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Four chicks all bestfriends meet four guys all bestfriends. Do you know what will happen? You think you know you have no ideal!

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Once upon a time I had three friends and we were the best of friends. We did everything together. But this isn’t a fairy tale it’s real life and we all know in real life once upon a time doesn’t always end in happily ever after. Let me start by telling you a little about my best friends and me.
First there was Jasmine. The 5’5” barely 110 pound princess. She was made perfect physically speaking. She was nothing but T-N-A. She had a nice flat tummy beautiful long black hair that flowed down her back resting mid way her perfectly tone apple bottom. She was a gorgeous shade of carmel with brown eyes. To top it all off she was smart as hell. Doesn’t really sound Asian well she is. Now physically she might seem like some guy’s wet dream but her self-esteem was extremely low. As if she couldn’t see all her amazing qualities. Her low self-esteem caused her to date some of the worst guys you’ll never want to meet. They did nothing but take advantage of her, and she let them. It was always up to me to step in and show her the error of her ways. But hey saving your best friend from complete losers time and time again is just part of being best friends for life. RIGHT?
Then there’s Samantha but we call her Sam. She’s wasn’t the brightest of us, but she was the funniest. She always had a joke to tell and had the loudest laugh. She’d start laughing then you’d start laughing and you weren’t too sure what you’re laughing about but damn it your having a good time! So who cares? If it feels good do it that was here motto. Sam was into sports mostly volleyball and track. So she had a nice body, once again she was a whole lot of T-N-A. Sam was a little darker than Jas. She had short black hair that she always wore up, with some sort of colorful streaks through it. Sam was a really stand out chick. Now as flashy and funny as she was she got horrid grades. And she really didn’t care as long as the grade was good enough to pass the class and play sports. So she was a D+ C- student. But one year they took D’s away and you needed a C average to be involved in any after school active. And of course she ran to yours truly and I was always there to bail her out. I can’t remember all the all niters I pulled. But yeah helping a best friend make the grade is just another part of being best friends for life! RIGHT?
Lastly there’s Natasha a.k.a Tasha. Defiantly the most popular of the four of us. Popular with the boys anyway. Tasha tall, thin, long chocolate tight curls, barely a b cup but girl had confidence and her awesome sense of fashion didn’t hurt. Every guy wanted to tap that (I ‘m not saying every guy did but she had her fair share and then some.) and that became a problem. The jocks, techno geeks, the rockers/ skaters, the wanna be gangtas, even one of the teachers had a thing for her. She loved it. The only real problem was when guys with girlfriends became interested in her. She figured it’s not her fault if you can’t keep your man in check. Well no respectful female is going to sit back and be disrespected. Tasha got in so many fights and who do you suppose she ran to for help? Princess Jas no way she couldn’t fight to save her own life. Sam yeah right no one took her seriously. Me DING DING DING!!! She came to me and I helped. Most of the time I killed them with insults people are so sensitive, I swear. I never really got physical. But yeah having your best friend's back no matter the reason is just part of best friends for life! RIGHT?
Well if Jas was the princess with low self-esteem and Sam was the goofball that got bad grades that means Tasha was the boy magnet that was constantly getting into fights. Then I guess that left me as the problem solver with not life. Well I had a life it just consisted of everyone else’s problems. But that’s ok I loved helping others and video games. So that’s what I did. Everyone came to me for advice. Usually on things I had no experience with or knowledge of. But I always come up with an answer or at least a helpful hint. Hi the Catalina but I prefer lina. I wasn’t much of a looker I was only 5’7” I suppose I had a nice body (but I had pretty wide hips) long black loose curls dark brown eyes. Now I wasn’t a boy magnet and I didn’t get into fights but I’m was consistently breaking them up? Iwasn’t a goofball but I loved to laugh and I got good grades. I wasn’t the princess type but I had high self-esteem. And that was me in a nut shell. And this is my story or it’s our story. The story of how friends can drift apart but can be brought back together with the help of four amazing guys.
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