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Love Like Winter

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ohh what happens?

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"...and that's pretty much all that's happened to us, while on tour. Nothing real exciting."
Ryan rolled his eyes. "Well, that's still more exciting than what I've been doin. I've been living here," he gestured to the apartment around them. "And I've been working at Starbucks, and I drive a crappy old car, and, uh, I got fired, yesterday. And then there's the um..." he gestured again, but this time to the masses of bandages and casts that adorned his body.

"Oh yeah, Ryan, I wanted to talk to you about that. Why did you do it? I dont get it."
Ryan sighed. "I guess you do have a right to know."
Spencer nodded. "Damn straight."
"Well Spencer, you know that me and Brendon were going out. And then he broke up with me-"
"Wait, he said that you broke up with him."
Ryan rolled his eyes. "Lying through his teeth. Anyway, he broke up with me, and then I found it really hard to be around him, knowing I couldn't have him. So I left, hopefully going somewhere where I'd never have to see him again..Then, ever since then, my life has been getting worse and worse. I can barely pay my bills, and my job's pretty crappy. I owe a shitload or money on my beat up car, and to top that all off, my electricity's been turned off. How the hell am I supposed to make hot chocolate without a microwave?!? Anyway, I was so bummed out, I really missed Brendon. So...well, you know what happened."
He looked down in shame.
"Oh, well, I guess I understand, a little-"
They were interrupted by loud knocking, accompanied by Brendon's loud booming voice.

"NOT LIKELY, JERK! GO AWAY!" Ryan shouted in the most threatening voice he could. which, he had to admit, wanst very. Brendon was persistent; Ryan thought the door was gonna fall down. And with the apartment's crappy quality, it might have.
"Ry, he's devastated about what he did. At least let him talk to you."
Ryan sighed. "Fine Spence. But don't expect me to be nice."
Spencer walks over and opens the door, and Brendon bursts in.
"Um, I'll just leave. Jon's probly wondering what the hell is goin on." Spencer comments, and then leaves the apartment.
"Ryan! What the hell is wrong with you? I swear. Why can't I even talk to you?"
"You're talking to me now, arent you?"
"I..What? Oh, yeah. But that's not the point. The point is, I'm sorry. I had no idea that breaking up with you would do this to you."
"What do you mean?! Don't you usually expect someone to be upset when the love of their life breaks up with them?"
"Well, yeah, but suicide, Ryan? I never thought that you, of all people, would even consider that."
Ryan looks at Brendon with hard eyes. "Well I guess that shows you how much I loved you. How devastated I was when I knew you didn't love me back."
Brendon looks at the floor, and mumbles something.
"Um, excuse me, I didnt catch that."
Brendon mumbles a bit louder, but Ryan still can't understand him.
"We can't all have supersonic hearing, Brendon."
Brendon looks up. "I said, I still love you, Ryan."
Ryan's face is the picture of shock. "I...but, I...what? Thats..."
"Yeah. When I told you that I thought it would be bad for the band, I was telling the truth. Now I see that breaking up with you made it worse than it would ever be to have us going out. I was always sad, and lately I've been becoming farther from Jon and Spencer. Having you gone is tearing apart the band, Ryan. We need you back. I need you."
Ryan's stony expression softened, and a single tear ran down his cheek.
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