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A New Can of Worms

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Chapter 13 – A New Can of Worms
Tuesday, 3 September, 1996
Minister’s Office
Ministry of Magic

Amelia Bones had put in a long day doing paper work, and was headed home.
Tuesday, 3 September, 1996
Bones Residence
Western England

“My lord, the device is active and set for 15 minutes.”

“Very good, Wormtail. Return to the manor.”
Tuesday, 3 September, 1996
Bones Residence
Western England

As Amelia walked into the sitting room with a cup of tea, she was greeted by Voldemort.

“Hello, Madam Bones.” said Voldemort.

As she reached for her wand, Voldemort laughed.

“A duel? Most excellent! You’d probably fare well against me, if I fought fair!”
Wednesday, 4 September, 1996
Ministry of Magic

“She’s never this late. For that matter, she’s never late period.” said Percy Weasley, looking at the clock.

Getting up, he made his way to Auror Headquarters.

“Can you send someone to check on Minister Bones? She never showed up for work today, and she’s never been late before.” he asked the Auror manning the desk.

“Certainly. That does sound odd. She never missed a day as head of the DMLE without notifying someone, either.”

Fifteen minutes later, Auror Headquarters was rather chaotic, as was the rest of the ministry.
Thursday, 5 September, 1996
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry had just taken delivery of the Daily Prophet, and when he saw the front page, he nearly choked.

Minister presumed dead, Pius Thicknesse named interim minister
Former Minister Bones missing, presumed dead

Aurors dispatched to the residence of Minister Bones found a field of debris where her house once stood. They were unable to find any trace of the Minister, and urge anyone with information to come forward. Minister Bones did not arrive at the Ministry yesterday, which prompted the Aurors to check her residence.

Pius Thicknesse was named interim Minster yesterday during an emergency session of the Wizengamot by a slim majority.

“I think it’s time I looked into that offer from the Prime Minister.” muttered Harry.
Thursday, 5 September, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Lord Voldemort was in a particularly good mood, and as a result, so were his followers.

“Now for stage two. Oh how I like it when a plan comes together without issues!”
Saturday, 7 September, 1996
Conference Room
Downing Street

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in the conference room, along with the Secretary of State for Defence, the Prime Minister, and Adjutant-General.

“Sir, have they been briefed about my world?” asked Harry to the Prime Minister.

“Yes, though they are still rather sceptical about it. Poor souls haven’t been scared half to death by a talking portrait yet.”

“I suppose a small demonstration wouldn’t hurt then.” said Harry, before turning the table blue and popping behind the sceptics.

The Secretary for Defence looked surprised.

“So that’s how you got all over the place so fast.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I hear you are only 16.”

“You heard correct, sir.”

“That may turn out to be an issue, since technically, you can’t participate in any operations until you’re 18.”

“I think I may have found a way around that.”
Sunday, 15 September, 1996
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

“Merlin’s Flaming Penis!” said Harry, a bit loudly, causing those in the Great Hall to become silent and look at him. Those with the paper looked at the front page, and found the cause of his outburst easy to find.

Minister Pardons 35
Cites possibility of evidence tampering

Minister Thicknesse pardoned 35 convicted death eaters today, citing the possibility of evidence tampering, due to their capture by the ADA rather than Aurors. Also pardoned was former senior-undersecretary Delores Umbridge, who was accused of using a ministry restricted item on a minor without consent.

“We can’t have a paramilitary organization doing the job of our Auror force. Aurors follow strict guidelines to prevent mishaps, something that the ‘ADA’ has not been proven to do.” said Thicknesse yesterday evening.

This recent move has brought down a hail of howlers on the Ministry, many people outraged that death eaters are being allowed to walk free. No word has come from the wizengamot about this recent event. Incidentally, when Thicknesse was voted in, there was a conspicuous lack of members present, numbering only 15 out of the usual 50 or more. Thicknesse, who has been accused of calling meetings without notifying all required individuals, denies this.

Pardoned individuals range from Lucius Malfoy to ... Continued on page 4

Sunday, 15 September, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Voldemort was beginning to scare his followers. His mood had been unusually good lately, and he had been seen walking down a hall humming to himself. Nobody had been crucio’d in almost a week, and many were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Lucius! My puppet has freed you, I see.” said Voldemort when he came across Malfoy in the hall.

“Yes, my lord.” said Malfoy, unsure about what to make of the oddly behaving Voldemort.

“Lucius, gather some of your fellow death eaters. We’re going to have a celebration.”

“Yes, my Lord.” said Malfoy, now wondering if he was having some strange dream or something. Pinching himself, he concluded that he was wide awake.

Malfoy fled from the room.
Sunday, 20 October, 1996
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry opened his Daily Prophet, and, seeing the headline, scowled. Thicknesse had done it again. How he had avoided the sack was something known only to himself. And that toad was beginning to annoy him greatly.

Minister announces new Act
Muggle-Born Registration Act designed to track potential dissidents.

Minister Thicknesse announced yesterday that his new “Muggle-Born Registration Act” was to come into effect today, 20 October. Muggle-born witches and wizards are to report to the Muggle-Born registration Committee, headed by Delores Umbridge within a week. The reasoning behind this new act is that Muggleborns are the most likely to react violently to legislation that might seem to limit their opportunities, says Delores Umbridge.

Names of those who fail to register will be listed in this paper starting next week. For more information, see page 5.

He was just about to return to his breakfast when the doors to the Great Hall opened, admitting Umbridge, with 10 Aurors in tow. Harry got the distinct feeling this was going to make his day more complicated and difficult.

“Aurors, take Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley, and Dumbledore into custody.”

Three of the Aurors looked at her like she had grown a second toady head.

“Sorry, Ma’am, but we won’t do that. The fact that Potter has more experience in fighting than almost any ten Aurors combined is only part of the reason. For another, you can’t disarm him. And you can’t land a spell on him with his shields. I’ve heard he can block the killing curse with a shield. If you think you can take that on, go ahead, but leave us out of it.”

“Very well. You’ll be joining the three of them in Azkaban.”

At this Harry stood up.

“On what charges are we being arrested?” asked Harry.

“Leading a paramilitary organisation that is a threat to the ministry.”

“I see. You should be happy to know that I do not, in fact, lead a paramilitary organization, then.” replied Harry, looking smug.

“The ADA is not sanctioned by the Ministry! You lead a paramilitary organisation!”

“Nope. I share joint command of the Sorcery Division of the British Army. It consists of the former ADA.”

“That makes no difference. You are to be arrested and sentenced to Azkaban.”

Harry sighed and turned to Dumbledore, who, like the rest of those in the hall, was watching the proceedings in silence, though he had a touch of surprise, as opposed to confusion.

“Dumbledore, I’m afraid I’ll have to tender my resignation. It seems that the ‘curse’ of the position has struck yet again.”

“Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Dumbledore, come with us.” said one of the Aurors who hadn’t refused.

“You seem to be under the impression that I am going to allow myself to be railroaded into Azkaban. I’m afraid you’re a bit off in your assessment, since if there was the slightest chance for a fair trial within a week, toady there wouldn’t be with you.” said Harry.

“Aurors, take him.”

As Harry put up a shield, students scrambled out of the line of fire.

As the spells hit the shield, it absorbed them, instead of bouncing them off into the crowd. Harry calmly walked around the table, and towards the Aurors, unaffected by their barrage of spells. Waving his wand, he stunned the offending Aurors, and went over to Ron and Hermione.

“I have no further business here. Shall we?”

“Yes. I think I’ll scout out a good solicitor.” said Hermione.

“That sounds like an excellent idea.” said Harry, before the three popped away.

“How!? How did they apparate inside Hogwarts?” said Umbridge in confusion. One of the nearby students spoke up.

“He doesn’t apparate.”

“Ah ha! Illegal Portkeys! Yet another–” started Umbridge, before being interrupted by the student.

“He doesn’t use those, either.”

“That’s impossible. There are only two ways of travelling that look like that, Apparition and Portkeys.”

Another student spoke up.

“Actually, there’s three known ways. House-elf popping is the third. But he doesn’t do that, either.”

“Dumbledore, you are to come with us.” said one of the revived Aurors.

“I too find myself wondering why I am being arrested.” said Dumbledore calmly.

“We have reason to believe you lead a paramilitary organisation that may be a threat to the Ministry.”

“You would be correct, if it were actually a threat to the Ministry.”

“So you admit to leading a paramilitary organisation?”


“Come with us. You will be placed in Azkaban to await trial.”

“I believe we’ve hit a small snag, then. You see, I have no intention of going to Azkaban.”
Sunday, 20 October, 1996
Auror Headquarters
Ministry of Magic

Rufus Scrimgeour was beginning to worry. Since they had been ordered to find and apprehend Potter and his friends, and track down Dumbledore, he had received no less than 15 resignations. Frankly, he didn’t blame them. If Potter had his sights set on the ministry, he’d have stormed it long ago.
Sunday, 20 October, 1996
Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
Diagon Alley

Fred looked up as another Auror entered the shop, followed by three more.

“You want to contact Potter, I take it?” asked Fred, no longer surprised by the steady stream of Aurors who had been filtering through.

“No. We are here to arrest you for being a member of the ADA.”

“Actually, the ADA was disbanded some days ago.” said George, who had wandered out from the back. “Unless the law that got passed allowing this is retroactive, we haven’t committed a crime. Come back when you have a reason to arrest us, and we’ll come then.”
Sunday, 20 October, 1996
Briefing Room
Potter Manor

“Well, that seems to be everyone who’s going to arrive. You all expressed a desire to join the ADA.”

“Yes, sir.” said one Auror.

“You should know that the ADA no longer exists. You’ll be joining the British Army.”

“The muggle Army, sir?”

“The recently created magical part of it, yes.”

“How did that happen? I thought we had to keep the Wizarding world secret at all costs?”

“The Prime Minister was informed about the little problem we have with death eaters, and the Army was impressed by the ADA’s response to the attacks. Before our illustrious minister pardoned those death eaters, I took up the Army on their offer for more training. Because the Ministry answers to the Queen, we managed to work with a previously unknown loophole.”

“If you join, you’ll be bound to the rules, regulations, and such of the British Army, as well as some specific to the former ADA. You’ll be trained to use muggle weapons to augment your use of magic, since you will have to rely on invisible spells and muggle weapons if you operate in a muggle area. We have a policy of not obliviating muggles unless they agree to it, so try to avoid anything flashy unless you absolutely can’t.”
Monday, 21 October, 1996
Potter Manor

Harry was eating his breakfast when the Daily Prophet arrived.

Looking at the front page, he noticed that it was mostly a list of known muggleborns, mainly, although Harry saw his name on the list, along with Ginny’s, Ron’s, Hermione’s and Dumbledore’s.

Donning his CUs, he popped over to Downing Street to set up a meeting with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister seemed to be taking security very seriously, judging by the obvious presence of SAS troopers.

After managing to set up one at 1:30 that afternoon, he popped back to the Manor to get help from Hermione in setting up the communications equipment he had received when Potter Manor had become the base for the new Sorcery Division. Nobody expected him to need to use it, since the entire division ‘didn’t exist’ but Harry, being the pessimist, insisted, since you never knew what might happen.

After some experimentation by Fred and George, it had been found that electronics hardened against EMP were largely unaffected by magic, so they set up the equipment in the Situation room.
Monday, 21 October, 1996
Potter Manor

Harry was meeting with the PM, who, to nobody’s surprise, hadn’t been informed about recent events.

“So, Bones was murdered, and the current Minister is going for a campaign of state-sponsored racism?”

“That’s about right. I’m currently a fugitive from Wizarding law, too. Something about me ceasing to lead a paramilitary organisation before they passed that law failed to register.” said Harry, glancing at the hole in the wall where the portrait once hung.

“I see you did some redecorating.”

“Yes. We couldn’t take it off the wall, so we removed the wall it was stuck to. So much easier. It’s now in storage in a lead-lined, hardened safe.”

“Smart move, sir. I don’t trust the new minister at all. Fudge was clearly in it for himself, but Thicknesse, I just don’t know. Sometimes it seems as though he’s being influenced by someone outside the ministry, and other times, he seems to be the usual power-hungry, par-for-the-course minister of magic. What happened to Shacklebolt? I didn’t see him when I came in.”

“He didn’t show up about a week ago, and hasn’t since. That’s partly why there’s the increased security outside now.”

“Huh. Well, that’s all I had. I thought you might want to know about some of the recent changes for the worse.”
Monday, 21 October, 1996
Potter Manor

“Harry, my parents just arrived. Apparently, the Aurors tried to take them using force without warning them.”

“Damn. Set them up. I’m taking the twins. I imagine the Burrow is on the list as well.” said Harry.

Popping to Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, he found the twins working in the back.

“Stop what you’re doing and come with me. We’re going to the Burrow immediately.”
Monday, 21 October, 1996
Outside the Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole

As they appeared at the Burrow, they saw three Aurors making their way toward the house. The Aurors, seeing them, disapparated.

“I’ll bet they get reinforcements.” said Harry, before calling Teams 1 and 2 and telling them to get geared up and be at the Burrow in 5 minutes. Harry then went inside and informed Mrs. Weasley of the situation.

In classrooms across Hogwarts, students vanished. Professor McGonagall, seeing 3 of the class vanish without warning, sighed.

“What have they done this time? Harry wouldn’t call them from school unless he needed to.” she muttered, before continuing the lesson.
Monday, 21 October, 1996
Outside the Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole

"Team 2, scatter about in the bushes over there, and be ready to pick off the Aurors if this gets ugly. Team 1, you’re with the twins and I." said Harry.

Just as they got in position, some 20 Aurors apparated into view down the road.

“Anti-Apparition wards on your property?” asked Harry.

“Modified one, yeah. Bill got creative and it only prevents non-Weasleys from apparating in.” said Fred, as they moved toward the Aurors.

As they neared the Aurors, Harry scowled.

“Either Thicknesse is hiring death eaters, or those aren’t actually Aurors.”

“What makes you say that?”

“The fact that Macnair is wearing Auror robes.” said Harry, as they stopped, blocking the path.

“What is your business here?” asked Harry.

“It does not concern the ADA. Stand aside.”

“The ADA ceased to exist on 10 October, as I informed the Ministry yesterday. Again, state your business.”

“We are to bring in Molly Weasley for aiding a fugitive.”

“Ronald Weasley is not here, nor has he been since school began in September.”

“We’ll determine that. Stand aside.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Macnair looked like he was getting irritated. The others looked unsure of what to do.

10 of the Aurors shouted spells, one of which hit Fred before anyone could raise a shield. Harry dodged a spell, and stunned the offending Auror. By this time, Team two had emerged from the bushes, and was quickly stunning death eaters.

“Avada–” started Macnair, who was cut off mid-spell by the sound of three guns being fired. In the silence that followed, time seemed to be taking a holiday.

As he fell to the ground dead, the remaining Aurors looked stunned.

“I really didn’t like doing that. I don’t think they did either. So, no more unforgivables, got it? Now, I’d appreciate someone telling me why Macnair was with you. Are you Aurors or death eaters?”

Receiving no answer, he sighed and stunned them. Checking their arms revealed that none of them had the dark mark.

“Ron, are you at the map?”

“No, am I needed there?”

“Yes. I’d like you to check something for me.” said Harry.

After a moment, Ron responded.

“I’m at the map.”

“What colour are the dots near the Burrow? Namely the ones down the path.”

“There’s the ones marked ADA, some maroon ones, and that’s it.”

“Thanks, Ron.” said Harry, before reviving Fred.

“Well, let’s return them to the Ministry shall we?” said Harry.

Five minutes later, 19 dazed Aurors and one dead death eater appeared in the Atrium.
Monday, 21 October, 1996
Auror Headquarters
Ministry of Magic

Rufus Scrimgeour was not pleased. He got up, and made his way to the Minister’s office.

Throwing open the door, he stormed in, startling Thicknesse.

“Minister, I must protest your use of my Aurors. You cannot have them arrest people who have not committed any crimes!”

Smiling, Thicknesse spoke.

“I see. Consider yourself sacked, then, Scrimgeour. You have 20 minutes to pack your things and leave, before you are arrested.”
Monday, 21 October, 1996
Potter Manor

Hermione looked up from her books when Harry walked in, looking confused and a bit lost, mixed with some anger.

“What happened?”

“We got into a small fight at the Burrow. I killed Macnair when he started the killing curse.” said Harry, sitting on a small sofa.

“Oh.” said Hermione, sitting next to him.

“Yes. I’m not sure what to feel. I’m happy, because that’s one less death eater running around causing issues. Then, I feel I shouldn’t be happy about killing someone. What if I had just stunned him, instead? Did I really need to kill him? What right do I have to choose whether someone lives or dies?” said Harry, sounding lost in thought.

“All I can seem to think about are the infinite what-ifs. And I think I’ll remember the expression on his face for a long time. He looked confused and surprised when he was shot, as though he didn’t believe it happened.”

“You might want to talk to my dad, Harry. He’d likely be more helpful.”

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll just sit here with you for a while. It seems to be helping.” said Harry pulling her closer.
Monday, 21 October, 1996
#12 Grimmauld Place

Dumbledore looked like his age was catching up to him. Looking around, he noticed the absence of Kingsley Shacklebolt and Arthur Weasley.

“Where are Kingsley and Arthur?”

“Arthur never returned from work today.” said Molly, looking distressed.

“I spoke with the Prime Minster today, and he said that Kingsley simply didn’t show up last week, and hasn’t been seen since. The PM has increased security around Downing Street. Things are starting to deteriorate rapidly.” said Harry.

“I heard there was an incident at the Burrow today.”

“Yes. Hermione’s parents turned up after Aurors tried to take them by force. We suspected something similar might happen to the Weasleys, so I took the twins there to try and avoid a similar situation. The Aurors saw us, and left, and I called for reinforcements. The Aurors returned with reinforcements, and Macnair started to use the killing curse. We shot him, and eventually stunned the rest, and sent them back to the ministry. Macnair was the only marked Death eater there, and we have no idea why. I honestly hope I never have to kill again.” said Harry, who shuddered slightly. Hermione gave his hand a squeeze.

“Also, Harry, you mentioned something about the ADA no longer existing, and something about the British Army.”

“Yes. On 10 October the ADA ceased to exist, having been incorporated into the newly formed Sorcery Division of the British Army. We are still working on an unofficial name that can be used for paperwork and things that would be seen my many muggles. Currently, the division doesn’t exist in the muggle world, and only the Queen, the Minister of Defence, and about 5 other people know it exists outside the wizarding world. I personally found it interesting that while the Muggles ruled an empire spanning the globe, the magical community of Britain actually shrank.”
Wednesday, 23 October, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

“Wormtail, how are the preparations for our next plan coming?”

“Well, my Lord. We will be ready in time. We located a suitable target, and have him being watched.”

“Excellent. Let’s see how Potter deals with this in a month or two. Is Greyback ready for his fun on Saturday?”

"Yes, my Lord."
Saturday, 26 October, 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

“Oh bloody hell. Greyback is running his packs.” muttered Harry, looking at the map. He decided to call Teams four, five and six.

Hermione, who had been woken by the alarm as well, looked at where the werewolves were running. The teams arrived over the next 2 minutes.

“Harry, I’m taking a team to Downing Street. They’re making an almost straight line for it.”

“Taking out the PM sounds just like something Voldemort would suggest to Greyback. Good luck, and you might take one of those new weapons we got and have your team take them too.” said Harry, as Hermione and Team six moved to the supply room.

At this point, a drowsy Dan Granger came in.

“What’s going on?”

“Greyback is running his packs. One is out in the middle of nowhere, but he’s got what appears to be at least two headed straight for Downing Street. Too straight, really. Hermione’s taking a team to assist the security there. I’m manning the map for now, making sure the other pack doesn’t get up to too much mischief.”

Dan shook his head when Hermione and Team six emerged from the supply room armed with MP5s and in their black CUs.

“Hi, dad.” said Hermione, stuffing her wand into a pocket.

“If it gets out of hand, call for help. If it goes completely pear shaped, get out of there and bring the PM here.” said Harry.

Hermione nodded before popping away.

“I’d have never guessed she’d be in the Army before she graduated school.” said Dan.

"I never thought she'd voluntarily leave school." said Harry.
Saturday, 26 October, 1996
Near Downing Street

Hermione and Team six appeared and set off towards Number 10 at a run.

“How far out are they?” asked Hermione.

“About four minutes, at their current speed and direction.”

As they rounded a corner and number 10 came into view, the pair of SAS outside the gate turned to face them.

“Identify yourselves!”

“Major General Granger, British Army. You’re about to be under attack if our intelligence is correct.”


“All I can tell you right now is that werewolves exist. You’re about to be faced with a lot of them, and they will bite or kill you if given half a chance.”

“Yeah, right. Who are you really, and why are you here?”

“I am who I said.” said Hermione, taking out her plate again, and clipping it to her helmet.

“Harry, how long?”

“Any minute now. They’re about two blocks away. Oh, hell. The pack up north just turned towards a village. You’ll be mostly on your own, I’m sending teams four and five to try and dissuade them.”

At that moment, the werewolves came into view. Spotting the people on the street, they broke into a run.

“What I’m about to do is going to seem impossible, so I’d recommend you try not to stand shocked too long.” said Hermione, before holding out her hand and sending stunners at the nearest werewolves.

“Hermione, some of them are looping around behind the group of you.”

“Bloody hell.” said Hermione, stunning another werewolf, before giving up on that tactic, and changing to throwing werewolves away from them with waves of force. Between herself and Team six, they had managed to down about 10 werewolves, which seemed very adept at dodging.

“Harry, I need team four or five to assist.”

“Stand by. They should arrive in a minute.”

As the werewolves moved closer, one lunged at one of the SAS troopers, who was obviously not too shocked, since he got five shots from his sidearm into the werewolf before it reached the apex of its jump.

This event seemed to enrage the other werewolves, who rushed them. The previously quiet night was quickly filled with the sound of weapons fire.
Saturday, 26 October, 1996
Ten Downing Street

The Prime Minister was awoken by the sound of gunfire outside, which cut off after about 5 shots. As he got up, he was greeted by the sound of automatic weapons fire.

He hurried to a window facing the street, and looked out.

It took him a moment to process what he was seeing. What appeared to be at least 30 werewolves were attacking the two SAS guards who were on duty and what appeared to be six ADA, er, Sorcery Division members.

“Ouch.” he muttered as a werewolf sent a person tumbling into a building. “I guess they’re tougher than they appear.” he said as the person jumped back up and cracked the werewolf on the head with the butt of his weapon.
Saturday, 26 October, 1996
Outside 10 Downing Street

“Team Four should be there in a few seconds.”

“Thank God for that.” said Hermione, killing a werewolf who had crept up behind a member of team six.

“Why do they have to be so hard to take down? I’ve only got so much ammunition!” said one of the SAS troopers. Hermione responded by conjuring an approximation of an MP5, and tossing it to him. He caught it, shrugged, and took aim.

Harry arrived with team four at that moment, and, seeing a werewolf sneaking up to Hermione, proceeded to set it on fire with a ball of flame.

After a minute, the werewolves started moving away, deciding to cut their losses. Apparently, they didn’t enjoy getting set on fire or filled with holes.

“What our status?”

“Well, Neville got a bit banged up, but other than that, nothing seems to be worse than a few minor scratches and bruises.” said Hermione.

“Remind me to trade these in for the silenced versions.” said Harry, looking at the MP5 he was holding.

“This is going to play hell with the media. I can’t even begin to imagine how we can explain the large furry bodies out here.” Harry said, surveying the street.

“Leave that to me.” said Hermione, grinning, as she transfigured the nearest body back into a human, but wearing a wolf costume.

“I’m afraid I still don’t see how you’re planning to spin this.” said Harry.

At this, one of the SAS snorted.

“Probably something along the lines of an obscure cult attacking the PM.”

“Actually, that’s exactly what I was thinking.” said Hermione, changing another body.

“Someone better go inform the PM of what’s going on. I doubt he slept through that racket.” said Harry, before he paused.

“You guys are pretty unflappable. I’d have thought us just appearing out of thin air would have gotten some reaction.” he said to the remaining SAS trooper.

“Well, once you get attacked by a horde of werewolves, watch a teenage girl and 5 others throw them around with waves of force, knock them out with beams of red light from their hands, and make guns materialize out of nothing, appearing out of thin air seems rather possible, if not downright normal.”

Harry blinked.

“Yes, I suppose it might, after that. I’m Major General Harry Potter, by the way. I won’t ask for your name, since you aren’t supposed to give it to me anyway.”

“What Division? I don’t recognise the name.”

“Sorcery Division. That’s something you can’t mention to anyone by the way, Official Secret and then some.”

“Now I’ve heard everyth–what the?” said the trooper, as the pseudo-MP5 he was holding disappeared.

“Conjured items aren’t permanent.” said Harry, who suddenly started chuckling.

“Oh, the ICW is going to love this.”
Sunday, 27 October, 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

Dan and Emma Granger were watching their daughter from across the room.

“She seems to be holding up well, considering what happened.”

“She’s just keeping busy. Once she stops going, it’ll catch up.” said Dan.
Sunday, 27 October, 1996
Potter Manor

Dan Granger found Harry and Hermione in the Library, Hermione asleep in Harry’s lap.

“How’s she doing?”

“Better. You never completely get over it, do you?”

“No, not really. As long as you don’t enjoy it, you don’t have to worry. It’s when it no longer bothers you that you have a problem.”
Author’s Notes:

After a few rewrites, this chapter is finally finished. Five points to anyone who can figure out what Voldemort is planning to do.

Yes, I know the Division would normally be broken down further into brigades, battalions, etc etc, but there's less than 70 people in it, so they just skipped them, figuring they'd reorganise once they actually had enough people to fill the positions. And yes, I'm aware that a division only has one Major General. However, the division is different enough as it is, and having three people share command isn't out of the question, is it?
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