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" Bang!, Bang!, Bang!, Bang!, and Bang! ".

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Rape, Drugs, and Death ensues sorry i think like this.

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Harrow here i have to learn to tame my murderous imagination man oh man but anyway this story has no plot for me to follow it just comes as it goes.

From my brain, to my fingertips, to the screen that you read it upon enjoy!:

Whispers: Just a filler and intro:

They stood in the crowd on a rain filled saturday night, attending the local rock concert and watching the 5 boys that played their hearts out. The 2 girl's were powerful and rich and could have anything they liked and they liked them. The lead singer... simply amazing with his black and thick hair and his lovely pale skin, he had eyes that changed colors he only meant the world good.

The little energetic guitarist with his many tattoo's and fuck life attitude, he had a italian beauty about him and this kind of exoticness that made one go crazy, which these 2 were, the lead singer's brother simply heavens dorky little angel. With his lovely chocolate brown hair and his equally pale skin him and his brother resembled vampyres.

And only the greatest guitarist in the world...ray toro he was so majestic his fingers would conjure up magic, and the baby blue eyed drummer he was wondeful so very calm and exciting all at the same time. They were truly a band that cared for their fans they gave no care about the money or the fame, they simply wished to save lives.

They were the world's modern super heroes a cover of rockstars with super hero power and love with the lyrics of music and the help of guitars and drums.

The 2 stood in the crowd right near the stage, they had money to afford that the 2 stared on at the lead singer who bounced around waving at the crowd and telling them to sing along. He was the favorite that pretty little gerard way with his talents for art and his love of coffee and cigarettes he was perfect the simple form of god being happy.

When god made gerard he must have been laying down in a hot and lovely bath with cherry scented soap and lovely bubbles, he must have been surrounded by honey scented candles and plenty of bowls of cherries and melted chocolate. And when he designed gerard, god must have been smiling and being kissed on the cheek by jesus

Because gerard was gorgeous!.

You had to look on him with love and admiration and thank the sweet god that that man was born or else what would hundreds of girls 13 to any age possible would have better to do than eye google him?. Frank, he was lovely too jesus must have thought him up with focus and painted his features with the fanciest of oils and colors.

The 2 just stared at the 2 men onstage not moving or cheering just looking, imagining what they would do to the men when they were broken and defenseless. They loved the band but there was things about these boys that angered the 2 for one they acted so close with eachother yet they seemed to be breaking up carrying on with their own lives, and for another all of them was getting married now everyone except bob.

While the 2 hated the band for that they hated gerard and frankie more but not only that they fucking despised their wives. The wives thought they were more deserving than any other woman that claimed to love gerard or frank more, the stupid thing that angered the 2 girl's more was that lyn-z nor jamia knew anything about them. If they were asked to recite the lyrics of any of my chem's songs they couldn't do it because they were nothing loyal like the fans of the band was.

If anyone who deserved these 5 pretty boys it was their fans and the female fans at that. But the fans weren't determined enough you could have anyone you wanted as long as you were determined about it and that's what these 2 were, they wanted my chem that band and it's boys belonged to them.

So the 2 after the concert was over went outside and stood while the crowd emptied and they called on their fancy cellphones. " Hey dad we found out what we wanted for our birthdays you know how we said we wanted a fancy celebrity sweet 16 well we changed our minds ".

" Okay " the father said " We want a private party for just ourselves with the great company of my chemical romance only us, them, and a couple of our friends at your beach house for the weekend ". The father agreed with that and said that he would send one of his representatives to pay the band to show up at the party.

The 2 lived in california while the band my chem played in new jersey and other places, they had never attended a private party before and everything would be paid for by the 2's father so my chem's reps agreed. But as the band was filing out to go to their tour bus someone was stationed outside on a nearby building and shot 5 times:

Bang!, Bang!, Bang!, Bang!, and Bang!.

Hitting gerard in the side.

Hitting frankie in the stomach.

Hitting bob in the leg.

Hitting mikey in the back.

And hitting ray in the chest.

Then 5 cars pulled up simultaneousily covered in black and the foggy night shielding them, releasing herds of built guys that got out and pulled the 5 bleeding bodies into the seperate cars and then speeding off all in the same direction

The 2 girl's had other plans for them...

Harrow here hi guys do you want to know what these girl's do, do you want to know who survives and who dies? well then give me 3 reviews and i will update for you. But beware read this story with a strong stomach and not a weak heart this is only fiction and i could never imagine this happening to them, this story is inspired by the movie house of 1000 corpses rob zombie's film. Anyway i love you all you guys are like my family and i only write to impress you never act like this please don't think like me review okay bye!.
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