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Ayanna and Leo have there first life changing conversation.

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Leo stared at the beautiful girl in front of him. Her words had struck him, it was apparent that he had effected her as much as she had impacted him.
“I’m not quite sure what it is we do next, Miss. Ayanna.”
“what are you?”
“a vampire.”
“no fangs?”
Leo smirked, “only when I’m mad, and quite frankly I’m surprised that your not running away terrified”
“I have a knack for dealing with the supernatural, your existence doesn’t surprise me. Everything nerve in my body is telling me that your dangerous, but I don’t want to run. That must mean your different.”
“your instincts are fantastically acute. I am not surprised you surmised that, there was more than on occasion that you stared through the dark straight into my eyes. I was convinced I had been found out.”
“I know when something’s there, you felt like a ghost, but, different. Only a little bit though.”
“that makes sense, I don’t have a soul”
“do you know that for a fact?”
“that’s to bad”
“because your possibly the most handsome man I’ve ever encountered, and I don’t think I can date a man with no soul” Ayanna smiled wryly. She was enjoying talking a vampire more than any other human she had encountered in her 22 years of existence.
Leo was taken aback, he wasn’t prepared for such an up front response from her, even though he should of expected it. Then he decided to throw away all pretenses and said
“who says we have to date?” and he waggled his eye brows suggestively.
Ayanna laughed genuinely, “well, I think we’ll have to see about that. Lets start with your name”
“Leonidas Johannes”
Ayanna smiled and said “Ayanna Rose Simmons” and then “favorite color?”
“that doesn’t bother you?”
“no, your different, I can tell.”
Leo looked at her curiously. “yes, I still drink human blood, but not directly from humans. And when I do drink from them, I no longer drain them. It is not my job to decide whether a mortal lives or dies.”
“well, you have it figured out more than most countries on this damn planet. You should be proud” Ayanna noticed that his eyes had become sad. Then he spoke,
“I will never be proud of what I have done. This life was chosen 40 years ago, everything I committed before that is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.”
“I can understand that. So why did you choose this little bodunk town in upstate New York?”
“well, my commune leader Nas decided that it would be a good place to keep a low profile. I like it here, and now I think im starting to like it even more.” he winked. Ayanna blushed.
“Why do you want to keep a low profile? Other than the obvious?’
“well, we have been hunted in this country to the brink of extinction by hunters. They do not distinguish between those who choose my lifestyle and others. So, we run.”
“oh my goodness” murmured with a furrowed brow, “are there any humans who have joined your cause?”
“oh yes, there are many. For one reason or another they have found out about our existence and have dedicated there lives to helping those of us who choose to spare humans. They appreciate our efforts. Many of them have been scientists, they seem to be fascinated by our mix of human biological makeup and the magic that runs with us throughout our immortal existence. And yes, the only thing that can kill us are wooden stakes. Ridiculous, I know. Apparently that’s the one of the magic qualities that seems to inhabit us.”
“how wonderful! I mean, not the whole tortured existence, or the immortality which I gather can seem to be difficult to deal with, but the magic! I knew it always existed. How much of all the old stories and tales are really true”
“more than you could ever imagine. There is a whole entire magical world that exists within your own. A millennia all the magical creatures decided to go into hiding. It was becoming far to difficult to coexist with your kind. You seem to be a very violent race.” he smirked. “most of us just want to exist in peace. But the hunter, they believe that all the dark forces of magical existence need to be eliminated. What they don’t understand is that there must always be a balance between good and evil. Not all that is dark, is bad. Take me for example. I need the life force of other to exist, and dark brand of magic, but I am not inherently evil. But these men and women who seek us out to destroy our kind, they refuse to see it any other way but there’s. bunch of religious fanatics, they are”
“So I’m NOT crazy?? Really truly seriously??”
“no, you are not. Your ability is very rare, I think maybe singular, but it does not make you crazy. You have to ability to detect the supernatural, that does not classify you as insane I would think.”
Ayanna began to pace back and forth speaking in stream of consciousness, more to herself then Leo. “this makes total sense, I mean I knew I was, and I knew that it couldn’t be, and my parents were wrong, very very wrong, and that damn ghost, and oh my goodness I have to relearn my whole gift!!” she yelled the last part practically making Leo jump 5 feet into the air.
Leo smiled again, and said “I would be more than willing to help you with that. Or anything else.”
“why Leo, with that charming southern drawl I would think that you would be a perfect gentlemen. But I assumed wrong.”
Leo smirked at her. Eyes smoldering, “I never was a gentleman to start with”
Ayanna could hear her blood singing in her veins. No man had ever done this for her, she siad breathlessly said “I never go for gentlemen anyway” she was very aware that he had moved forward, and was only inches from her body. She could feel the heat coming off of him in waves. So much for the vampires being cold myth. And with that thought, she promptly crashed her lips onto his.
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