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The Park

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Oh, it's non-stop entertainment when Brendon Urie's around.

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Thank you dear reviewers! & thanks for all the get well wishes. I'm off school today because I feel like poo. I'm very bored, so therefore you get an update. I don't know if I can give you another one until like Sunday evening (English time) because tomorrow I'm off to Plymouth for my Uncles 50th. We're having a chinese. Anyway, I apologise. I could get one out later tonight (it's 10:25 AM over here at the moment), but we'll see who reads and reviews this first. I'm looking for someone who hasn't reviewed before...IT COULD BE YOU. Of course I want to hear from my usual reviewers too, because you guys are just the best.


Ryan and Spencer were already up and clearing away yesterday’s brownie dishes by the time me and Kate had awakened and joined them in the kitchen. ‘Good boys.’ Kate said, patting Spencer on the head as he playfully whacked her with a soggy tea towel.

‘What would you like for breakfast?’ She asked, opening up cupboards so a dozen cereal packets were on display. ‘We have cereal...toast...eggs...waffles...’

I chose some cereal and we sat down at the kitchen table together to eat. I looked on amusedly at Ryan, who was stood by the sink in washing up gloves and an apron, scrubbing furiously at a baking tray.

‘How’d you girls sleep?’ Spencer asked, whilst drying a measuring cup.

‘Good.’ I said.

‘OK. but I woke up in the middle of the night because someone was slamming doors. And you weren't there.' Said Kate, turning to look at me.

'Oh...I went off to the bathroom at some point.' I said breezily, as the more precise events of last night began replaying themselves in my head.

'So you were the one slamming doors?' She said, in such an innocent way that, in a short instance, it reminded me why I was so fond of her.

Of course, I didn't exactly want to explain it was her drunken dad and not me, so I simply said 'Possibly. Sorry. I don't really think about what I'm doing when I'm half asleep.'

‘Finally, done.’ Ryan announced, about to pull his rubber gloves off. Kate and I finished our cereals and stood up. 'Nice gloves' I said innocently to him as we placed our bowls by the sink. Ryan paused and groaned, pulling his gloves back on.

The phone that was out in the hallway started ringing. Kate wondered out to answer it and reappeared with it next to her ear.

‘Hi Brendon.’ She said, and we all turned to look. ‘Hold on. I'll put you on speaker.’

Seconds later, Brendon’s unmistakeable voice rang throughout the whole kitchen for us all to hear.

‘Hi guys!’

‘Hi’ we all simoltaneously chimed back.

‘Watcha doing?’

‘Ryan and Spencer are putting the brownie ingredients away. Me and Steph aren't really doing anytihng right now.'

‘Oh! Hi Stephy!'


‘You made brownies? I love brownies.’

‘We saved you one.’ Kate said, looking at me and shrugging.

‘I love you guys. Wanna hang out later? All of you? Including Smith?’

‘Why wouldn’t I be included?’ Spencer frowned, as he wiped down the kitchen counter.

‘I was joking baby bear. It’s Sunday and my parents will try and persuade me to go to church again. I need to get out of the house, quick.’ Brendon said.

‘You can come over.’ Ryan said, wiping his hands on a towel ‘But we’ll have to get out of the house. My dad probably won’t like waking up to find all of us here. Is Brent coming?’

‘I’ll call him’ Said Brendon ‘adios.’

Kate and I went upstairs to get dressed. I didn't know where we'd be going exactly but I never seemed to live in anything else apart from shorts and skirts at the moment because every small variation of this Las Vegas weather I considered being just too damn hot. My building tan was the bright side,but on the other hand, the sun also brought out a few too many freckles on the bridge of my nose and the tops of my shoulders.

Brendon arrived 15 minutes later, this time with no glasses, and wearing a large, baggy hoodie. Brent was with him not particularly dressed any more cooler, in a large black tee and jeans.

I handed them their brownies which were saved from yesterday. Brendon stuffed it in his mouth straight away. ‘OM dehishous’ He said, spraying crumbs.

_ _ _

We ended up going to the park. It was the first place we saw whilst wondering aimlessly down the streets together. It was large and empty, apart from a dog walker or two, and we positioned ourselves on the bank by the river. The sun shone high in the sky, and I soon became uncomfortable under its glare. I shuffled back under the shaded area of a tree so that I was a few feet behind them all. ‘What?’ I said, as they turned to look at me. ‘It’s all right for you lot, you’re used to this weather. Try living in San Francisco for five years.’

‘Why did you move here anyway?’ Brent questioned.

‘Mom’s work’ I mumbled. This was pretty much the truth. ‘Brendon how can you sit there in hoodie?’ I asked incredulously, changing the subject.

‘Are you saying it’s hot? Brrr it’s fucking freezing.’ He said, pretending to shiver. I knew he was playing me purposely, and I scooted forward and kicked him with my foot.

He pouted.

‘Hey!’ I exclaimed ‘We should go in the river.’

‘Fun!’ Brendon shouted, kicking his shoes off immediately,getting up and running straight towards the river. Unfortunately, he did it a little too enthusiastically and ended up tripping on a rock or his own feet or something, and falling in.

We didn’t finish laughing at him for pretty much the whole time we were there. Even Brent was hysterical at first, a state which I couldn’t before imagine him in. Spencer and Kate were doubled over and Ryan had buried his head in his knees to laugh, letting me glimpse that smile of his I liked every time he looked up at Brendon laying there, looking un-amused. I had fallen onto my back in a fit of laughter.

Eventually a little old lady who was walking her sausage dog along the river stopped and screeched.

‘It’s OK’ Said Brendon, hurriedly, to calm her down ‘I’m alright.’

He stood back up and stepped out of the river soaking wet. The lady immediately swamped him with her tartan coat and began fussing over him, patting his cheeks and drying his face with a handkerchief.

It was the funniest sight, and only caused to laugh even more as Brendon scowled across at us. It only worsened when the woman started patting his head and telling him that she’ll get him back to mummy now so he can be nice and warm. That’s when the sausage dog chose to lift his leg up and do his business on Brendon’s bare foot.

It almost killed us.

Brendon gave a shriek and hurried back into the river, splashing his feet around frantically.

‘Oh my' I wheezed, clutching my stomach. I couldn't remember the last time I had laughed so hard. My stomach muscles were sore.

Eventually Brendon calmed down and persuaded the woman he was fine, so she went on her merry way. He collapsed on the grass in front of us.

‘I love you man.’ a red-faced Spencer chuckled, reaching over and ruffling his hair.

The rest of the day we all spent wading through the river, kicking water at each others legs. Brendon got a bit dangerous when he attempted to push each of us over. He failed though, and we spent most of the time furiously kicking water at him, as he was already wet and we figured it made no difference.

It was probably the happiest I had been in a long time. The sun was bright and warm, and the water was cold and inviting. Birds twittered and insects buzzed. My new friends and I pierced the air with our shrieks and laughter. For now, I had not one single care in the world.


I think my main aim for this chapter was just to officially show the friendship between the six of them and such. You feelin' it?

Of course, I need to give you some ideas of what to expect in the next chapter...

1. A guy with a wand.

2. A glimpse of a new character

3. Another one on one conversation.

4. Bad habits.

And I would love you forever if you would care to review. Achoo.
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