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Chapter 6(Antheia)

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"Hey Brynn," Roz hissed in their Chemistry class.
"What?" Brynn whispered back as Mr. Walker tried to explain to the class Stoichiometry.
"You going to homecoming next week?"
"Roz I've been here for two weeks. The only person I know is you. Why would I want to go?" Brynn said trying to keep her voice down as Mr. Walker was now eyeing the two girls.
"Because..." Roz said pressing her on. "I want to go, and I want you to go with me."
"Girls pay attention," Mr. Walker snapped at them.
Brynn sat up and pretended to be innocent. Ryan looked over at the girls and gave a shocked face. Roz glared back at him telling him to turn around.

Brynn stuffed her large books in her locker. Some papers fluttered out unexpectently and she bent down to collect them. She was abruptly knocked off balance when she felt a push from behind.
"Watch it," came the squeaky voice of Clair.
Brynn caught herself with her hands to stop herself from plunging into the hard floor and whipped around to watch Clair, Cher and Tiffany walk away giggling.
Brynn scoffed and picked up her papers. She heaved herself from the floor and shoved the papers in her locker not caring when they tore at the edges.
"You know you shouldn't take that from your step-sisters," Roz said coming up to Brynn.
Brynn looked over at her and sighed. "Don't say that too loud," she groaned. "You don't know how much shit I would get if people knew we were related." Brynn finished and slammed her locker shut.
"Oh stop being all Cinderella on me," Roz joked as they started down the hall to their next class which happened to be English.
Brynn smiled at the thought of her being Cinderella, but the smile soon ceased when she saw Brendon standing by Tiffany at his locker. Roz saw her changing smile and sighed. "You like him don't you?"
Brynn tried to avert her eyes and walked by the giggling Tiffany. "No I don't," she said sliding into the classroom.
Roz eyed Brynn but let it go and went to sit down at her seat. The bell rang soon later and Clair, Cher, and Tiffany came racing into the classroom.
"Sorry about being late, Mrs. Bisker," Tiffany said catching her breath. "My locker was stuck."
"Yeah right," Brynn heard Roz breath out.
"It's quite alright ladies, now take your seat," Mrs. Bisker said forgivingly.
Brynn saw Tiffany give a smirk to Clair and Cher and glide into their seats in the front.
"Now class today we will be studying Greek mythology," Mrs. Bisker said plainly pacing the front of the class.
"Like Hercules and stuff?" Dane, a not too bright boy, asked.
"Yes Mr. Adee, like Hercules," Mrs. Bisker replied passing over him to stand in front of the girls. "But today we will not be talking about Hercules. We will be talking about the great Greek Goddesses."
Brynn saw Tiffany slip a note into Clair's awaiting hand right in front of Mrs. Bisker. Mrs. Bisker just smiled at the girls and continued her talking.
"As a project, I will assign a Greek Goddess to you all. I want you to research the Goddess and write a short report on her."
"Do I have to do it too?" Dane piped in again.
"Yes, Mr. Adee," Mrs. Bisker replied nonchalantly. "Now here are your assignments," Mrs. Bisker continued pulling out a clip board. "Dane, you have Hera, the wife of Zeus..."
"How do you spell that?" Dane asked putting on a quizzed face.
"You'll figure it out," Mrs. Bisker replied. "Clair, you have Dementer, goddess of the fields. Cher, you have Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt."
Brynn saw both Clair and Cher give convincing smiles at Mrs. Bisker and jotting down their names.
"Rosalind," Mrs. Bisker continued. "You have Athena, Goddess of Wisdom."
"Yipee," Roz said sarcastically writing down the name. Brynn smiled at her friend.
"Brynn," Mrs. Bisker said bringing her attention back. "You have Antheia, the Goddess of human love."
"Goddess of human love," Brynn repeated writing it down. She turned to look at Roz who just shrugged her shoulders.
"And Tiffany," Mrs. Bisker said finishing up the line. "You have Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty."
Brynn saw Tiffany glow with pride and fling her blonde hair behind her shoulders.
"Great," Roz whispered to Brynn. "Now she's going to think she's Aphrodite."
Brynn forced a laugh at Roz but it soon ceased. She didn't want to say it to her friend, but she would have given anything to be Tiffany right now.

"Hey Roz check this out," Brynn said to Roz. It was after school and Roz had come over to Brynn's house to work on their projects together. Zoe was out getting a facial so Brynn thought it safe. "Antheia was not only the Goddess of human love, but also nature."
"Fascinating," Roz said dully as she laid on Brynn's bed petting Max.
Brynn rolled her eyes and spun around to stare at Roz. "Aren't you going to work on your project?"
"Fine." Brynn whipped back around and began to write down some facts from the screen.
"Hey Brynn have you thought about homecoming?" Roz asked suddenly.
"What's to think about?" Brynn answered continuing to write.
"Well...," Roz said getting up off the bed and wondering over to Brynn's keyboard. "Brendon will be there."
Brynn put down her pencil and looked over at Roz. "That doesn't matter," she said trying to convince herself she wasn't lying.
"Ok," Roz said letting it go and sitting on the bench. Brynn sighed and went back to work. Soon Roz's phone started emitting noises.
"What do you want," Roz said picking up her phone. "Okay, okay, bye. That was Ryan," Roz informed not missing a beat and standing up. "I gotta go."
"Okay," Brynn said watching her walk towards the door.
"Oh, and Brynn," she said stopping at the door. "Think about it." Then she left.
Brynn sighed and looked up at her computer screen. She didn't want to think about it. She looked at her right wrist where her bracelet was miraculously still there. She slid it off and flipped it over. Inscribed in the band there was her mom's initials BMD, the same as Brynn's.
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