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Waking up to find where you stand and who you are.

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A little violence never hurt anyone.

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Thankyou for reviewing all of those who did and those who just read this chapter right here explains where the boys are and where they are going to stay. You all should really watch house of 1000 corspes then you might guess something i don't know but anyway enjoy!:

The ride was quite bumpy and was driven far out but no one in all the 5 cars were stirred. The bullet had knocked them all unconcious and they were left in the back of their lonely cars, slouched over the seats bleeding. Frankie had stopped breathing momentarily but was literally knocked awake when his car drove over a huge ditch in the road.

Frank sat upright and noticed that they were nowhere near their tour buses and that they weren't ceratinly on it so where were they going?. Frank noticed outside the window of the car the fields of endless grass and sunflowers, the scrunched together tree's with their plenty leaf's, and the country road that was heated by the country sun. The clouds up above was littered in pink and peach yellow because the sun was going down, the air was warm frankie could tell, that's how it had been before he got shot anyway.

Suddenly frankie snapped out of his nature filled daze and began to panic, up infront of him was a black window that had been seperating him from seeing who his driver was. Frankie didn't like this he could sense trouble so he acted accordingly, he then began to call out his bandmates names to only not get one answer...he was all alone.

" Help me help me let me the fuck out! " frankie screamed but no one payed any attention then suddenly he yelped in pain he just noticed that he had been shot. He couldn't find the place though where the bullet was at but he could feel the blood and this only made him panic worst. At the top of his lungs frank screamed but no one came to him something was certainly wrong.

And then silently the car stopped and frank knew they would never return back to new jersey this where they were at now didn't look like it. So he screamed more, even when he heard footsteps, even when he seen shadows outside his car door, and even when the door was ravagely yanked open. And out of nowhere a thick and heavy fist connected with the pretty skin of frank iero, knocking him back onto the seat clutching his burning face.

" Shut your girly punk ass up! " a thick voice said " No one can save you now " and a man, thick in stature and tall in height leaned into the car and grabbed frank by his neck. The man simply dragged frank along the seat and out of the car, straight onto the ground, frank layed scared because the other guy had drew a gun on him, saying " If you so make one noise i will shoot a bullet up your gay ass " frank was quiet.

For awhile frank layed on the ground with 4 other guys hoovering over him, these men were watching the other 4 cars pull up and silently stop. The 4 guys hung over frank with guns now as the 2 other men got on both sides of the first arriving car. To get out or better much be threw out was ray by the back of his bloody jeans now revealing a crack of his pale behind, he was laying with his face to the ground and his arms tucked beneath him, he had clearly been hurt because he was pale and made no effort to move.

The next one to be pulled out was mikey, who was dragged halfway then kicked the rest of the way out of the car onto the ground. His glasses had been drippled with blood and sliding down the bridge of his nose, he layed on his side curled up like a baby with his knee's tucked deep to his chest. The next was bob, who was carried out by 3 men then just unmercifully dropped onto his back he made this wierd groaning noise but made no effort to get up.

Finally the last car was opened and out dragged by the pretty roots of his hair and the collar of his shirt was gerard, they put him on the floor execution style and then with their feets rolled him into mikey there they layed together. When frankie seen the blood that littered gee's shirt frankie lost it in crying and hysteria, he made efforts to move over to gee to only have a gun put to his face and the back of frankie's head.

" Don't you move bitch what did i say? " said one man " What the fuck did you do to him?! " frank screamed back, only recieving a boot to the mouth splitting open his lip and busting open his tongue. " Nothing yet hoe now lay still! " the man said sitting on frank's back and tying up his hands, humping his ass while doing so. Frank let out soft sobs as the other man came around and stuffed a gag into his bleeding mouth " Lay completely still " the other barked " If you so much as move god help me "...

Soon the others were tied up and some even awoke, but that was only bob and ray but they could ask no questions though they already had the gags in their mouth. But instead of walking they were picked up by their hands and feet and carried to a old but huge mansion. It was pretty around the mansion, but the place was located so far away no one could find you here, frank and the others were pulled into the house and layed on the cold foyer floor as the guys stood around talking amongst themselves.

From some ways away frank suddenly seen pretty hazel eyes looking at him and from the warmness emitting off he knew it was gerard, he had finally awoken but was quiet as he chewed on the gag in his mouth which was a shirt. Gerard remained close to the still fallen mikey but was looking at frank so intensely that he could read everything on gerard's mind:

What will happen to us now?.

It was a look of pure boyhood innocence and helplessness, gerard wanted help he needed help gerard was so beautifully weak. Frankie had seen it before, gerard could never take much mainly because he was a artist and was always so full of passion. Everything gerard did he did it with love he took his time and his heart was so big that he could feel things more and he was so fallen and insecure.

Gerard could pick up on emotions that's how he was able to communicate through music so well and lyrics flowed out of him like the care that bellowed out of his boyhood heart. But because he was so emotional for things when something went wrong or gee was hurt he was hurt, he was never afraid to let someone see him cry and when he did his little cheeks would redden, his mouth would pout, and his eyelashes would become so thick and full.

His eyes would deepen it's gaze and his many eye colors would show, frankie couldn't resist gee he just couldn't that's why frank waited so long to marry jamia because he was always inlove with gee. Gerard at first, didn't think he was he was convinced that no one could really love him but frank showed him otherwise. Frank had never did it before but he wrote gerard a song on his guitar and one night when gerard came in from his coffee break frank sung it to him.

Frankie was off key a little bit but gerard got the message but still gerard was convinced that frankie didn't mean it, so the follwoing night's after that when they performed onstage instead of rough kissing and groping gerard, frank kissed him with passion and love and one time frank did it so well that gerard broke out onstage and cried.

When the show was over and everyone had left frank found gerard at the nearby starbucks and the only word that was said by him when frank walked in was " I believe you ". Frank felt so happy and they had begun to go out, but secretly because gerard had his girl's and frank had his, but although they went together frank and gerard never had sex and most thought him wierd.

But it was frank's philosophy that held him back, whenever he looked at gerard he seen a crest snow white angel. One that was so pure to all sexual advances and practices everything was to unpure for gerard, he was simply a love filled person no one needed to fuck him to have his love already. Although gerard acted dirty onstage he was lovely and gorgeous to frank.

It was one time gerard had tried to give frank head in the back of the tour bus when all the others were gone, frank wanted him to he really did but those high thought's he had of gerard wouldn't allow him to. It was one simple look that sent frank over the edge gerard had been on his knee's, staring up at frank pleading with his bunny eyes to let him try but frank said no...gerard was to good for that.

So, in turn frank did him and the pleasure that was showed on gerard's face was enough to make frank come alone. But now gerard was pleading with him to save him and frank was lost, lost in the depth of gerard's hazeled bunny baby eyes. Frank was so captivated, even as one of the guys had called on their cellphones and a female voice echoed throughout the room. It had woke mikey up and he stirred next to gerard, who inturn snuggled to him frank could hear mikey whimper " where are we? " and gerard in his silk voice said " I don't know ".

It was one look that gerard gave that made frankie silently cry, gee had simply put his chin ontoo of mikey's head and snuggled deep into him letting his pretty black hair fall in his face, from over there frank could see gee's long lashes radiating and catching every strand of light. But one simple tear fell and soaked into the crack on the floor and rolled until it reached and now, shined infront of frankie.

This look made frankie realize where they were, what they had gotten in, and who would never escape out.

Harrow here hi guys yes in this story gerard is a virgin and is so very lovely and pure when i use the term of " bunny eyes " i say that to mean how pretty and big and colorful his lovely eyes is. Please review buddies because the torture starts here and oh yeah hint i need someone 2 girl's to audtion to play the part of the girl's in this story your role will be reoccuring so audition and review.

But also don't get mad at me for making you hurt gerard and frank because if you get these parts that is what you'll have to do. Review please now bye!.

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