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Kakashi vist, And Aria's Demon

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Kakashi comes to fine Aria lives in the same house as one of his old team mates. Aria is too cold to soften up and tell him her last name. the other member's of the ninja groups fine out she has a ...

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“So you do live in the same house as one of my former team mates” Kakashi said.
“What do you want?” she asked.
“The Hokage wants to see you,” he said. She nodded her head and called River.
“What’s wrong mummy?” she asked.
“The Hokage wants to see us baby girl, come on I’ll carry you on my back” Aria said with a smile and bent down so River can clime on her back. When they got to the Hokage’s office she was shocked, all of my old friends and team mates where they’re staring at her.
“What is going on?” she asked. Not taking her eyes off them, some take out weapons. She took out her short bow pointing it at all of them.

“Lower your weapon” one of them said she looked at them, he was Ibiki Morino.
“No, you have your weapons out and endangering my daughter, do you think I’m that stupid Ibiki Morino?” she snapped. River was on her back scared her little eyes had tears in them.
“How… How did you know my name?” he asked just as the Hokage came in.

“What the hell is going on!” she yelled.
“Aria please don’t yell in my office,” the Hokage said
“Sorry, I was told you wanted to see me, but I wasn’t told there were people here I’ll come back later” she said walking away. Her eyes were showing everyone could see her eyes.
“Aria this has something to do with you,” answered the Hokage.
“Why does this have to do with me?” she snapped with so much anger it scared a few people in the room.
“It’s about the white fox demon inside you,” he said. The room was quite.
“I didn’t ask for her, she chose me as a host, she’s a little three tail white fox no older than 10 maybe, she was put in side me when I was 15, when I was traveling through the village hidden in the sky, she was along way from home I must say, she’s the purest demon I have ever met, she doesn’t like killing unless it’s necessary, she helps me heal people that are hurt, I don’t even kill unless I have too which isn’t often” she said looking at them. Some of them had weapons out again, one of them through a kunai knife at her she caught it between her fingers and through it back hitting the wall above the person.
“Now that’s over I’m leaving oh and if any of you try hurt my daughter I’ll kill you, the demon loves children more than you’ll ever know” she said walking out. The Hokage was shacking his head and started laughing.
“What’s so funny Lord Hokage?” Kakashi asked.
“She’ll never change, I’ve know that girl since her birth and she continues to surprise me. I guess that’s what happens when I’m her sensei and she’s so special, but that’s for another matter. I want you to keep an eye on her Kakashi you’ll all noticed that the kids will love her soon, she plays a wooden flute so beautifully oh and when she sings ah it’s a site to see” he said. Everyone left the Hokage’s office Kakashi went to find Aria, he found her in the forest near the training grounds playing her flute again River dancing around with some more little kids. As she played some of her old team were in the forest to keep a close eye on her. There were shocked when she started singing some of the song.

Open your heart to see the pain,
Feel what others are feeling,
Listen to the rain as it falls,
Can you hear what its saying?

Tears and rain look the same,
But its just water,
Don’t let it get you down,
Don’t let it get you down

You hold my hand,
And never let it go,
You whisper my name,
Never letting go,

Open your heart to see the pain,
Feel what others are feeling,
Listen to the rain as it falls,
Can you hear what its saying?
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