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Social Wives club.

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More and more wedding plans.

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‘Honey, we have an appointment at two.’ Grace said as she walked into the sound booth where Brendon was standing with the lead singer of the Cab, Alex.

‘Alright, I’m almost done.’ He said. She nodded and walked back out to sit next to Ryan while Brendon finished up coaching Alex.

‘Are you excited about your wedding?’ Alex asked as Brendon made a few adjustments to his microphone.

‘Very but I’m even more excited about the piano we’re about to buy.’

‘She’s a kick ass piano player.’

‘She just keeps adding to the list of things she does amazingly. Sometimes I have to remind myself that no one is perfect because she’s pretty damn close.’ Brendon said as he looked over at her as she laughed with her best friend while jamming to his red guitar.

‘Alright Baby let’s go.’ Brendon said walking out.

‘I’ll call you later Ry.’ Grace said as she got up, slipping on her pink and white tweed jacket. Grace took his hand and walked out of the studio and down the hall, taking one more glance at the piano before they stepped onto the elevator.

‘So where are we going?’

‘Macy’s, Tiffany’s, a couple of other places I think but Tiffany’s first.’

‘Have you picked out your China patterns?’ Brendon teased. They had heard so much lately about how important China patterns were but Brendon had no idea the stress Grace had been going through lately on picking out China patterns.

‘Brendon, don’t poke fun. You have no idea how stressful it is to pick out China.’ Brendon really wanted to laugh but though it might be the wrong time. He could see how fragile Grace was at the moment but he couldn’t understand why she had to be fragile over something like their China and why she had to be fragile like this at a time when they weren’t having sex.

‘I’m sorry honey; do you have any idea which ones you want?’

‘I have an idea. I need your opinion on it.’

‘You should have brought someone else along with you. My sisters, moms, Holly, even Ryan. I have no idea what we need China for.’

‘Brendon…seriously? Do you remember when you were younger and your mom would have people over for church or for some dinner party and she would send you over to your grandparent’s house?’


‘Well for those dinner parties…she used her good china. The same China she picked out when she and your dad were getting married.’

‘So let me get this straight…we are going to spend hundreds of dollars on plates, and bowls, and stuff to sit in a cabinet gathering dust and use it maybe once or twice a year for people with don’t even like.’

‘Exactly.’ Grace smiled as Brendon pulled up outside of Tiffany’s.

‘I don’t understand you women…us men make everything simple. We eat off paper plates and use the same fork for every meal.’

‘But honey, you wouldn’t love me any other way.’ Grace said batting her eye lashes at him as he rolled his eyes starting to get out of the car before Grace stopped him and pulled him into a kiss. ‘Thank you for coming with me.’

‘Hey! I’m getting married too. If I’m going to have to deal with these people that I don’t like I might as well have pretty plates.’ Brendon smiled kissing her again before they got out of the car.

‘Ah…you must be Grace and Brendon. I’m Nancy.’ A middle aged woman said as she walked out of the office as Grace looked at the different patterns of China.

‘Yes ma’am. It’s nice to meet you.’ Brendon said shaking her hand, ‘This is my fiancée Grace.’

‘Hi Grace, it’s nice to meet you.’

‘You too.’ She smiled. Brendon laced their fingers once again before they followed her into her office.

‘So did Bridgette not coming with you two today?’

‘Oh no, she’s back in Boston with my brother.’

‘I remember when she came to see me.’ Nancy smiled. ‘So Bridgette said that you were going to be looking at china and registering correct?’

‘Yes ma’am.’ Grace began.

‘Do you have any idea of which ones you’re looking at?’

‘I do! I’ve been looking at them online and I think I have a couple picked out. I just wanted to get Brendon’s opinion on them before I bought them.’

‘That’s a great idea, let’s go head and go out and look and then we can get you started on registering.’

‘Okay.’ Grace and Brendon stood up following Nancy back out to the show room.

‘Alright so what were you looking at?’ she asked.

‘The platinum band setting or the Palladium setting.’ Grace said.

‘Alright, Brendon what do you think?’ Nancy asked. Brendon was busy texting Jon on his phone. Grace turned around after not hearing him answer.

‘Honey…Brendon!’ Grace said a little louder.

‘What sorry babe, what’d you say?’

‘Which of the two do you like better?’ Grace asked after a heavy eye roll.

‘Oh uh…’ Brendon stepped forward looking at the two quickly, ‘Baby I really don’t care.’

‘Brendon, this is important. I need you to care. You don’t have to care about anything else that we register for but these are important.’

‘Baby they aren’t really that important.’ Brendon said.

‘Grace, I’m going to run and get your registering form I’ll be right back.’ Nancy left to give them a few minutes as Grace began to get upset.

‘Brendon, this is very important. It may not be important to you and your guy friends but it’s very important to me. Picking out China patterns is like one of the biggest things that women do in their lives. It doesn’t matter if they get remarried or if their marriage doesn’t work out or if they are together forever; a woman’s china patterns is the thing that says the most about them. Not their house, or the car they drive, or what they husband does for a living or where their children go to school or what kind of job they have but their china patterns because everything who is anyone that knows them is going to use this china at some point in time and if it’s not the right china then she might as well commit social wife club suicide.’ Grace said all in one breathe. Brendon stood with his eyes as wide as the saucers they were looking at. He had no idea China Patterns were this important to Grace.

‘Alright baby, I’m sorry. I like the platinum ones.’




‘Because they fit you well; they are simple but very beautiful, romantic, and elegant.’

‘Aww…Beary you think so?’ she smiled as she linked her arm with his elbow.

‘I do. I like them a lot. I think we should buy these.’ Grace smiled and stood up tall to kiss his cheek. ‘I like them too. Now we have to pick out silverware.’

‘Baaaaaaaaaby.’ Brendon whined.

‘Hush, I know what I want.’ Grace said as Nancy walked back out.

‘Did you two make a decision?’

‘Yes ma’am; the platinum band we need eight place settings and then for the silverware I want the plain, simple, sterling silver. We’ll need twelve settings of those.’

‘Okay you know that you can get engravements on those, right?’

‘Yes, at the bottom I just want a U.’

‘Sounds great. So we can go ahead and put those in the computer and get them ordered and paid for then you guys can go register.’ Nancy smiled.

‘So are people going to buy us all of this stuff?’

‘Probably not; I’ll have to come back and buy some of this stuff after the wedding.’

‘Then why are we scanning all of it?’

‘It gives the guests a wider range of gifts to get.’

‘Well we’re going to have a pretty freaking expensive kitchen. I can’t believe you just spend almost nine thousand dollars on china and silverware.’

‘It’s worth it.’

‘If it makes you happy then I don’t care but really babe, we’re totally eating off of that stuff more than twice a year.’

‘Brendon, stop being so dramatic about it.’ Grace said pushing him slightly but hard enough to knock him into another couple.

‘Oh…I’m sorry.’ Brendon said turning around and looking at the man and woman about his height. He thought they looked familiar but he wasn’t sure from where. ‘That wasn’t nice.’

‘Brendon Urie?’ the girl said. Grace, instinctively, took Brendon’s hand while he turned his head to look at her, ‘Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen you in years, you look great.’ She hugged him in a very awkward and uncomfortable hug completely missing the confused face Brendon was sporting. ‘Probably since we graduated…you remember my boyfriend Gareth.’

‘Evan Teague? Wow, how are you?’ that was all Brendon needed. He remembered the couple. It was the same couple that used to make fun of his lips all the time in high school.

‘I’m doing great. What are you doing here? You never were one for Tiffany’s.’

‘Oh, this is my fiancée Grace. We’re registering for our wedding.’ Brendon said. ‘Babe this is Evan Teague and Gareth Winthrop, I went to high school with them.’

‘It’s nice to meet you.’ Grace smiled shaking both of their hands.

‘Wow! Brendon, Grace Brady huh?’ Gareth said.

Brendon smiled another uncomfortable smile, ‘Well you two are cute together, and Brendon you’ve finally grown into your lips.’ She laughed. Brendon laughed to make things less uncomfortable.

‘I like his lips.’ Grace said giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.

‘I’m sure you do. How long have you two been together?’

‘About four and a half years.’ Brendon said looking over at Grace. She smiled, blushed, and laid her head on his shoulder.

‘Aww so you were with Brendon through is awkward stages before he grew into his lips.’ Evan said.

‘Brendon used to get so much crap back in high school for his lips. Kids used to make fun of him all the time.’ Grace looked over at Brendon. She knew he was uncomfortable.

‘Yeah, you guys dished it out a lot.’ Brendon said.

‘It’s alright Brendon, just makes you stronger.’

‘Honey I don’t mean to interrupt but we need to get finished we have to meet Holly and Ryan for dinner in an hour.’

‘Oh don’t let us interrupt you two. When is the big day?’

‘May 14.’ Grace smiled.

‘Oh so a while away, did Brendon get you a nice ring.’ Grace figured she’d play this up a little bit. She tucked her hair behind her ears so the girl could see the earrings Brendon had bought her before she thrust out her left hand with his huge engagement ring. ‘Oh wow, I guess he did. Gareth, look at this ring.’

‘I’m assuming your band had made it pretty big then huh?’ Gareth and Evan were now the ones that were uncomfortable.

‘Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I can buy her anything she wants or needs. That’s what husbands are supposed to do right?’


‘Right, give me a call sometime we’ll go to dinner.’ Brendon smiled before he and Grace started on their way to another isle.

‘Thank you.’ Brendon whispered kissing her ear as they Grace started looking at various items on the shelves.

‘You’re welcome babe; no one makes fun of my man and gets away from it.’

‘What did you call me?’

‘My man.’ Grace smiled.

‘This sucks that we can’t have sex.’

‘I totally agree.’ Grace began, ‘I was watching you get dressed today and it was all I could do to not throw you down and rape you. Either you’re going to have to stop getting dressed in front of me or magically become less hot or I don’t think I’ll make it to the wedding.’

There was another curve ball of Grace’s. Brendon was under the impression he was the only one suffering from this drought of no sex until the wedding but clearly he was wrong.

‘You’re so sexy.’ Brendon said louder than he expected. Grace turned around wide eyed and looked at him with a glare.

‘Brendon we’re in public.’ She snapped.

‘I’m sorry! I just can’t control myself.’ Brendon whined. Grace rolled her eyes but let a smile play on her lips. There were three months left until the wedding, it could be the very longest three months of her life but the end results were going to be well worth it for Mrs. Grace Urie.
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