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If only it were that easy

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Three days had passed and Kari had decided to work backwards up her list as seen as she had started with number 10. She then got bored of trying to cry with happiness so just mixed them all up. So far she had smashed three vases trying to juggle, had no luck finding a helicopter and had gotten ill from drinking 3 bottles of coke, which still didn't help her burp the alphabet.

It was a friday afternoon and Dana, Kari and Ella were looking for a table at lunch.

"So, we got the geeks, jocks, bitches or drama club" said Ella. They all looked at eachother strangely,

"Grass next to the dumpster it is then" Kari smiled as they all carried their trays over and sat down. Lunch always went over too quick and before they knew it, everyone was leaving to go back to class. The three of them got up and walked towards the doors when they bumped into none other than Rachael.

"Watch were your going, Freaks!" she snapped at Kari, Dana and Ella.

"Why dont you watch were your going Rachael, stupid bitch" said Kari, punching Rachael square in the jaw. She clasped her face as it bled, the rest of them just laughed at her pain. Rachael looked up and she was crying, "Move" she said pleadingly to Kari.

"I cant hear you" Kari smirked back at her

"I said move out of my way, retard"

Kari snapped her head up, she was having another daydream about standing up to queen bitch. "Oh, s-sorry Rachael" she said, stepping aside.

Number 7 of her list was going to be harder than she thought.

A/N- MCR will be coming in soon dont worry! Dondon xo.
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