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Love's Blossoming

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Gerard POV then Frank;

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Ch. 5; Love's Blossoming

{{Gerard/Frank POV}}

"Frankie! Frankie come back to me!" Gerard opened his eyes to escape his nightmare yet again. He saw a white ceiling like he had when he woke up at Ricks, but this time he heard the rhythmic beeping of machines in the background and he could barely move. His chest wasn't killing him and for the first time in days, he felt fine.

Gerard turned his head to the side and saw Frank sitting in the chair with his hood over his head and his hands were up by his mouth. He was slouched down in the chair and was staring off into space."Frankie?"Gerard choked out. Suddenly snapped back into reality, Frank jumped up and ran to Gerard.

"How are you baby?" Frank asked Gerard with a smile as he pushed Gerard's hair off his forehead and then kissed it. Gerard felt his lip ring brush against his face and it made him smile.

"Wh-where am I?"Gerard's voice was weak and scratchy.

"Shhhh."Frank whispered to him, still stroking Gerard's forehead."Just rest for now baby."Frank smiled."I'm right here and you're safe now."
"What about Mikey? I have to tell him-"Gerard started.
"Look, everything is fine. Everyone knows you're alive but only I know you're here. I thought it would be best until you feel better."Frank's voice was soothing and Gerard smiled slightly."You need to worry about getting rest right now."Frank kissed Gerard before pulling Gerard's blanket up onto him. Frankie's lips were sweet and Gerard didn't want him to pull away. Frank began to walk toward the chair when Gerard called to him.


Frank stopped and turned to him."Hmm?"

"Will you lay with me?"Frank smiled and Gerard moved over with all his strength as Frank climbed into the bed. Gerard lifted the blanket and Frank situated himself. Gerard laid his head on Frankie's chest. Frank rubbed Gerard's shoulder with one arm and held Gerard with the other one. Gerard took deep breaths in, Frank's aroma flooding through his nostrils. He didn't know why he would ever run away from his sweet guitarist."Frankie, please don't leave me."Gerard whispered.

Frank kissed Gerard's head."I never will baby."He laid his head on Gerard's head and before long Gerard drifted to sleep.


Frank woke up to the gentle snoring coming from Gerard. He was still underneath the weak singer but he was happy that Gerard was safe at last. Carefully, Frank slid out from underneath Gerard and laid his head gently on the pillow. Gerard stirred a bit but stayed asleep. Frankie stretched then quietly left the room and went into the hall. It was either really late or really early and the halls were empty. Frank pulled out his phone and called Mikey. He thought he should let him know his elder brother was safe.

"Hey Mikey, it's Frank."he said quietly. "We're at a hospital in south New York."

"Oh my god! Is he ok?"Mikey asked frightened.

"Yeah he's fine. Doctor said he drank some tainted water and it made him violently ill. His immune system got really worn down and he got a slight case of pneumonia."Frank reassured Mikey."But he's on medicine now and should be back to himself in a week or so."

"Can't you tell me where you are? I want to see him Frank!" Mikey was getting mad at Frank.

"I'm sorry Mikey but you know I can't. At least not now. He's too weak to have a lot of commotion."Frank tried to explain.

"Dammit Frank, he's my fucking brother! I want to see him!" Mikey was getting really mad with Frank now.

"I'll call you tomorrow Mikey."Frank said, hanging up on Mikey who was still yelling away. He decided to call Jamia to let her know what was going on."Jamia? Hey babe. Yeah I found him. He's alright. I'm at a hospital right now. He'll be here for about a week. I think I'm going to stay with him until he gets out. Please don't start with me right now. I love you."He said and hung up on her too. They had been having problems for some time but he didn't let anyone know. It wasn't anyone else's business.

Sighing heavily, Frank went back into Gerard's room. Gerard was still sleeping soundly as the drugs slowly dripped into his blood stream. Frank pulled the chair up next to the bed and began stroking his head again."I love you too."Frank whispered into Gerard's ear. He kissed Gerard's head."You're going to be alright baby."Frank told Gerard calmly. Again Gerard began stirring so Frank hummed the tune of All I Want For Christmas Is You to Gerard until the pale prince was peaceful again. Frank position himself in the chair until he fell asleep himself.

A/N---I know the chapters are short. Writers block sucks >.>
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