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Slowly Recovering

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Gee's POV

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Ch. 6; Slowly Recovering

{{Gerard's POV}}

For once , in months, Gerard slept through the night without having his awful nightmare of Frank's death. He opened his eyes and saw the sunlight illuminate the room. A bright ray of sunshine highlighted Frank's slumbering face and it reminded Gerard of an angel. Frank was an angel; his angel.

Using all his strength, Gerard lifted himself into a sitting position. He examined the needles pierced into his skin, each connected to some sort of liquid. He hated needles and he had to look away. Gerard didn't want to be pumped full of drugs, but he didn't want to pull them out for fear that he would pull out the wrong one and do something horrible to himself. He also didn't want his lungs flaming again.

His hands were still shaky but nowhere near as bad as it had been the previous day. He felt sick still but he felt a lot better than he had in weeks. Gerard noticed his skin was pretty pale but that didn't bother him since when they would do shows he would get really white make up smeared on him so he was used to it.

Gerard heard Frank so he looked to the guitarist who was leaving his dreams and blinking the sleep from his eyes. Gerard couldn't move much still but he did what he could and smiled. Frank's beautiful eyes met his and Frank's face mirrored Gerard's with a smile."Told you I wouldn't leave."Frank said as he stood and stretched then walked over to Gerard. Frank kissed Gerard's lips for a brief moment."Morning baby. How did you sleep?"

"Much better knowing you were with me."Gerard said happily.

Frank continued to smile and kissed Gerard again."Can I get you anything?"He asked pushing Gerard's hair from his face.

"Coffee."Gerard said with his charming smile.

"I should have known."Frank said with a laugh and rolled his eyes."Is that all?

"No. I want to call Mikey. I need to talk to my brother."Frank was apprehensive but pulled out his cellphone and gave it to Gerard.

"I'll be right back with your coffee." Frank said and left the room. Gerard took a deep breath in then flipped the phone open and dialed his baby brother's number. It rang once or twice before Mikey picked up. "Frank! I swear if you hang up on me ag-" Mikey said angrily.

"Mikey! It's not Frank, its me Ge-"

"Gerard!"Mikey said excitingly. "Oh my god! I thought you were dead and Frank won't tell us anything and," Mikey squealed when Gerard cut him off.

"Mikey, slow down."Gerard told him.

"Where are you?"Mikey asked eagerly.

"That doesn't matter."Gerard told him calmly.

"Fuck, Gerard! I want to see you! You're my fucking brother! Not to mention that Ray and Bob and all our fans are worried sick because of you!" Mikey's tone went from eager to very pissed. He was almost yelling.

"Look Mikey, even if I wanted to tell you, which I do, I don't know. I haven't known since I left home!"Gerard was too tired to put up with arguing."Just tell everyone I'm fine, I miss them, and I'm really sorry. I love you Mikey."Gerard said and hung up. He set Frank's phone on the table next to his bed and shifted himself around to get more comfortable. He tilted his head and watched the drugs he was hooked too slowly drip.Each drop ensures a minute without pain. A minute to escape my body and to fly free. A minute to be someone else...he thought to himself as the drugs mesmerized him.

Gerard's concentration was broken by the door opening to reveal Rick. He walked slowly to Gerard's bed. "He-hey there man. You look a lot better." he said with an awkward smile.

"Thanks to you. I owe you my life."Gerard told Rick."I'd probably be dead now if you didn't take care of me."He said with a smile. Rick let out a small laugh. "Don't worry about it man. I'm just glad you're ok. When you passed out in my truck I really thought you were gone. You were unresponsive and barely breathing. Scared the shit out of me." Rick said."You and me both"Gerard replied with a small laugh of his own. He still didn't have enough strength to laugh a lot.

Just then Frank came back with two things of coffee. He looked at Rick and stopped."Oh, I, uh," He said to Rick as he walked to Gerard and handed him the coffee.

"Its ok, I'm leaving. Just wanted to make sure he was ok."Rick said. "Frankie, Rick. Rick Frankie."Gerard said snatching the coffee from Frank. He hadn't had the drink for about a week and a half so it never tasted so good.

"Oh!"Frank said all of a sudden."You're the man that called me!"Frank said going to Rick and shaking his hand briefly."Thank you so much for taking care of this schmuck!"he said smiling. "It was nothing. Just doing what any God-fearing person would." Frank shook his head slightly."You have no idea. Without you, we probably wouldn't still have him. You just helped avoid a bunch of distressed fans and family members."Frank hugged Rick. It made Frank looked even shorter.

"Well I best be off."Rick said. "Take good care of him." He said to Frank before leaving."Don't worry, he's not leaving my sight."Frank called after him.

By the time Frank returned to Gerard's bed, Gerard had finished off his coffee. Frank jumped onto Gerard's bed and sat on top of Gerard."God I missed coffee!"Gerard told Frank. Frank smiled at Gerard but he still seemed upset."Frankie, what's wrong?"Gerard asked but Frank just shook his head."Bullshit Frankie and you know it. Tell me."Frank sighed heavily then told Gerard.

"Jamia and I,"he said holding back tears,''we're getting a divorce." A few salty tears slipped past Frank's eyes and down his cheek. Gerard reached out and rubbed them away. He pulled Frank to him and laid Frank's head on his chest."I loved her."

"I know you did."Gerard told him sympathetically. He held Frank close to him."I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone. Honey if you stay I'll be forgiven. Nothing you can say can stop me going home."Gerard quietly sang to Frank with all his strength. He stroked Frank's head as he felt warm tears soak through to his skin. Frank wrapped his arms tightly around Gerard's waist and Gerard put his arms around Frank.

"I love you."Frank said quietly.

"I love you too Frankie." Gerard told him, kissing his head. He didn't know what else to say to make Frank feel better. His friend's heart ached and the longer Gerard held Frank, the more Gerard's heart ached. He didn't understand it, but it seemed the longer they were wrapped around each other, the more it seemed like they shared one heart. Gerard could feel the pain that Frank's heart was swelled with so he just sang quietly to Frank until his breath slowed down and Gerard could tell he was asleep."Oh Frankie, what are we going to do?"
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