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Of all Lovers - Chapter 1

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Two best friends meet MCR back stage. Did they find true love? or trouble

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“Hey mom I'm going out!” Willow called walking out of the front door.
“Okay honey, be careful.” her mom practically had to scream so Willow could hear her.

Willow was going to see her best friend since 3rd grade, Carissa.

Carissa has been there for Willow through all of her up's and down's.

Willow has been there for Carissa also.

They are both out of school, but they don't have the money for college.

Willow is still saving up so she can move out of her mom's house.

They live in Belleville New Jersey, a poor city, but a great place to live.

When Willow was on her way to pick up Carissa the song “Best Friend” by “Toy-Box” came on the radio.

Willow hated the song but loved the beat.

Carissa adored the song.

Willow was more of a “My Chemical Romance” girl.

She is a huge fan of Frank Iero, the rhythm guitarist.

Carissa also loved MCR and Mikey the bassist.

No sooner had the song “Best Friend” came on until Willow was parked outside of Carissa's house. Willow honked the horn five times. She hates waiting.

“Carissa, lets go!”
“I'm coming, I'm coming, calm down!” Carissa said getting annoyed.

Carissa hopped into the car, her black and blue hair falling in front of her face when her rear-end hit the seat.

She moved one of the blue highlights out of her face along with her black hair.

Willow was jealous of her hair.

Even though Willow had some pretty cool hair of her own.

It was black like Carissa's only with bright red streakes.

It's just that Carissa's hair is so much thinner than Willow's.

Willow was brought out of her trance by Carissa yelling something.

“OH, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!” Carissa yelled as she turned up the volume.
“Well I don't!” Willow said turning down the volume and putting in a MCR cd, “Revenge” to be exact.

Then Willow changed it to the song “I'm not okay(I promise).”

She wanted to hear something fast paced.

“I love this song too!” Carissa yelled, not realizing that Willow turned down the Volume.

“Congratulations!” Willow said.
“And can you not scream? I'm sitting right here.”
“Oh sorry, I didn't realize that the volume was down.” Carissa said sorrowly.
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