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Just days away.

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The big day is almost here!

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‘So you’re going to get your hair trimmed after you get done at the studio today and then you and the boys are heading out to California right?’ Grace asked as she finished helping Brendon pack the rest of his stuff for the honeymoon.

‘Yeah, our flight leaves today at 5:15.’


‘When does your flight leave?’

‘Holly, James, and I leave today at 10:15.’

‘We should be in around 9.’

‘Okay, great.’

‘Why are you guys leaving so early?’

‘I have to go get a manicure and a pedicure.’

‘Baby, I don’t care what your toe nails look like.’

‘Brendon, shut up.’ Grace said as she stuffed his underwear into his suitcase.

‘So we’re getting married day after tomorrow.’ Brendon said as he put his arms around her waist.

‘Can you believe this? 48 hours from now we’re going to be getting ready to get married.’

‘I can’t wait.’ Brendon said as he ran his left hand down her arm picking up her left hand and kissing it gently as her engagement ring shined in the light.

‘I’ll see you when you get into tonight?’

‘I’ll call you before we leave.’

‘I love you.’

‘I love you too baby.’ Brendon smiled before giving her the last passionate kiss he’d give her until they were husband and wife.


‘So what else do you have to finish?’ Holly asked as Grace sat in a chair between James and holly while they got their pedicures for the wedding.

‘No, stop this right now!’ James began, ‘We are here to relax. Grace you do not need to think about what else you need to be doing all you need to do right now is relax so that’s what we’re going to do…we’re relaxing.’

‘Fine fine.’ Grace argued as she laid her head against the back of the chair. ‘I can’t believe I’m getting married day after tomorrow.’

‘Neither can I. You and Brendon are going to be amazing together.’

‘We’re getting married.’

‘You’re going to have the same name as his mom.’

‘Yeah, we’ve talked about that.’ Grace laughed.

‘Whatever at least you get to be banging that fine ass for the rest of your life.’ James added in.

‘I hear ya man.’ Grace said giving him a high five.

‘I can’t believe you two are talking about him like he’s a piece of meat.’

‘The other night, when he was completely wasted, he asked me every three seconds if he could have a blow job, if I’d blow him, if I didn’t like his penis. I think I’m allowed to talk about him like that especially when he is as hot as he is.’

‘So we don’t get to see each other until the wedding?’ Brendon asked as Grace and Brendon stood in the hall of their hotel as they waited for his parents before the rehearsal and dinner. Grace was wearing a royal blue lace strapless knee-length tea time-esque dress with a bow below the chest and a pleated skirt with tooling underneath to make it poof slightly. Grace looked absolutely adorable in her dress and wore royal blue peep toe pumps to complete her rehearsal dinner outfit. Her objective now was to drive Brendon as crazy as she possibly could before their wedding night tomorrow.

‘Nope, this is our last time to see each other.’ She winked as their photographer walked down the hall.

‘Well then maybe we should take advantage of this.’ Brendon said taking her hand and jerking her over into his arms. Grace wrapped her arms around his neck and kicked one leg up just as the photographer snapped a picture.

‘Ready to go?’ Mr. Urie asked.

‘Yup.’ Grace parted from the kiss and took Brendon’s hand. He was looking particularly sexy in his black dress pants and his baby blue pocketed button up.

‘Are we going to be late for the rehearsal?’ Grace asked as the time was fifteen til six and they were just getting on the road

‘No, we’ll be there in plenty of time.’

‘Well we’re supposed to be there in fifteen minutes.’

‘Baby, the rehearsal doesn’t start until 6:30.’ Brendon said picking up her hand in the back seat of the car.

‘Oh.’ Grace mumbled, ‘Great, we’re not going to be late!’

‘I’m hungry.’ Brendon mumbled.

‘Wow.’ Mrs. Urie said as her husband pulled up in the small parking lot above where they were having the ceremony. It was a beautiful beach. ‘This is beautiful.’

‘I know.’ Grace smiled as she stepped out of the car. Grace’s mom and sister in law had set up the chair and such that were needed for the rehearsal and pretty much every one was already there.

Grace chuckled as there was a pile of shoes at the beginning of the beach and everyone had their pants legs rolled up walking around in the sand. Everything was perfect; this is how she’d always pictured it to be.

‘There you two are.’ Grace’s mom said. ‘We can get started now; the two late birds are here.’

‘Grace, it’s so good to see you again.’ Father Paul said as he kissed her forehead.

‘Father Paul, this is Brendon.’ Grace said introducing Brendon to her childhood priest

‘It’s so nice to meet you Brendon.’ He smiled.

‘As to you sir.’ Brendon said.

‘Alright let’s get started. I need you two to line up your bridal party like they will be in the ceremony.’

‘Okay.’ Grace took off her pumps and tossed them with the pile of other shoes. ‘Ryan, you’re not walking in with the rest of the bridal party. You’re standing next to Brendon.’ Grace said. Ryan went up and stood next to the priest before Grace turned to Spencer and Jon. Jon you’re walking in with Kyla, Spencer you’re walking in with Kara. Tom you’re walking in with Holly, Mason, you’re with Megan and Matthew you are walking in with Bridgette.’ It goes Mason, Matthew, Spencer, Jon, Tom.’

‘Crack that whip baby.’ Brendon joked. Grace glared over at him. He tossed his hands up in defeat. Now that the entire bridal party was standing where they were supposed to be for the wedding it was time for Addy and John Edward to come down here.

‘So Addy, come here sweetie.’ Grace called. Addy walked down and stood in front of Grace. Grace picked her up.

‘Aunt Gracie, what are we doing?’

‘We’re practicing for tomorrow.’ Grace said as she walked down the isle carrying Addy with her.

‘What is habbin tomorrow?’

‘Uncle Beary and I are getting married.’

‘Do I get to wear my princess dress?’

‘You sure do sweetheart, Can you stand right here for me?’ Grace asked as she stood Addy in front of Holly.

‘Yeth Aunt Gracie.’ Addy smiled as she stood against her mom’s legs while John Edward stood in front of Ryan.

The rehearsal went smoothly; the only thing that went wrong was Jon sneezing during the vows. Now they were off to the rehearsal dinner at a vineyard.

‘Mama, I want a cheeseburger.’ Addy said as she hopped out of holly’s car.

‘We’ll see baby.’ Holly said taking her daughter and her husband’s hand before walking to their table.

‘Are we playing red rover?’ Brendon joked. Holly chuckled and rolled her eyes before letting go of Ryan’s hand and picking Adelyn up.

‘What’s dat Untle Beary?’

‘It’s a game you’ll learn in school sweetie.’

‘I’m in tool now but I till don’t know.’

‘I bet you’ll learn it when you’re in the 1st grade. That’s when I learned it.’

‘Oh.’ She said, ‘Can I hab a cheeseburger?’

‘Well I don’t see why not? Come on, we’ll go ask.’ He said taking Addy out of Holly’s arms.

‘Ryan!’ Grace called before attacking her best friend in a hug.

‘Grace!’ he said back just as excited. ‘Are you excited?’

‘Duh!’ she laughed, ‘come on! Let’s go sit down.’

Dinner went really well. There were tons of laughter and even more pictures taken. There were at least a million of Ryan and Grace making faces and laughing with each other, there were pictures with Addy, Brendon, Holly, Tom, the boys, and pretty much everyone. It has been a great night and now everyone was going their separate ways for the last night of “single” life. Brendon, Ryan, and the rest of the guys were staying at a big suite at a fancy hotel while Grace and her girls were staying at another hotel near the beach. Grace, Holly, James, and Addy were sharing one room while the rest of the bridal party and the mothers were in separate rooms.

‘Come on Addy; let’s get your jimmies on.’ Holly said as she pulled out the pink Disney princess pants and matching shirt from Addy’s suitcase.

‘But I not tired.’

‘You don’t have to go to bed sweetie; we’re just getting our jimmies on.’

‘Oh. Can I sweep in your bed Aunt Gracie?’ Addy asked once she had her little pajamas on.

‘Don’t you want to sleep with mommy?’

‘No. I did that wast night. Daddy was there too. Addy climbed up on Grace’s bed. ‘He almost squished me.’

‘He did? How come?’ Grace asked as she played with the little girls hair.

“Ryan has these phases where he gets really restless in his sleep and tosses and turns all night.” Holly said digging though her bag.

“How come?”

“Who knows. It could be anything with him.” Holly said finally finding what she was looking for – her facial kit. “Wanna do facials?”

“Yeah.” Grace said.

“I want one too!” Addy bounced on the bed. Holly laughed. The three girls pinned their bangs out of their faces before putting the green mask on.

Meanwhile…in another hotel.

“Why are you being so quiet?” Ryan asked as he played with his sidekick. He had tried texting Holly to see what she and the girls were up to, but all she said in reply was ‘I’m not talking to you, its girl time.’

“I’m just trying to figure something out.”


“How I got so lucky to have Grace. Why? She’s perfect.”

“Well, obviously someone saw the train wreck you were headed towards and decided to send you a guardian angel.”

“Yeah. She saved me man. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

“I know. She’s very special. Take really good care of my best friend.”

“I will.” Brendon smiled proudly. He honestly couldn’t wait to be a husband, and he was really excited about being a father in the future too. “So what’s it like being a dad?”

“It’s the best job in the world. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Being a rock star is pretty cool, but when I see that little girl running towards me with that smile on her face I melt. I’m constantly protecting her from monsters in the closet, bugs and any other bad thing in the world.” Ryan smiled. He really loved being a daddy.

“That sounds amazing.”

“Yeah, and I overhead Addy and Holly talking the other day, you know how much Holly loves Batman?”

“Yup.” Brendon chuckled.

“Well she had her Batman shirt on and Addy asked what it was and Holly told her he was a super hero and she told her that daddy was her super hero. That hit me man, hard. I cried a little bit. Being a dad is the best thing in the world.”

“Wow. Do you think I’ll be a good dad?”

“An interesting one but yeah, I think your kids will love you a lot. They’ll be lucky kids. You’re still one yourself.” They laughed and continued to talk about fatherhood and married life. By the end of the night Brendon was even more excited than he was before…if that was possible even.


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