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Piano Love

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This is one of my favorite chapters!

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By the time February rolled around; Grace and Brendon had more of a foot in the door for their wedding. Most things were planned they only had small finishing touches to put onto everything. Grace’s wedding dress was nearly finished, the brides’ maids’ dresses were on order, everything had been booked; all that was left were the wedding bands and their song.

Holly had taken the week off, as well as given every one else the week off in order to just take breather from the busy month of January. Grace and Brendon were set to go register for their wedding gifts.

Grace sat in the same studio Brendon was in as they worked on a different band’s cd. The only thing in this room was a piano. It was a beautiful Baldwin L Grand piano from 1935. The piano looked as good as new, the ebony satin finish looked flawless as did the original keys. Grace had been staring at the piano for nearly half an hour contemplating playing it or not.

Music was a part of her past that she had shut the door to. In fact the only tie to music that she held was Brendon. But, here recently, she was feeling like maybe, just maybe, it was time to open that door again and let all the memories and happiness flow back into her body like flood gates on a river.

Grace heard her bronze Steve Madden pumps clank across the hard wood floor as she walked towards the piano. She sat down on the bench and opened the key protector. She let her hands rest on the beautiful black and white keys and pressed down letting the beautiful sound of the piano resonate through out the room. She smiled as she began to play her song. It was another song that she had written years ago. The only person who had ever heard the song was Rachel but she wouldn’t be the last.

‘Hail to the light, that my baby’s watches me
In the darkness of the window, I can hardly get to sleep
Wish for the hour, that the night time soon shall pass
And the morning dew will bring us to a day our souls can last

Love has a reason, there’s a meaning to the world
We’re giving love

Situation candle light
Enough to see the bits around you
But it’s never very bright
Stare at a memory
You through the grapevine heard the truth
It’s good to learn from your mistakes
But that only works in youth

Love has a reason, there’s a meaning to the world.
We’re giving love
Giving love
Giving Love
Giving love

Restless minds, curtain calls, follow fanfares
Troubled hearts, just a walk down the hall
Restless hearts you take a punch, just to land one
Troubled minds, it’s only fair after all

Mountin’ the trail, but you got it in sight
Sometimes our only way is jumpin I hope you’re not afraid of heights
Reach in my pocket for a bill that isn’t there
To face all the undoing is still more than I can bear

Love has a reason, there’s a meaning to the world.
We’re giving love
Giving love
Giving love.

‘Who is that?’ Chad asked as he heard the piano being played and an angelic voice.

‘I have no idea.’ Brendon said. The boys stood and listened for a few more moments. Brendon knew that voice. He had only heard it a handful of times which consisted of in the shower when she thought no one was home or in his dreams. Brendon walked out of the room and down the hall as he heard the beautifully composed notes coming from the sound board of the piano in the studio. He stood outside the door savoring the sound of his beautiful Grace playing the piano.

‘Who is it?’ Chad asked.

‘It’s Grace.’ Brendon whispered.

‘I didn’t know she could play.’ Andrew added in.

‘Yeah.’ Brendon smiled as he heard the bridge of the song.

Grace soon ended the song completely oblivious to anyone being outside the door listening. She took a deep breath and shut her eyes as her hands rested on the keys once again. It was almost as if her heart were playing instead of her fingers as she pressed the keys down once again only this time the classic piano piece Fur Elise. Grace swayed slightly as she listened to the beautiful sound only being played more beautifully by Beethoven himself. She loved the sound of the piano; it was almost all she couldn’t bear to listen to it. As she played she felt tears well up in her eyes; not tears of sadness or tears of grievance but moving tears, it was so beautiful to her.

Brendon stood outside the door for a few more minutes before the song ended. He slowly turned the chrome handle on the door pushing it off the metal door rest and walking in, letting it latch behind him. When he turned around he met her intense blue eyes and felt himself become weak in the knees as he walked over and sat next to her on the bench.

‘Every time I think I have you figured out you throw another curve ball at me.’ He said as he looked down at the piano keys and her hands resting on them. For a moment, he had to have a reality check just to make sure she was his. He saw the diamond ring on her finger, he knew she was in love with him but forever and always he would question what he did to deserve such an amazing thing as she was. ‘Play for me.’ He begged. Grace set her hands back down, closed her eyes, and began to play Bach’s prelude. It sounded even more amazing than the last two songs did. Grace let her emotion roll from her head down through her full-fluorescent pink M-A-C lip glossed lips, through her tense shoulders down her arms covered in a true religion fitted white button down through her delicate fingers. Brendon watched her the entire time watching the emotion and stress drain out of her as she played. He was in complete awe of her at the moment.

Grace finished the song, letting the last note ring out through out the studio. Brendon looked down at the keys as it was completely silent. He was speechless. He knew she could play guitar but he had no idea she was a genius on piano. ‘I don’t even know what to say. If we weren’t already engaged I’d propose to you again.’ This caused Grace to laugh a little bit before she looked over at him. ‘You sounded amazing.’

‘Thank you.’ She smiled before she kissed him, ‘I’d been sitting in here for half an hour looking at this beautiful piano and decided maybe I need to stop hiding from everything that happened in Boston. I used to play piano all the time, I used to love playing music and then I just quit when I left.’

‘I support you a hundred and ten percent. Do you want me to buy you a piano? Do you want me to buy you this piano? Because if it means you’ll play like you just did for me every day I’ll buy you any and every piano that you could ever want.’ Grace chuckled before she kissed him again.

‘I would love a piano. When we have kids I want to be able to play them piano. I’ll play piano and you can sing for them and they’ll be in heaven.’

‘With mommy’s fingers and daddy’s voice, they’ll never be happier.’ Brendon said as he leaned over and kissed those pink glossed lips that belonged to his amazing fiancée.
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