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Duncan finally gets to act out his two-year fantasy with Katherine. (Almost done here!)

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The rest of the day was a good one. Katherine and I had decided to start a new relationship together. She and I kept sending each sexy e-mails to other. Over the course of the day, we had to see each other. So, I opened Yahoo IM and logged on. I clicked on Katherine's user name and stopped chatting with her. This is how our "conversation" went:

Goth_Bat_Pimp: Hey foxy lady!

BRM: Blushes

Goth_Bat_Pimp: Are your girls going to be in tonight?

BRM: Giggles Why?

Goth_Bat_Pimp: Oh, I don't know. I thought that you and I would send a night in together at your place... all alone... I'm feeling horny tonight! >:)

BRM: Oooo! You naughty little boy! I'll have to spank you!

Goth_Bat_Pimp: So is that a yes, then?

BRM: Yeah!

Goth_Bat_Pimp: Shall we go home together?

BRM: You really want to?

Goth_Bat_Pimp: Yeah! So what do you say?

BRM: Thinks Okay! We'll go home together.

Goth_Bat_Pimp: Yay!!!!!!

BRM: Easy now, tiger! Save that for when we get home!

Goth_Bat_Pimp: Okay!

I waited in as much as excitement as Rose for the rest of the day. (I could tell that she had a date tonight as well. Must be our lucky night tonight!) By closing time, Katherine walked her fine-looking self over to my desk. I looked and pretended to be working. I slowly looked up as my new hot-looking girlfriend stood over me.

"Ready to go?" she whispered to me.

"Shall we go separate directions first and meet outside?" I asked.

"Yes!" she replied. Then, Kath walked ahead of me smiling. I gave her a few seconds before getting up and following after her. We both meet outside as planned, got into our cars, and drove home. I followed behind my girl closely to her house. My heart was racing like mad in my chest. Damn, I haven't been this excited since I first Kath saw when I got the job. I just can't wait for tonight at all. We both finally made it back to her place. Kath got out the car and waited for me at her porch. I got out of my car and hurried over to her. I greeted her with a kiss on the lips. She kissed me back. More kisses followed after that. Kath managed to reach into her purse and pull out her key. She put it into the lock and let us both in. The love fest started in the living room, up the stairs, and all the way into Kath's bedroom. I pushed her back onto her bed. She flung her arms around my neck. I work fiercely at unbuttoning her blouse. Kath ripped off my hoodie and shirt. I forced my tongue into her sweet mouth. I was about to go into it more when she lightly pushed me off a bit. I looked down at her in excited lust.

"Yes?" I asked trying to rush back to taste more. Kath looked at me smiling.

"Do you we should slow down?" she asked me. "I mean we have all of tonight and the rest of our lives for all of this." I gently put my finger of her lovely lips after I kissed to quiet her down. She closed her eyes when I kissed her and then opened them again afterwards. I smiled at her quietly.

"Shhh Kath!" I whispered to her. "I'm living out a two year fantasy right now. You can stop me whenever you want if you need to." She paused for a moment. Then, my love went still for me. I smiled at her kindly.

"You're in for one Hell of a ride tonight!" I said to her. Kath's eyes lit up in lust.

"Oh I hope so!" she said in excitement.

"Trust me," I replied. "I know so!" Then we finished stripping down and she spread her legs for me.

"Do you have protection tonight?" she whispered to me. I smirked at her in a dirty way. I drew out a condom from my hoodie pocket, unwrapped it, and slid it on. I couldn't hold back any longer after that. I entered into my girl without warning and got right to work. It had been years since I got any. That pent up desire and happiness to finally have the woman of my dreams was what was driving me to pump harder and faster by every second. Kath was screaming and crying out in pleasure.

"HARDER!!! HARDER, DAMN IT! I HADN'T HAD IT IN MONTHS!!!!" she screamed to me.

"I KNOW THE FEELING!" I yelled back. That revelation drew me to pump as hard as I could. I grabbed onto her shoulders for dear life for more support to speed up. Kath screamed out in pain and pleasure. My wish finally came true after two years! I finished round one with a bang.

"I LOVE YOU KATH!!!" I yelled out to her as I gave her my release. She moaned aloud in response. I collapsed beside of her panting. I looked at her.

"So," she said to me. "Was that worth the two year wait?"

"Yeah!" I said to her. I turned over to her. "In fact, I want another ride!" She looked at me smiling.

"Easy there, tiger!" Kath said. "Rest up first! I want the second time to be just as good as the first one." Then, she kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back. Then, she pulled me on top of her again. Kath, my love, my happiness! I will love you even after death!

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