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What are mom's for?

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After getting changed from gym, Kari was still annoyed about not being able to hear how to win those tickets. She knew she had no chance now, millions of people would have called in and they would be long gone.

"Whats that you got Kari" asked Dana as Kari stared at the list for the second time that day.

"Oh nothing, just some notes" she said, stuffing it back in her pocket. She didn't want to tell them about the ist just yet, its not that she didnt trust them, its just she wanted some time to think about it herself before anyone else got involved with it. They would all probably tell her some of the stuff is too dangerous to do and try to stop her, thats what she didn't want to happen.

"Come on then, better get to maths before we are given detention" said Ella as they trudged along the corridor.

The rest of the day went by painfully slow and Kari was worn out by the end of it. She hugged her two friends goodbye and went to meet Ross at his car.

"Hey sis, how was school" he asked her while they got into his car.

She shrugged her shoulders, "Same old, boring lesson, even worse teachers, demon bitches" she said darting her eyes towards Rachael who walked past the car. Ross laughed at her 'enthusiasm' and drove them home, he wanted to ask her about the list but he knew it would end up around the subject of her illness and he didn't want to talk about that, so he left it.

"Mom were home" Kari shouted as they came into the house and put their bags on the kitchen table. Her mom buzzed into the kitchen, stupid grin on her face, she stood in front of Kari and beamed, not saying anything.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Kari asked, slightly disturbed by her moms behaviour.

"She is gunna bite you" Ross laughed, getting a soda from the fridge.

Her mom shook her head, still grinning, "You will never guess what? Its some great news for you Kari" she told her.

"Mom, the only great news for me right now would be that I am not going to die and I have somehow mysteriously won MCR tickets and a backstage pass they were giving away on the radio"

Her mom's smile dropped and her eyebrows furrowed. "Who told you?" she huffed.

Kari's jaw dropped as she realised what her mom had just said. "I know they haven't found a cure for cancer so your telling me I have won MCR tickets?!" she squealed getting really excited. Her mom nodded, "And don't forget the backstage passes!" she added.

Kari literally jumped for joy in the air. "But, how? When? Whaa?" she was confused by it all, why was her mom even listening to Kerrang radio?

"Well, I was flicking through the radio stations this morning when I heard the band name 'My Chemically Romantic' is it?"

Kari laughed, "My Chemical romance"

"Oh, well anyway I decided to listen and see what was happening, then I found myself calling up and I actually got through to the station"

Kari smiled, God must of been watching over her, and for that she silently thanked him. After telling her mom thank you about 10 million times, she went upstairs to get changed and start crossing items off her list.

1. Learn to juggle
2. Burp the alphabet
3. Have a helicopter ride
4. Play the drums
5. Eat mexican food
6. Visit my dad's grave
7. Put Rachael in her place
8. Talk to a celebrity
9. Cry with happiness
10. go to an MCR concert

She put a star next to number 10 awaiting tickets she wrote next to it.

Things could only get better right?

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