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Chapter Three - Patterns Your Parents Designed

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The life of Frank Iero. His thoughts, quirks and habits. His friends, foes and lovers.

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I sat in my bed, 8:53 am blinking back at me.

I could smell waffles down in the kitchen, my mum was making me breakfast. I felt bad now, I was never big on the whole idea of breakfast.

Lunch was much more appealing.

I still appreciate the thought though, she hadn't been happy much since her divorce from Jake. He left a lot like my father, this time with another employee from the liquor shop. I didn't mind, six years was too long to have him around, my mother needed some one to take care of her.

That's why she had me.

Halloween decorations covered the house, spider webs, balloons and streamers. My mum always goes full out when it comes to decorations, I guess it's mostly for my birthday.

Walking downstairs, I see mum dishing out the waffles onto four plates, a smile spreads on her face as she sees me standing in the door way, pajamas on, yawning slightly.

She walked over hugging me gently, she smells like talcum powder and lavender, I think that's one of the things I like most about her hugs, they always smell clean, fresh I suppose. Yes, definitely clean. Nothing is more disgusting than being pulled, unwillingly of course, into a hug with a person who smells like some sort of dead animal. I'm glad mum smells nice.

"Happy 16th Birthday Frank", mum speaks softly into my ear as I turn to face the two friends I have. Gee and Mikey grin at me, their smiles big enough to see most of their teeth, even from here.

Gerard and Mikey hop up from their chairs.

Mikes gets to me first, wishing me a happy birthday with a tight hug, none of that man-hugging crap.

"Happy Birthday Frankie-Boy", Gee says with a giggle, hugging me gently for a while until we decide that the waffles are calling.

I eat all of my waffles, not liking the fact that my mum went to all this trouble. Finishing the last pieces, I trace the scar that runs up the outside of my arm softly, I love how it looks on my arm, whiter and more shiny than the rest. Soon my mother is wishing me another happy birthday, breaking me from my scar induced trance.

She's now rushing out the door for work, it's hard for her, supporting both of us requires her to work long shifts. I don't mind to much though, as long as I get to say goodbye I'm fine.

I'm not sure what we are doing today, most think it would be awesome or "cool" to have a birthday on Halloween. I guess it's fun to some extent but really it gets a little annoying having to share a birthday with such a big holiday, but it could be worse, if I had a party people may not be able to come.

Though that is an if.

Soon it's decided, the answer to my birthday is a picnic. We all know who choose that, Mikey loves those sorts of things. I head up to my room to change, grabbing the first clean shirt I find, can't say the same for my jeans though.

I stand still, looking over the few photographs on my shelf, thinking back my mum use to take me for picnics with my father when I was younger. We use to go out with my kite, taking Rocky along, that was awhile ago.

Thankfully we still had the basket.

All was packed, everything we needed was in the back of Gee's old pick-up truck, we didn't have to settle on anything, Gerard knew where to go, Norvin Green State Forest, it was huge, had a wicked view of the New York Sky line and I guess you can sort of say we had an attachment to the place.

It took a while to get there, but soon we were unloading the truck, walking up to our usual spot under a couple of pine trees looking out over New York.

When we come here Gerard normally draws while Mikey and I go off looking for stupid things like bugs, lizards, mostly stuff we can end up throwing at Gee. Today was no different, Gee was at it again, sketching madly, Mikey and I were off to look for some frogs.

We didn't have much luck, finding only one, returning empty handed. One frog wouldn't have much effect.

"Frankie come here, come here!" Gee called.

He placed a drawing in my hands, it was really good, hell it was great. I felt honoured by that drawing, it was of Mikey and I with Mikey crouched over a rock while I had a sort of shocked look on my face.

It was when we found the frog.

I smiled down at Gerard, I'd never seen any of his drawings before, he always held an aura of mystery to himself, his art included. I thanked Gee, he stood up giving me a hug, suddenly becoming shy over his work.

Mikey had a faintly shocked expression.

We both knew this was special.
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