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The Final Straw

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Franks POV

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Ch.9; The Final Straw

{{Frank's POV;}}

Frank waited on the hospital bed while Gerard was in the bathroom getting dressed. The only reason Gerard did it in the bathroom was for the mirror. "Come on you drama queen! Everyone's waiting for us!" Frank called impatiently. Gerard finally walked out looking exactly like he did when he went in only he had on black jeans and a sloppy shirt this time. "About time." Frank said getting up. "You all set?" Gerard went back into the bathroom and examined his face over in the mirror. Frank rolled his eyes.

"You still look like shit, now come on!"Frank pestered Gerard. Gerard finally gave up and went back to Frank. With a smile, Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's waist. "I don't know...I think I liked the gown better." He teased Gerard.

"Then you put it on and lay in that bed for a week with random drugs pumping into you and a pestering hot guitarist on you twenty four seven sucking every ounce of breath from your lungs as well as the energy from your body." Gerard said pulling Frank's hood over his head.

"Doesn't sound half bad. " Frank said with amusement when Gerard pushed him away and headed for the door. Laughing, Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard again preventing him from leaving. "I would rather have a hot singer on me though than a hot guitarist."

"Not now Frankie." Gerard said to Frank, pulling his arms off him again and leaving the room. Frank didn't know what was wrong with Gerard but he didn't feel like finding out so he just followed him to where everyone was waiting.

"Finally!" Ray said when he spotted them.

"I couldn't get him away from the mirror." Frank said with amusement as he walked past Gerard to sit next to Ray. Mikey continued to stare at the tv he was watching. "Hey Mikey." Frank called to him. "What cha watching?" Mikey turned around.

"What?" He said blankly. "Oh, just the news." he said when he realized what was going on.

"Anything good on?" Gerard asked.

"Nah just the boring stuff." He said joining them. "You know, crazed fans ecstatic that Gerard Way is alive and they wait anxiously outside the hospital he was admitted to." Mikey said with a sarcastic smile. Gerard walked to the window and looked out. Mikey was right. A bunch of screaming teens were surrounding the doors, wearing or holding something that read 'MCR' or 'Gerard'.

"Fuck." Gerard mumbled and Frank joined him by the window. "There's no way I'd make it through that crowd." He said. Frank laughed to himself as he examined the situation. He noticed a few people had items that read 'Ferard' as well.

"What the fuck is 'Ferard'?" Frank asked confused.

"You two." Ray said suddenly from behind. Frank fell backwards laughing and Gerard kicked him then left the window and headed for a chair. "So what's the plan?" Ray inquired, stepping over Frank, and following Gerard to sit down. As Frank pulled himself off the ground, still laughing, he looked at Gerard and noticed he was rubbing his arms where the iv and other needles had been. Knowing Gerard didn't like needles, Frank went over to him to take his mind off the scars.

Frank sat on the other side of Gerard and laid his head on Gerard's shoulder, figuring he would be shoved off. Gerard just let him lay there. He was still staring at his arm deep in thought. "It's ok." Frank told him quietly as he pulled Gerard's sleeve back down to hide the marks. "It's over." Gerard seemed to have been snapped back to reality and he looked at Frank for a brief moment. Frank noticed that Gerard's eyes were full of pain. When he looked away, Gerard focused on the wall opposite him and Frank laid his head back down.

"So what is the plan?" He echoed Ray with a heavy sigh. Everyone knew they wouldn't make it out the front door and Gerard was too weak to be hassled by a bunch of deranged teenagers.

"Well I'll drive you back." Frank offered trying to help.

"Can we trust you?" Mikey suddenly spoke. "I want my brother to get home sometime this year and based on your two's week, I don't know if that will happen." Frank had no idea why Mikey was suddenly treating him so harshly. They had always gotten along just fine. It wasn't like he didn't know Gerard and Frank really cared about each other. The two would always goof off at shows and it never seemed to bother Mikey so he wasn't sure why it suddenly was.

"What the fuck is your problem all of a sudden Mikey?" Frank suddenly shot at him. "You've been after me ever since I told you he wasn't dead, no matter how much you wouldn't believe me! And look! He's fucking alive!" Frank snapped.

"And you haven't left his fucking side! I've hardly got to see him since I tracked you down since you wouldn't fucking tell me where you were keeping him!" Mikey yelled. People began to look at them as Frank stood up and stared at Mikey. He was really pissed off now and his veins pulsed with anger.

"Hey you two! Calm down!" Bob told them loudly. Both just ignored him and continued their feud.

"When I got here he was barely breathing and he looked like he was in so much pain that I could barely look at him myself! The fucking doctors told me they didn't think he would last the night! I didn't tell you where we were because I didn't want you to see him suffering just incase!" Bob opened his mouth to speak but Frank yelled at him before anything came out. "Fuck off Bob!"

"And what if he did die? Don't you think I would want to be here with him? He's my fucking brother and you have no right keeping him from me!" Mikey yelled at Frank.

"I have just as much right to him as you do! He means as much to me, if not more, as he does to you!" That's when it happened. Mikey suddenly balled his hand into a fist and slammed it into Frank's face. Frank fell backwards as he felt warm blood pour from his nose.

"Dude! What the fuck Mikey?" Ray suddenly yelled as he bent down to Frank to make sure he was ok. Frank held his sleeve to his nose as a nurse quickly ran over to him with a bunch of tissues. He thanked the nurse and replaced his sleeves with the tissues then stood up. Ray held onto his arm to make sure he could keep his balance but Frank sharply pulled away from Ray's grip. Bob held Mikey to prevent him from attacking Frank again.

"I don't know what the fuck your problem is Mikey, but I'm through." Frank said coldly to Mikey and began to walk away. He told the nurse he would be fine and thanked her again for the tissues as he headed for the back parking lot where his car was. He heard Gerard and Ray call to him to stop but he ignored them and kept walking. Mikey wanted him gone so he was leaving. He already was losing his wife now he was leaving his love and friends so he figured his life had been ruined and nothing really mattered anymore. It was the icing on the cake. He had managed to completely destroy his life in a less a little over a week and a half. Frank shoved the door open and headed for his car where he got in the driver's seat and cranked the chair back, holding the tissues tightly to his nose and softly crying.

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