whats going on....”I heard Micheals voice and I sighed.

“Me and Brendon are dating now.”She told him and he made this face O_O.

“really?”He asked not believing it.

“Yeah, Ryan is moving on already so why can't I?”She asked seirously.

“He has a girlfriend huh?” Micheal said and Rachel looked down.

“Her name is Jamie, she is nice I guess.” She said holding back tears, I pulled her into my arms and kissed the top of her head.

“Im sorry sis.”He said to her and walked back to his room and sighing.

Someone knocked on the door and she smiled then looked up at me kissing me again and going to answer the door, I followed her like a lost puppy as Emmy play with her toys on the floor where Geo used to sit.

“Mame, we have a lead on what happened to your some, is Mr.Ross here?”He asked she nodded letting him in then called Ryan.
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