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Heading Home

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Ch.10; Heading Home

{{Gerard's POV;}}

Gerard stared at his brother with anger. He almost had the nerve to punch him in the face. He had tried to stop Frank from leaving but before he came to realization of what had happened, Frank was too far away and wouldn't stop. Ray stared at Mikey with the same anger as Gerard did. Bob still had a tight grip on Mikey. "I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me." Mikey panted. Bob let him go but still kept a careful eye on him as he sat down, putting his head in his hands.

"Sorry isn't going to bring Frank back! Who knows where he went!" Gerard yelled at Mikey.

"Gerard, I'm so sor-" Mikey started when Gerard cut him off.

"Save it! You shouldn't have gotten so angry with him!" Gerard continued to yell. "He was looking out for you! If I knew how bad I looked then there is no way in hell I would have wanted you to see me!" He was really angry with his brother. "Wanna know something baby brother?" Mikey cried as Gerard yelled at him, but Gerard carried on. "I planned on dying out there! I figured I would slowly die of starvation!" Ray tried to calm Gerard down but Gerard wasn't through. "Want to know the best part? I didn't care."

"Gerard! Stop it!" Bob yelled at him now. "You're not helping!" He stood between Gerard and Mikey as Ray grabbed Gerard by the shoulders, afraid that Gerard would try to hurt Mikey physically.

"You need to calm down Gerard." Ray told him sternly. "You're still weak and if you don't calm down you'll just get sick again and land your ass back here." Gerard took deep breaths until his heart slowed down a bit and he could think clearly. Ray was right. If he didn't calm down he would only be put back in a hospital bed with more needles stabbing him. "We're going to find Frank." Ray told Bob who was working on calming down Mikey. Bob nodded and Ray started walking away with Gerard, leading him by the shoulders.

Gerard's argument with Mikey made him really tired so Ray had to help keep him from falling over as they made their way to the back entrance where Frank had disappeared to. When they got outside, Gerard spotted Frank's car so he left Ray's grip and ran to the car. Inside he could see Frank laying back with a bloody wad of tissues propped up to his nose. Gerard banged on the window until Frank spotted him and quickly got out of the car then went to Gerard.

"I'm so sorry Frankie!" He said hugging Frank tightly. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Frank said hugging Gerard back. "You?" By this time Ray had caught up with them and he asked Frank if he was ok. Frank nodded as Gerard stumbled a bit, struggling to keep his balance. "I'm more worried about him." Frank told Ray, helping Gerard stand still. Gerard smiled as tried not to fall over. He felt like he did when he would get wasted and he hated it.

"Open a door so he can sit down." Ray told Frank who agreed and opened a door. They helped Gerard in. "He's going to ride with you." Ray lowered his voice as he spoke to Frank but Gerard could still hear him. "After you left, he lashed out at Mikey who started crying. I don't think they'll both make it back alive if they ride in the same car." Gerard wanted to say something but didn't feel like getting into another argument. He had a really bad headache and he was extremely tired so he laid his head against the back of the seat and watched the two talk.

"I don't think I can drive. I'm kind of light headed from the blow." Frank told Ray. Gerard laughed slightly to himself as Ray rubbed his forehead as though he was deep in thought.

"Ok, I'll drive you two." Ray said taking Frank's keys then getting on his cellphone to call Bob and tell him what was going on. A few minutes later he hung up and turned back to face them. "Bob is going to leave with Mikey in about ten minutes then we'll all meet up back in Jersey. Hopefully, we can all get along." Ray said looking from Gerard to Frank. "You,"[color] [color=gray]he looked at Gerard again, "get in the back seat where you can lay down."[b] Gerard opened his mouth to protest but Ray gave him a 'I'm not putting up with any bullshit' look and Frank helped Gerard into the back seat.

Frank got into the back seat with Gerard and laid Gerard's head across his lap. Ray got into the driver seat and started the car before he turned around and backed out of the parking spot. [b]"Behave back there you two." He warned them as he somehow snuck around all the crazed fans. "Or I'll feed you to the psychotic fans." He said with a smile.

"Just relax." Frank whispered to Gerard. Gerard's head was pounding and he was so fatigued he could barely move at all. His immune system seemed non-existent since the littlest of actions wore him out greatly. "Told you I wouldn't leave." Frank told him sweetly. Gerard managed to smile as Ray turned on the radio. Frank began to rub Gerard's head and he drifted in and out of sleep.

"Everything ok back there?" Ray asked after awhile.

"Yeah. He has a slight fever." Frank told Ray reassuringly. "Hopefully he'll fully pass out soon. He needs sleep." Frank continued to rub Gerard's head as Ray sang really quietly to whatever song was playing on the radio. When Gerard winced with pain from him head, Frank became worried. "You ok baby?"

"My head hurts really bad." Gerard told him quietly.

"Just relax and go to sleep. I'm right here and I won't let anything happen to you." He told Gerard with a smile. Gerard loved how Frank cared so much about him. He felt safe and happier than he ever had when he was with Frank. Still trying to get to sleep, Gerard stared at the car's ceiling.

"Frank?" Gerard said a few minutes later.

"Hmm?" Frank responded gently.

"Get your hand out of my pants." He told him with a small laugh. Frank laughed then bent down and kissed Gerard's head. Ray re-positioned the rear view mirror while shaking his head slightly but never said anything.

"You never let me have any fun." Frank teased him. Gerard stared at the ceiling more while Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck so Gerard put his hands on top of Frank's hands, holding them tight. Frank moved so that he was half laying underneath Gerard and Gerard's head rested on Frank's chest. His head rose and fell softly each time Frank inhaled and exhaled until Gerard focused on it so intently that he fell asleep. The last thing Gerard heard was Ray singing quietly along to Girls Just Want To Have Fun; crappily.

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