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tireasha likes michael

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basically tireasha meets michael and fancies him

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"um we cant see her face because she's got her hood up" pointed out logan, lola turned round pulled tireashas hood down and said "tireasha this is logan, he's a jerk" and she pointed at logan who waved and glared at lola "this is chase, he has bushy hair and goes out with me" said zoey and pointed to chase said hi and smiled, "and this freak is michael" said quinn pointing to micheal "wassup reasha" he said to her. tireasha looked at michael and thought "he's so cute, but he'll never like me" she then sighed and said "hay, and dont call me reash, its either T or tireasha got that" "yup got it T" said michael looking at her face and thinking "she's so pretty, she shouldnt hide her self in those clothes"

after they'd ate the four girls went back to their room and as soon as the door was locked lola turned round and said to tireasha "you like micheal dont you?" "what?.. no..nooo" said tireasha, they all looked at her as if to say "we are not stupid" "ok so maybei do, but who cares he's never gonna like me im ugly" T(T is tireasha) said sighing heavily, "no your not, look all you need to do is wear girly clothes like skirts, tight jeans, nice tops you get me right" said lola "i get you its just i dont have girly clothes because someone called me fat and i didnt like it so i started wearing boys clothes" said T. zoey, quinn and lola all looked at each other and squeeled " SHOPPING!" and grabbed tireasha who then called up her parents and aked them to send a limo because she was going shopping for girly clothes and you could hear her mum squeel with happyness, zoey and the others looked at tireasha who was trying not to laugh and burst out laughing.

"hay guy's, so what do you think of tireasha?" michael asked chase and logan while they were all sitting in the room, "well she's seems nice, a bit shy though" replied chase "a bit shy! more like super super shy and whats with the baggy clothes" shouted logan "why you asking michael" logan looked at michael "well.. i..kinda like her" michael stuttered out. logan suddenly burst out laughing when there was a knock at the door "shut up logan, comein" said chase. the door opened and zoey, lola and quinn walked in looked round, sighed and lola shouted "TIREASHA GET IN HERE NOW". there was silence for 6 seconds and then tireasha walked in, the boys all looked at her, she had a denim skirt that was just above the knees, a top on that was tight at the top and loose at the bottom, she was waring high heels, she had a bit of make up on and her usually tide up messy hair was down and straight.

"hi michael" tireasha said "" michael couldnt say anything he was speache less, tireash laughed and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk he nodded and they lived happily ever after, lol not they ended up going out.

the end
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