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The Meeting

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Ayanna calls Leo out.

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AUTHORS NOTE::::: hey everyone! I am really happy with the amount people have at least been looking at my stories! Its pretty neat-o. this is the third chapter of Kupenda, don’t forget to review! Ps, characters=mine, blah blah, etc.

Ayanna had just been through an extremely long day. Her animal husbandry class had run an extra hour over due to the fact that there in class projects had taken much longer than expected. Her botany class had made her fall asleep. Twice. And she had missed a whole 30 minutes of notes, and not to mention she had been late for math class that morning, and all she really wanted was a nice long nap. But, upon arriving at home she had to clean her room, do her homework, help cook dinner and eat. She wanted to collapse into bed sometime around 8pm, but she knew that if she did she would wake up at some ungodly hour and not be able to sleep for the rest of the night.

“I was stupid to think that I could take on a full summer schedule at school!” she yelled at the shower wall, “I can’t even see straight I’m so stressed out” she sighed, and let the steam roll over her back, loosening her tense muscles. She finished washing her hair, and then stepped out of the shower only to find that there were no clean towels. “MOOOOOM! I need towels, there aren’t any in the bathroom!”

“you should of thought of that before you got in ay!”


“fine, but remember next time, I’m not your servant, and I don’t to have to keep reminding you!”

As Ayanna stood there waiting, her mind began to wander. She had been taking her late night walks more and more frequently, and every time she left her house she had been having a feeling that she wasn’t alone on the deserted street. It wasn’t that it was an ominous presence, or foreboding, it was more of a protective one, or watchful. It did not unnerve her to any extent, if anything it comforted her. She had found herself more and more often looking forward to leaving the chaos of her cheery house at night, and she had recently admitted to herself it wasn’t just to escape the stress of a crowded home. She had always had an uncanny ability to detect presences, and not just human ones. As a young girl she could always guess at what was hiding in the branches of the tree closest to her, or where the was a rabbits nest concealed from human view. As she grew older, the sense had become more and more acute and in turn her parents had suppressed it more and more, thinking it not natural. Eventually Ayanna had given up mentioning it altogether, especially after the night at the hotel in Massachusetts. Just thinking about it gave her chills, and she quickly changed her train of thought before her imagination could take her to places that she did not want to go. As she tried to tear herself from her angst ridden state of mind, there was a loud knock on the bathroom door. She jumped several inches into the air and then realized that it was her mother with her towel.

After Ayanna had gone to her room and changed into some comfortable clothes, she walked over to her desk to get her Ipod. She hesitated at her doorway, and chose to place her music player back on the desk. She would go with out it tonight, she knew the reason why, but she did not like to admit it to herself. She walked down the stairs and into her well lit kitchen.<

“I’m going for a walk, dad” she said to the tall bald man at the kitchen sink, “I’ll be back later”

“Well don’t be gone to long Ay, I worry when you walk by yourself at night. Are you sure you don’t want to wait for me to finish with the dishes and come with you?” “no!” she responded a little to eagerly, “I mean, I like to have some quiet time to think Dad, don’t worry about me, if anyone bothers me I’ll jut scream real loud. Or sick monster on em’” she laughed, picturing her pint sized dachshund chasing after an attacker. And with that, she exited her house into the heavy night air.

She began to trace the same route she walked every night, it was a two mile loop that was made up of back roads and some paths through the woods. As she walked dwon the hill towards the creek, she felt the presence of something else, something intelligent. She thought she would be used to it by now, but every time it occurred it seemed to press against her consciousness like a pillow, pressing her to expand and take in her surroundings. It made her tingle, and that was what she didn’t like most of all. What she sensed was neither animal or human. It was both, and then something else and that part was what worried her the most, it was evil. And she did not like that one bit. Tonight, it was especially strong and this time she was sure that it was a conscious being. Whatever it was, tonight its guard was down and she was debating calling it out. By the time she reached Lake hill road, she stopped mid path and stood there. She debated internally for a few minutes,

“I could say something, and risk getting a beat down again. That last one was pretty nasty and I don’t really know if I want to deal with that again so much. I hate ghosts, there so annoying. But, on the other hand, I really would like to have my night walks back to normal again ,and maybe if I said something to this, thing, it would leave me alone. It doesn’t seem to be mean, or even angry and I’m pretty sure I’d be safe if I did something about being followed all the time.” She knew she had a choice to make. For a while now she had been wanting to investigate, and now she had some sort of reason to do it that didn’t just involve her own personal curiosities. She took a deep breath and softly spoke.

“I know your there, you can come out.”

The shadows moved, and something emerged from the darkness. The man standing before Ayanna was beautiful. He was pale and his eyes were a dark shade of red, he seemed almost ethereal. And dangerous, very very dangerous. Her sensors were going haywire with there warning. And yet she did not run, she felt as if her feet had been glued to the ground. The very earth itself seemed to of halted, and she felt as though it may never move again. They stood there for a good few minutes just staring at each other, and then she spoke. Her voice shook unsteadily, “I’m Ayanna” Leo’s reply was almost a whisper,

“I know”

Ayanna whispered back “your not human, I can tell” Leo looked at her with a nervous stare and spoke again,

“I know.”

Ayanna responded softly. “what do we do now?”
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