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The tickets come, who will Kari take?

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"Mom, mom, there here! They came!" Kari squealed excitedley as she tore open the envelope containing her MCR concert tickets.

"Me, Dana and Ella will have a great time" she said outloud to herself. The she pulled out the tickets and remembered, there was only two.

How could she choose between her two best friends?

Luckily it was a Saturday, that meant no school, which meant no Rachael. Kari logged onto her IM.

Ella: hey kari
Kamakari: hey, the tickets came!!!
Ella: :O cool, how many?
Kamakari: only two, I cant choose between you and Dana
Ella: it's fine, just take your mom or Ross
Kamakari: either one of those would be equally horrible
Ella: lol
Ella: when is the show?
Kamakari: Monday night :D
Ella: oh thats soon
Kamakari: cant wait
Kamakari: im going now. see you on monday :)
Ella: cya later

She was heading downstairs to watch some TV but she couldnt concentrate on it. She knew if she didn't pick someone her mom would never let her go to the concert by herself, maybe

she would have to take her mom.

Embarrasing thought Kari as she turned on the TV.

A/N- Sorry its short. I promise next one MCR will be in it, and it will be a long one :)

Dondon xo.
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