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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:

Rachel POV

I woke up in bed Brendon's arm wrapped around me and I turned in his arms kissing his lips softly, today would be our 5 month together. I was falling for him, face first and it was going to hurt I just knew something bad was going to happen. His eyes fluttered open and he grinned at me and I pressed my mouth to his and he pulled me closer and I laughed slightly.

“Good morning”I whispered to him.

“Morning.”He said kissing my neck and I whimpered not used to the intimate contact. He looked at me then pressed his lips to mine and I grinned into the kiss allowing him to deepen it.

“Rachel, I love you.”He whispered and my heart skipped a beat.

“I- I love you too.”I whispered and his eyes seemed to brighten, it was true I had fallen for him and I knew I shouldn't have but I did.

“Really now...”He said to me rolling on top of me and I laughed slightly.

“Yes really.”I said to him grinning and he dipped his head down kissing my collar bone and neck I tilted my head to the side and groaned when his hand groped my chest. He smirked at me groaning for more of his intoxicating touch.

“What do you want baby?”He asked me and I held onto him and leaned foreward.

“You.” I whispered in his ear and he grinned ear to ear.

“Im yours.”He said to me softly, the rest of the morning was nothing but bliss for Brendon and I.

I panted heavily trying to regain my normal breathing patterns that were now erratic since our morning 'exercise'. I kissed him then laid my head on his chest and sighed.

“That was nice.”I siad and he laughed.

“Nice isn't the word to be using dear.”He told me and I laughed.

“Well how about wonderful or fantastic.” I asked him.

“Thats' better.”He said and I laughed.

“Your ego is to big for your own good.” I said to him shaking my head as I stood and got dressed so I could start my day by getting out of bed.

“Where you going?”He asked and I smiled and put a hand on my hip.

“Grocery shopping, wanna come?” I asked.

“Already did, but sure.”He said and I laughed shaking my head.

“Your gross.”I said to him walking out of the room but he grabbed me and pushed me into the door after shutting it. He pressed his lips to mine and I moaned into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck and grinned when I realized he was naked.

“You should get dressed might cause a comotion if you go with me like that.”I whispered in his ear.

“But you made me happy, you must finish what you started.”He said grinning picking me up making me wrap my legs around his waist. The next thing I knew we were both on the floor panting from exhaustion, my head on his chest and I looked at him.

“Happy now?”I asked.

“Very much so.” He said and I laughed.

“Then get dressed or we should take a shower, we smell like sex.”I said to him and he nodded and we both went to take a shower...together. Damn him.

“Okay now seriously get dressed.” I said laughing as I pulled on my clothes and he laughed.

“I don't have enough energy to go again.”He said to me and I cheered.

“Thank god.”I said.

He grabbed my hand and I grabbed my purse and then wrote a note for Ryan and Micheal then we left for the Food store to get food of course.

“So what do we need?” He asked me.

“Fruit veggies meat as much as you hate it, I need it or I shall die.” I told him and he grinned.

“I don't hate meat,I hate the conditions they are in when they are being factoried.”He said to me correcting me.

“Well sorry, I have been helping you all I can to stop it.” I said sighing and he nodded.

“I know, and I appreciate it.”He said hugging me from behind and I laughed.

“Oh my god, is that Brendon Urie?”A girl squealed.

“Sweet heart leave the man alone, he is shopping for food with what looks like his girlfriend.”A woman I concluded to be her mother said to her.

“He is single says so in People Magazine.”The girl said smirking then winking at him and I smirked.

“Brenny, that girl is making goo goo eyes at you.” I mummered and he laughed.

“I know, You know I love you.”He said kissing me softly on the lips and the girl made a face.

“I love you too.” I whispered kissing him back.

“I told you honey.”The woman said and as we passed them.

“In the magazine it says your single, who is she?”The girl asked and he ignored her.

“Hello?” She said and I turned and looked at her.

“Look you obsessed phsyco bitch, he is shopping with me AKA his girlfriend that magazine is a year old so maybe you should get a new one, and if you have a problem with him shopping with me then don't look its not like you own him so get a life.” I said to her walking over to the cucumbers and grabbed 3 then putting them in a little plastic bag.

“Whoa, you alright?” He asked me and I nodded.

“I had a momment, she was being rude.” I said to him and he smiled.

“Its alright, we all have momments.”He said smirking and kissing me to calm me down.

“You know, you keep doing that things are going to happen.” I whispered in his ear and he grinned.

“Really now? Like what?”He asked innocently.

“Stuff.”I replied and he pouted.

“You don't help.”He said and I laughed. We paid for all the food we got then packed it all into the Navigator and began driving home.

“Really now? Like what?”He asked innocently.

“Stuff.”I replied and he pouted.

“You don't help.”He said and I laughed. We paid for all the food we got then packed it all into the Navigator and began driving home.
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