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Of all Lovers - Chapter 2

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Willow and Carissa meet the boys.

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"So where are we going?" Carissa asked rolling down the window to let the warm summer breeze hit her face.

"Guess" Willow said mysteriously.
"Uggg......I hate guessing!"
"Fine I'll tell you.....I got us tickets the the My Chemical Romance concert in New York City!" Willow said casually, waiting for Carissa to scream.....then.

"AHHHH...ARE YOU SERIOUS??" Carissa screamed at the top of her lungs to make the passenger in the car beside them to look at her in a weird way.

"Yes I am serious, I wouldn't lie to you!" Willow said.
"Holy Crap...I am so excited!"
"Me too." said Willow.
"Well are we almost there? We have been driving for hour's." Said Carissa impaatiently.
"Almost, about two more hour's."


(2 hour's later)

"Carissa wake up we're here."
"hmm, what, Oh CRAP, Sweet!" Carissa said finally waking up.

We walked for what seemed like a lifetime, Until we finally reached the building where MCR was going to perform. All of a sudden Willow pulled out two backstage passes, that she won on a radio show. She was holding them to surprise Carissa, and she did.

"Oh my gosh!, where did you get those?" Carissa said pointing to the passes.
"I have my ways of getting things I want." Willow spoke calmly.
"Uh huh, right......."Carissa said, sarcasm in her voice.
"Alright, I won them on a radio contest." Willow said.

Willow handed the man at the front the passes and he pointed them to where they need to go.

Willow and Carissa walked down a hallway with a many doors on each side.

They kept walking till they came to a door that said "My Chemical Romance" Willow and Carissa took a deep breath, looked at each other and walked in.

As soon s they stepped in they saw there two favorite members sitting on the couch playing a video game.

Nobody else in there now but Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Willow Sage, and Carissa Smith.
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