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Chapter 5(Dead On Arrival)

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Just then the two girls heard what sounded like a big crash coming from downstairs.
"What was that?" Brynn asked looking over at Roz.
Roz didn't answer very quickly but shook her head and got up. "RYAN!!!!!!!" She called running out of the room. Brynn got up in a hurry too and trailed Roz out the door. She tumbled down the stairs after Roz who was going very fast. "Ryan, what did you do?" Roz voice exploded as Brynn rounded down the stairs and stopped in the living room staring at the mess.
Pieces of apparently a broken chair lay on the kitchen floor while the four boys stared at it. "Ryan," Roz repeated staring at the mess before turning to glare at the boy. "Mom is going to fucking kill you!"
"It wasn't my fault," Ryan said. "Brendon pushed me."
At Brendon's name Brynn noticed he was standing behind Ryan with Brent and Spencer, just seeing him this close sent her chills. Brendon put on a shocked face and opened his mouth to object.
"Don't blame this on Brendon," Roz answered. "You always are breaking things."
"Am not."
"Are too."
"I always get blamed for everything."
"It's because you're always the problem for everything."
Brynn stood watching the fiasco as the two siblings fought. The three other boys stood amused, covering their giggles and smiling faces.
"Just be normal, Ry," Roz was saying as she picked up a section of the chair and put it on the table.
"But that wouldn't be any fun," Ryan joked looking back at the other boys and laughing. Roz just glared at him which made Ryan stop laughing. Roz went back down to pick up the remainder of the chair while Ryan backed away.
"Hey, wait, I don't know you." Ryan had suddenly noticed the observing Brynn and walked over to her. "I'm Ryan," he said upfront sticking out a hand.
Brynn cautiously took it trying to catch Roz's eyes in the process to call for help. "Are you new?" Ryan continued bringing Brynn's eyes back on him.
"Uh, no she's old," Roz chimed in walking over to them. "She's gone to our school her whole life."
"Really?" Ryan asked looking shocked. "I can't believe I don't know you."
"Ryan, you dumbass," Roz said smacking the back of his head. "Of course she's new."
"Why didn't you say that," Ryan questioned.
Roz just sighed looking away from her irritating brother. "Ryan, Brynn...Brynn, Ryan," she said conducting the two of them together.
"It's a pleasure," Ryan said taking a poetic bow and smiling. Brynn found this amusing and giggled. Ryan looked back up smiling. "And these guys are my friends," he added ushering the other boys forward. "Brendon, Brent, Spence, this is Brynn," he said pointing to each in time.
"Hey," Brynn answered barley audible as she now could see all four boys in front of her. "Um...Roz," Brynn said getting the girls attention. "I really need to get home now."
Roz looked up from over at the table where she had continued to pick up the mess. "Okay, I'll take you once I get this picked up," she replied still working.
"No it's okay," Brendon said suddenly speaking up. "I can take her."
Brynn felt her face burn from Brendon actually speaking to her...well about her.
"Dude you can't," Ryan said. "We were going to practice."
"Sorry Ry, but I need to do my Chemistry. My mom will kill me if I get another F."
"Fine, we don't need you in our band anyway," Ryan replied putting on a pouty face and walking away. "Brent! Spencer! C'mon!" He yelled.
Brent and Spencer shook their heads and rolled their eyes and followed Ryan.
Brynn watched them disappear and then turned to the awaiting Brendon. "You don't have to..." she started.
"Don't worry about it," he said giving her a smile. "Ryan'll get over it."
Brynn somehow found her face forming a smile that mimicked Brendon's. "C'mon freckles," he said laughing and walking towards the front door.
Brynn's cheeks turned a dark shade of red after hearing her new nickname. She stole a glance at Roz who was by the table. She was smiling and motioned for Brynn to follow. Brynn forced a smile back and quickly trailed Brendon.
After grabbing her book bag Brynn scurried out to Brendon's car. It was a small white thing. She slid into the passenger seat and quickly buckled up. Brendon got in the drivers seat and rapidly started the car backing out of the driveway with great vigor.
"So where is this place you call home?" He asked.
" can just drop me off on the corner of 4th and Freemont," Brynn stuttered out. It was best if Zoe didn't see her getting dropped off.
"Okay," Brendon answered not staring a glance at her.
They rode is silence and every second ate into Brynn. She hated it when no one was talking, but what could she say?
"You like music?" Brendon asked.
"Uh, yeah," Brynn said gaining her vocals.
Brendon leaned down and switched on the radio. A Blink-182 song blasted out and carried them a few more blocks.
"Here you go," Brendon said pulling up next to the stop sign and parking.
"Thanks," Brynn said quickly opening the door. She just wanted to get out quick. This awkwardness was killing her. She went to get out but was pulled back in by her seat belt.
Brendon chuckled and reached across to push the button. "You know you're suppose to un-buckle before you get out."
Brynn felt her face burn from embarrassment. "Thanks," she said giving a small laugh and climbing out.
Brendon smiled before driving off with a screech. "Stupid Brynn, stupid," Brynn said scolding herself. She sighed and shook her head. "Always me."
Brynn walked up the steps to 'the place she called home' and went in the door.
"Brynn Darling, is that you?" Zoe called as soon as Brynn had closed the door behind her.
"Yes Zoe," Brynn answered.
"Come in here a minute."
Brynn dropped her bag by the foot of the stairs and took off down the hallway towards the kitchen. She passed the living room and stopped by the island seeing Zoe sitting on the other side a fresh coffee in hand.
"How come you are so late from getting home from school?" Zoe demanded staring at the flushed girl.
"I just got lost," Brynn lied. It wasn't an easy thing to do, but it had gotten easier since she has been around Zoe.
Zoe eyed the girl and took a sip of her drink. "Ok then," she said buying the alibi. "I want you to go do your homework then come right back down. The laundry is building up."
"Yes Zoe," Brynn sighed grateful at least she hadn't gotten in trouble.
Brynn walked back down the hall and grabbed her bag by the steps. She then climbed the stairs taking a right to slip into her room. Her room was the smallest one is the house (obviously) but she didn't mind. She didn't need much space. She had her twin bed in the middle with a small dresser by its side. Then in the corner set her keyboards. The ones she hadn't played in a year.
As soon as Brynn entered her room, her small white dog bounded on her.
"Max get down," Brynn said playfully pushing the German shorthair down off of her.
Zoe had allowed Brynn to keep Max only if she took totally responsibility for him and he stayed in her room most of the day.
She set her bag on her bed and went to the keyboards. She sat on the stool looking at places where dust had accommodated. Even though she wasn't touching the keys she could hear the music. Her mom was always playing for her.
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