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I'm not nervous....really.

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Almost there!

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Grace looked over at the clock. Her wedding was set to start in twelve hours and she had yet to get a wink of sleep. She looked over at the other bed and found Holly sound asleep. She looked in the bed next to her and found Addy, sound asleep. She looked out into the living room and found James sound asleep on the couch.

Bridgette and Tom, her mom and dad, Brendon’s parents and brothers and sisters were all sound asleep. The only persons in the hotel that wasn’t sound asleep were Grace and Brendon but they couldn’t be together. Grace sighed heavily before she held her hand up in the air and looked at her engagement ring.

It was so pretty. It was so elegant. It was everything that Grace had always wanted.

She was nervous. She was scared. She was worried. She was petrified of what was happening today but in honesty, she didn’t know why. Grace and Brendon had been together for so long, getting married was nothing. Except it was everything. Everything to Grace. She couldn’t wait, she was so excited.

Grace got up out of bed and walked into the living room. She poked James a few times before realizing he wasn’t going to get up at all. Grace walked out of the room and four doors down. She knocked softly before knocking a little louder. She heard some stumbling around, hoping that it wasn’t Brendon.

‘What are you doing up this early?’ Ryan whispered.

‘I can’t sleep. I want to go for a run or go for breakfast or something. Do you want to come with me?’ she asked.

‘Sure, I’ll meet you in the hall in fifteen okay?’

‘Thanks Ry.’ Grace said before she turned on her heels and walked back towards her room.

‘Who was that?’ Brendon asked.

‘It was Gracie.’

‘What did she want? Is she okay?’

‘She’s fine. She wants to go run and then go for breakfast.’

‘Oh, so she’s okay? What is she doing up this early?’

‘The same thing you are doing up this early. She’s nervous.’

‘Oh…so you guys are going running?’

‘You know how grace is when she’s nervous about something. She doesn’t sleep, then she goes and runs, and then she finally falls asleep later. That’s what she needs, even if it kills me.’ Ryan said as he put on a pair of sneakers.

‘Well tell her I love her and I can’t to see her later.’

‘I will, try to get some rest Brendon.’ Ryan said before he started out of the room, ‘and if Holly comes looking for me, tell her I’m with Grace.’


‘Ready to go?’ Grace asked as she walked out in a pair of black Nike running shorts and a pink and black sports bra, a white shirt, and a pair of shox.

‘Yeah, let’s go. I’m hungry.’ Ryan said.

‘So what are you nervous about?’

‘Who said I was nervous?’

‘Grace, I know you a lot better than I think I do. This is your nervous system, you don’t sleep, you run, you pass out.’

‘I’m just nervous about getting married.’

‘How come?’

‘I have no idea, seriously.’

‘Well you and Brendon are going to be amazing, you two are so in love, and you’re perfect together. Now all you need is a baby.’

‘I know but that won’t happen for a while.’

‘Why not? You two are going to have such a beautiful baby, a little girl. She’ll look like you and sing like him.’

‘I’m not ready for a baby yet, I’m still raising a child. I want Brendon and I to be newly weds.’

‘As if you guys haven’t been acting like it since you got together.’ Ryan mumbled.

‘You think we’ll be okay?’

‘I know you’ll be okay.’

‘I hope you’re right.’

‘Just calm down, take a deep breath, and get excited.’

‘I am excited.’ Grace said as she and Ryan began running down the side walk.

‘Are you sure, you don’t sound so excited.’

‘No, I am excited. I can’t wait. Brendon and I are getting married. He’s so hot, I have a hot husband. He’s so amazing, I have an amazing husband. I’m going to be a wife.’

‘You’re going to be a wife!’

‘I KNOW!’ Grace yelled.

‘You’re going to be a wife and soon enough you’re going to be a mother.’

‘I can’t believe this.’
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