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Ends and Beginnings

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Chapter one.

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Chapter 14 – Ends and Beginnings.
Saturday, 9 November, 1996
Potter Manor

“I talked to Dumbledore. He’s been on the hunt for Horcruxes, and thinks he’s located one. He wants us to make a diversion so he can retrieve it, since there are bound to be security measures.” said Harry.

“We really should thank him for his advanced notice.” said Hermione.

“Assault some of his safe-houses?” asked Ron.

“I had a better idea, from a distraction standpoint. I’m starting to get tired of his minions causing me headaches at ungodly hours of the night. I was thinking of moving on that lovely unplottable abode he’s been in since he got a body.”

“But we can’t kill him. Horcruxes, remember?” said Hermione.

“I never said anything about killing him, Hermione. I was thinking more of a ‘Death Eater Abatement’ campaign. They are a lot like weeds, after all.”

“Oh?” said a grinning Hermione.

“Yeah. They turn up in your garden and cause problems, they appear out of nowhere and become an annoyance, they thrive when given half a chance... Now, here’s what I have for a plan so far. Pick it apart and make it better.”
Sunday, 10 November, 1996
Briefing Room
Potter Manor

“Today, we are going to assault Voldemort’s base of operations. Each team will pop to a death eater in the appropriate unplottable area, and eliminate them, unless they are fairly high ranking. If you pop to one of his ‘Inner Circle’, pop them here and we’ll stuff them in a nicely warded cell and get some information out of them. Eliminate any death eaters in the area, and return here to go for another. We’ll do this until we’ve caused a suitable amount chaos and disorder among those present. My goal is more to demoralise them than anything. This operation is taking place far from any non-magicals, so feel free to get creative with your spells, but no unforgivables. Dumbledore wants a distraction, a distraction he’ll get. Gear up, we move out in 10 minutes.” said Harry.

“This ought to put a twist in Riddle’s knickers.” said a grimly determined Harry as he made his way to the supply room.
Sunday, 10 November, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Harry popped in with Team one, and eliminated the target with a well placed shot from his staff. Scanning the room, and finding it otherwise empty, he and the team popped back to the manor.

Ron popped in with Team 3, and eliminated the target by hurling him head first into a wall at high speed. The room was otherwise empty.

“What? He did say we could get fancy.” said Ron, in response to the looks he received.
That morning, the death eaters knew fear. They had no idea who was next, and spent most of the morning trying to do something about the repeated intrusions, to no effect. Voldemort was furious and intrigued at the same time. Nobody knew who the attackers were, since they appeared, struck, and disappeared before anyone got a look at them without getting killed. Voldemort simply wished he could find out how they knew exactly where to apparate, every time, without error, not to mention through HIS wards.
Sunday, 10 November, 1996
#12 Grimmauld Place

After the Order meeting, Harry made his way over to Dumbledore.

"You get it?"

"Indeed I did. It has already been destroyed. It was the Gaunt ring."

"Most excellent. We had a productive hunt as well. The surviving death eaters at Tom's HQ are nervous wrecks."
Monday, 11 November, 1996
Potter Manor

Harry's relatively good mood vanished as he opened the paper.

Minister Passes new law
Muggleborn and Half-Bloods are to report to camps.

Minister Thicknesse passed a new law early yesterday afternoon in response to the slaughter of several pureblood wizards yesterday.

"We cannot allow this violence to continue. It is obvious that they are no better than the muggles." said the Minister, speaking on muggleborns and half-bloods.

All muggleborns and those less than ¾ pure-blood are to report to any of several new camps by the end of the day Wednesday, or they will face severe consequences. The amount of time they will spend in the camps has yet to be determined.

For more see page 4.

His mood darkened further when he saw the next article.

Wizengamot members arrested
20 members of the Wizengamot arrested.

Early this morning, Aurors arrested a number of Wizengamot members for 'acting contrary to the interests of the government'. They have been sentenced and placed in Azkaban for lengths of time ranging from 1 year to 10 years.

"This is the first of many steps in bringing a stop to the anti-ministry groups who threaten our way of life." said Minister Thicknesse.

For the full story, see page 6.

Harry was worried, and very displeased.

"Hermione, we have a problem."

"What happened this time?"

"Have you read the paper this morning?"


"Well, you'll see the problem when you do. Do you want to read it, or should I summarize?"

Monday, 11 November, 1996
Briefing Room
Potter Manor

"I need to end this, or at least, end the attacks. I say we ward the hell out of a cell and stuff Voldemort in it." said Harry.

"What about the death eaters?" asked Hermione.

"I suspect that they'll be a bit lost without someone giving orders." said Ron.

"If we just imprison Voldemort until we have taken care of his Horcruxes, our job is much easier."

"Good point. I'll get started warding a cell, then."

"If possible, do it so that we can add more later without issue. Oh, and see if Geoffrey can help. I'm sure the elves have their own sort of wards. I want no living thing, or for that matter, non-living thing, entering or leaving that cell without permission."
Wednesday, 13 November, 1996
Potter Manor

"Hermione, what are the limits to the Imperious curse?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, is there a limit to how far away from a person you can be without breaking the curse? Do you have to have line-of-sight?"

"Hmmm... I don't know. I haven't read anything on that. As far as I know, you have to be nearby."

"I have the nasty feeling that our dear Minister is under the Imperious curse."

"What makes you say that?"

"The way he's been acting, and how he seems to get information way too quickly. How'd he know about our attack before noon? I think someone tipped their hand, and I think I saw the cards."

"What do you suggest we do about it?"

"I was thinking of popping in to his office under an invisibility cloak with some IR goggles. If someone is following him so he stays under the curse, they'll likely have an invisibility cloak, and it wouldn't hide body heat."

"That's an interesting idea. You got as far as popping in. What then?"

"Oh, right. If there's someone there, I was planning to disable them, and end the curse."

"And if your theory is wrong?"

"We're screwed on a whole new level."
Wednesday, 13 November, 1996
Minister's Office
Ministry of Magic

Harry popped in under his cloak, and scanning the room, saw a human shaped blob of heat in a corner, along with the minister at his desk.

Creeping over to the corner, he silently stunned the person, and lowered them silently to the ground.

"Now to end that blasted curse." thought Harry.

Two minutes later, a very panicked Pius Thicknesse was sitting behind his desk, looking at a smug Harry Potter.

"Welcome back to the realm of independent thought, Minister."

"Where'd you come from? Did you end the curse?"

"I came from where I came from, and yes."

"Thank you for that! I was beginning to go mad trying to break it." said Thicknesse, before pausing. "Oh hell, I need to repeal some laws. I may favour pure bloods, but camps?" he said, before groaning. "I didn't even want this job. Bloody Imperious curse."

At this Harry looked up.

"You've been under since before Bones became minister?"

Wednesday, 13 November, 1996
Potter Manor

Harry appeared in the Library grinning like a fool.

"What happened?" asked Hermione, seeing his expression.

"The ministry has started reverting to it's old self, which while not a great thing, is certainly better. Thicknesse had been under the curse since before Bones got the job. Thicknesse had me fetch Moody to be a body guard for the immediate future, to avoid any more 'invisible' mistakes. You should also be happy to find out that we can now go out in public again, as he has removed the price from our heads, so to speak. Personally, I can't wait for the paper tomorrow."
Thursday, 14 November, 1996
Potter Manor

Harry opened his paper, expecting to see news of the previous day's revelations. He was not disappointed.

Minister makes sweeping changes
After being released from Imperious curse, Minister seeks to make amends.

Yesterday morning, Minister Thicknesse was released from the Imperious curse he had apparently been under since before Amelia Bones became minister. How he made it this far as Minister without someone detecting it is unknown.

"In light of recent changes, I am repealing all laws that were put in place since the death of Amelia Bones. In addition, I commend the former ADA on it's actions against the continuing threat of the death eaters and You-Know-Who. Their actions have dealt a serious blow to the death eaters, and I hope they continue their efforts."

In addition to these changes, the Minister has ordered an investigation on the members of the Wizengamot who were not arrested, and has released those who were.

Story continued on page 3.

Thursday, 14 November, 1996
Potter Manor

"How is the cell coming?" asked Harry, walking over to Hermione, who was, as usual, reading a book.

"Almost finished. Should be completed by this time tomorrow."

"Good. I can't wait to get the snake in there, and out of our hair. Then we can worry about the death eaters and Horcruxes without worrying about him."

Saturday, 16 November, 1996
Warded Cell
Dungeons, Potter Manor

"Hello, Voldemort. Glad you could make it."


"Will I now? And how are you going to manage that?"

Voldemort made a sound that Harry was unable to describe.

"How eloquent. Oh, by the way, your minions will not be able to help you here, so don't even bother trying to call them."

"Now, onto the Horcruxes!" said Harry, once he had returned to the main castle.
Wednesday, 19 December, 1996
Headmaster's Office
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry was in Dumbledore's Office, Dumbledore having been reinstated as headmaster when the ministry took him off the list of wanted fugitives.

"Any luck on the Horcruxes?"

"Unfortunately, no. Something of Ravenclaw's, the locket, and the cup all still elude us."

"Locket... It wouldn't happen to be silver with a large 'S' on the front, would it?"

"It would. Why?"

"Umbridge had a locket looking like that on in the picture in the paper. I thought it looked odd, since she never seemed to have any jewellery other than those horrid rings."

"An excellent observation, Harry. I will look into it."

"Speaking of observations, what exactly was Ravenclaw known for, artefact-wise?"

"Her diadem is the most well known, but it went missing more than 900 years ago."

"Yes, I read that. Some suspect that her daughter took it. Among those, many are convinced she hid it in... No. He couldn't have." said Harry, looking thoughtful. "He probably did."

"I take it you made a connection somewhere?"

"You might say that. Tom Riddle took a holiday where after he left school?"


"When did he return to Hogwarts looking for a job?"

"Right after he got back from Albania"

"Some of those in the 'Her daughter nicked it' camp believe that she hid it in Albania when she went there."

"Oh. Yes, that is rather a coincidence. But I doubt that he managed to find it when so many oth–" started Dumbledore, before Harry looked like he'd had a stroke of genius and leapt out of the chair.

"I'll be right back." he said, before popping off.

He arrived outside the Room of Requirement, and paced in front of it, thinking thoughts about hiding things.

As the door appeared, he stopped. Opening it, he stood frozen for a second. Huge piles and columns of junk, books, furniture, bottles, and other debris filled the massive room.

"Well, I might as well try my luck." said Harry, before trying to summon the Diadem.

When it came soaring to him from the back, he couldn't help smiling.

"Finally, some luck." he said, before popping to Dumbledore's office.

Dumbledore simply sat there, looking surprised when Harry popped in diadem in hand.

"From your speechless state, I assume that this is, in fact, the diadem?"

"Where was it? People have been searching for it for centuries!"

"The Room of Requirement."

"Room of Requirement?"

"You know that room you found filled with chamber pots?"

"It was among the chamber pots?"

Harry laughed.

"The Room of Requirement takes the form of whatever space you need when you walk past. I simply needed 'a place to hide things', and it gave me a room filled with the collective contraband and junk of several centuries of students. You needed a loo, so you got chamber pots."
Friday, 4 April, 1997
Headmaster's Office
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

"Are you sure that's all of them?"

"As sure as I can be. There's always the chance he made another one that we don't know about."

"Well, I suppose we'll find out soon enough. See you this evening, if not sooner. I have a dark lord to dispose of. I'm still not happy about the fact I have to do it." said Harry, before leaving the office.
Friday, 4 April, 1997
Potter Manor

With the Minister of Magic and one reporter (who had sworn an oath to report just the facts, without embellishing, or glorifying, and such), Harry made his way to the heavily warded cell.

"Are you prepared to die?"

At this Voldemort started laughing.

"You think you can kill me? I took measures to prevent such an eventuality."

"Yes, well, your life insurance policy lapsed this morning when we destroyed the locket. All the others had been taken care of prior to that."

For the first time in anyone's memory, Voldemort lost the superior smirk that usually occupied his face.

"I, Harry James Potter, challenge Tom Riddle to a duel. Anything goes except unforgivables, and breaking this rule results in death for the breaker."

At this Voldemort smirked.

"I, Tom Riddle, accept the duel."

Harry stepped into the cell, and handed Voldemort his wand. After a terse bow from both parties, the show started.

Harry let loose a torrent of spells from both hands while Voldemort did the same with his wand. Spells bounced off shields, causing an impressive display with the wards.

Harry was glad he was proficient at shielding, because he recognised some of the spells flying at him, and was more than happy they didn't hit. He liked his digestive tract inside his body.

Eventually, Voldemort's shield failed, and he was hit with a number of spells, aimed at the neck and chest.

Later analysis would determine that the cause of death was spread between a severed neck and massive damage to the heart and lungs.
Saturday, 5 April, 1997
Potter Manor

Harry opened the paper.

You-Know-Who dead.
Justice served by Harry Potter

After nearly two years of terror, You-Know-Who, formerly known as Tom Riddle, is dead. Harry Potter challenged him to a duel, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named lost in fair combat. This reporter, until witnessing the event, had only heard about the level of skill displayed in stories.

Tom Riddle was responsible for the deaths of Lily and James Potter in 1981, and was thought dead when he vanished. It turns out that he had created a number of Horcruxes (containers for bits of the soul) to prevent his death, and had simply been less than a spirit. This time, he is gone for good.

Harry Potter wished me to add that he has a girlfriend, and that he would prefer not receiving any knickers or photos in the post. "The elves have standing orders to incinerate them, so don't waste your time." said Potter.

Harry Potter was, for once, quite happy.
Sunday, 6 April, 1997
Room with the Tree
Potter Manor

Even after the amount of time since they found the room, nobody had come up with a proper title for it. So Harry simply called it 'Room with the Tree' since it had a medium sized pine growing in one corner, for reasons unknown.

Harry and Hermione were enjoying a good snog on a couch.

"Harry, you might want to see this. Well, maybe see isn't the right word." came Neville's voice.

Breaking apart, Harry scowled, while Hermione looked amused.

"Is there some unwritten law about this, or something? Is it IMPOSSIBLE to do this without something happening? Oh well. Let's see what Neville is on about."
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