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Chapter 7 (They Wouldn't Call It A Crush, If It Didn't Hurt)

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"Man I love Friday," Roz exclaimed dancing around Brynn's locker.
Brynn shoved the rest of her books into her locker before slamming it shut so nothing could fall out. She turned around to face Roz who was still smiling in her face. Overnight the school had turned into one big Homecoming poster board. Everywhere Brynn looked she saw another flyer or announcement about Homecoming.
"Don't forget student body that Homecoming is 12 days away," an announcement over the intercom shot. "So find that someone special and get to shopping."
"Why is it such a big deal?" Brynn exclaimed getting frustrated.
"Because what else is there to get hyped up about," Roz said taking Brynn's arm and leading her towards the lunchroom.
"...but it's just a dance," Brynn continued as she took a seat at a table with her lunch tray.
"Brynn it's not 'just a dance' to most people," Roz said sitting down next to her. "It's the one eventful thing in their life."
Brynn laughed at Roz and smashed her mash potatoes.
"Hey girls!"
Brynn looked up from her mashed potatoes to see Brent, Spencer, and Ryan taking a seat in front of them.
"What do you want Ryan?" Roz asked annoyed.
"Can't I enjoy my sister's company?"
Brynn sank down and stared at her food not wanting to get involved.
"Where's the better quarter?" Roz asked looking at the three boys.
"You mean Brendon?" Brent sighed looking over towards a table in the middle. "He would be with Tiffany."
Brynn looked up across the table at where Brent had indicated. There was Brendon hovering over Tiffany like he was blocking out the sun.
"Why is he all of a sudden hanging around that bitch?" Roz asked taking the words that Brynn was too shy to say.
"I don't know," Ryan answered not really interested. "Hey Brent can I have that?" He asked sliding over to grab Brent's cookie.
Brynn sighed and looked away from Tiffany and Brendon. Roz saw the look on her friends face and turned to Ryan. "Is Brendon going to homecoming?" She asked.
"I think so," Ryan answered between mouthfuls.
"What about you Roz?" Brent asked watching Roz. "Are you going to homecoming?"
"I plan to," Roz said smiling. Maybe it was just Brynn, but Roz's cheeks started to turn a shade of red.
"Hey guys."
Brynn looked away from the blushing Roz and saw Brendon taking a seat beside her.
"Hey Brendo," Ryan said. "Sparing a moment for the public?"
"Ryan, don't be a smartass," Brendon said.
"Whatever," he answered.
"Look, I just came over because I was wondering if we could push the practice back to 6?"
"Why?" Spencer asked immediately.
"I have things to do after school," Brendon said unceasingly.
"More like people," Ryan said under his breath, but the whole table caught every word.
Brendon looked at Ryan but didn't respond to his comment. "I'll see you guys then," he said before getting up to leave.
"That guy can be a complete dumbass sometimes," Ryan said watching him go.
"Yeah," Brent agreed. "But you know we need him."
Brynn sighed as she saw Brendon sit down next to Tiffany and wrap an arm around her. He had been right next to her and hadn't even acknowledge her existence. She needed to be noticed, needed to do something drastic. "Hey Roz."
Roz looked up at Brynn.
"Count me in for Homecoming."
Roz beamed.
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