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The Orange That Brought Us Down

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It's Christmas, and Cronus is so out of ideas on how to kill the 7 teens. Yet, and IDEA comes to him when Agnon hands him an traditional gift...

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Published: 2008-10-20 - Updated: 2008-11-07 - 175 words

'ello ma raviolis!! 'ow are you doing?!! Well, this is ma second story--treat it with respect!!! ya....

“Merry Christmas Master! “ Agnon exclaimed, while handing Cronus a small box wrapped in holiday greeting wrapping paper.
The god of time took the parcel from Agnon, and started to unwrap it.
“An orange. How thoughtful.” Muttered Cronus disgracefully.
“But Master! It’s an ancient human tradition!” Explained Agnon, disappointed that his master didn’t like his gift.

Cronus saw his minion’s face fall, and not having a heart made completely black, sighed, then uttered “I guess I could use this for some sort of experiment.” Then it came to him. “An experiment!!! Of course!!! Tomorrow’s Christmas, so I’ll put a special gas in the orange that will make them all cry babies!!!!! Brilliant!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, while Cronus was having his little brainiac moment, Agnon was trying to figure out how his master though all of this on the spot.

eh, a little short. But do not worry!! The next chapter will be great!! R&R!!!
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