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Chapter Four - The Moon Was Sagging

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It was all a little pathetic.

I understand excited, proud and overjoyed but wasn't crying a bit over the top? I bet half of them are only crying because they feel old. I don't want my mum to sob in her chair when it's me, I just want her to clap and smile.

That would make me happy.

Sitting next to Gerard, we watched each person walk up, receive their certificate and soon, after a quick handshake, leave the stage. This process symbolised the end of high school, it symbolised the ending to the supposed "best times" of our lives.

I was only waiting here for one person.

Mikey had made it, he hadn't dropped out or failed, no, he had made it through. Sadly, I was left behind for another year, this would be me soon, but not yet,

I'd have to wait.

The graduation had only just started.

"Marcus Bell"

We would be here for a while, our school was one of the biggest in New Jersey. It was known for its sporting achievements, which meant the school held sport a lot higher than academics. If you were good at football the school loved you, but be a poor swimmer with an IQ higher than most college professors and you aren't welcomed with such a cheer.

I didn't mind being left on my own, sure I'm going to miss the guys, but I've had four years without Gee, so really, it's Mikey I'm going to miss. He understood me, I guess he knew how I thought. I should be fine though, I was never beat up or bullied, I was just the weird kid with the horror movie t-shirt who is mostly ignored, classic, I know.

Being ignored is one of my favourite things about the place.

Each class I sat in the same spot, second row, second desk, from there I wasn't really noticed. People think that the back row is "inconspicuous", but really, where do you think the teacher looks first?

People knew my name though.

See in all classes I was quiet, reserved, I did the work but that was all, every class bar English.

My English teacher was a real prick, believed everything he said was right because he was "the teacher". I couldn't' stand it when he gave us his opinion on something, he doesn't like homosexuals, so apparently homosexuality was "wrong". Also challenging him over those statements made me "attention seeking" according to Mr. Thorton, and since it's what he said, it "must" be correct.

English class always got me worked up and they normally ended with a fight between Mr. Thorton and I.

The fights most often finished with me getting detention and him saying "I'm right, I'm the teacher".

Thankfully, he doesn't teach senior English, probably got too many complaints ...

"It's him, Look Frankie, Look", Gee was squealing.

It really was the funniest thing ever, Mikey looked so awkward in that big robe.

He made his way up to the stage. Gerard was looking up at Mikey like a father would, proud of his son for completing something he hadn't. Though, Gerard had finished high school, nearly failed everything except for art, he got top in the grade for art, I was so proud over that.

Lots of people took art in his year.

After the quick hand shake Mikey had gone to sit with the other high school graduates, another fifteen names were called, and then graduation hats littered the air.

Gerard grabbed my hand, tugging me along to see Mikey, pulling him into a hug and congratulating him over this success.

My turn now, I hugged Mikey tight, I really was going to miss him.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Way's, Donna and Don held some sort of party but only with us three, my mum and Grandma Elena. We weren't going to bother with any graduation parties, no one we liked was going to be there, considering it was just the three of us.

Afterwards we ended up lying in my backyard not really talking, pretty much just looking up at the sky.

It was a full moon tonight, I really love the moon, no scratch that, it's not the moon I like but the way everything looks under it.

Everything sort of had a silver glow.

Hmm, everything looked so beautiful under the moon.

Everything including Gee.

I wasn't shocked by that thought, it was true,

Anyone would think so.
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