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sorry couldn't think of a less stupid title.

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Thanks so much for the reviews guys really. I am soooo glad you guys liked this story, it was really fun to write.I hope that you guy love the ending please let me know either way. Dondon1827 thanks so much for the luv... i have been an ass for not saying so sooner I am sorry :). Well here is the last chapter so enjoy!!

Chapter 26

Frankie’s POV

I stopped dead in my tracks hoping it wasn’t my mind playing the worse trick on me. I slowly turned around to see her bright blue eyes staring back at me. I couldn’t move I had to fight myself to get back to her bedside.

“Hey, beautiful.” I smiled back tears streaming down my face, for the first time they are happy ones. Then I watched it hit her everything must have come back to here why she did what she did. It was like a heavy downpour just soaked her the light left her eyes.

“No baby its okay….I am just glad you changed your mind and decided to fight.” I whispered kissing her hand.

“You said you need me that’s why I did…” She whispered back, I couldn’t keep it in any longer I pulled her into a hug and just cried. I didn’t hear Gerard come in until Drew called his name. I turned to face him he must have looked like I did..he slowly came to the other side of the bed and kissed her cheek.

“Hey…” he whispered she smiled weakly at him. I called for a nurse to tell her she was a wake after several check ups and a long talk with the doctor. I left the hospital alone that night. But relived, I wouldn’t be alone for much longer. I had her back.

Two years later

Gerard dropped us off in front of an apartment building, I helped her out of the car, she kissed Gee good bye on the cheek and he said good bye and he might stop by later after we get settled in. I grabbed her bag and her hand and walked into the building nodding at the door man and walk her to the elevator. I looked over at her and she was smiling for the first time in months a real true smile. I leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“You’re excited..” I smirked and watched her nod. Once the bell dinged we stepped of the elevator and walked down the hall and I let her in to our apartment.

“Wow Frankie…this looks amazing…how did you guys do this ” She gushed checking out the living room and kitchen. I just shrugged and watched as she checked out the place. I met her on our bed room.

“What do you think honey?” I asked wrapping my arms around her waist.

“I love it! It’s perfect.” She smiled turning around and kissing me.

“The perfect place to start our new life.” She added with a giggle. I couldn’t help but smile when she said that. I stood there holding her for a while. Going over the last year in my head. With the help of therapy and the rest of us Drew seemed to be doing fine. It was just the two of us now, and Gerard was still a good friend, I just wish I didn’t have to almost lose her to have everything be like this.

“Come on I want to show something else.” I grinned and lead her back down the hall to another door.

“Now close your eyes” I covered them with my hand and slowly opened the door and lead her in.

“Okay…you ready?”


I removed my hand and watched her reaction as she took in the nursery.

“Frankie is so perfect!” She cried running her hand across the pink bedding then crossing the room to the other crib that had blue bedding. She pulled me into a hug.

“I love you so much..this couldn’t be anymore perfect” She giggled picking up a teddy bear and hugging it.

“I love you too honey” I smiled back, watching her run her fingers of the fluffy letters hanging one the wall. I pulled her to me and kissed her then bent down to kiss her round belly.

“I hope little Eden and Ella think so too!” I giggled rubbing her belly.

~The End~
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