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The Demon Sada... The Chunin Exams

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Aria is still in hospital, she has a chat with her demon sada... a little white fox demon that hates death as much as Aria does... she meets up with some old friends rom the sand village.

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In the hospital bed Aria laid there still like she was dead but she wasn’t she was dreaming of everything that happened in the fight when it came to the white shield come out of no where she got a bit scared, she went deep into her mine to fine the fox she’s got a close friendship with when she found her Aria was surprise to see her smiling for a little white fox she was so happy.

Why are you so happy Sada?
I made one of my ability’s works now that’s one down two to go.
Why do I fine it hard to believe you’re not lying to me?
Because you know I’ll never lie to you Aria, our friendship is more important than that.
Yes that is true we’ve been together for 6 years now so I guess if you were lying I would know.
Yes, yes you would now Aria why are you here?”
How did that shield come out?
It’s one of my ability’s I have two other’s but I don’t know what they are.
Why did it come out? Can I use it again?
It comes out because River was going to get hurt, yes you can use it again but only when someone or more people are in danger.
And why didn’t you tell me this before?
I did but you weren’t listening because we had a fight about your daughter, I was asking you why you didn’t have her with you, you told me it was none of my business, you still didn’t tell me why you didn’t have her with you when you where 15.
I not long gave birth to her, when I was 12 my family was killed by my brother and friend, when I was 14 I fell pregnant by 15 I had her and gave her up I thought it was the right thing to do but I was wrong the family I gave her too die when she was 3 I found her two years later. I’m a bad mother but I love her too much, she has my and her father’s eyes.
If you love her so much than why don’t you open your eyes and see her I can tell she’s very upset.
Fine I’ll talk to you later.

Aria opened her eyes to see a white room she heard a few gaps in the room when she tried to it up she was pushed back down. She through who ever it was away from her and sat up looked at who was on the ground it was Kakashi, he looked shocked.
“Next time I think I won’t do that”
“Good idea idiot, where is my daughter” she said looking around. Kakashi went out of the room and came back with River as soon as she saw Aria she ran to her and hugged her. River started crying as she hugged Aria.
“Mummy they wouldn’t let me see you when you were sleeping” she said.
“Its ok baby mummy is ok now why don’t we go home” she said getting up and walking out. Before she got to the door a hand was place on her shoulder. She turned to see the Hokage looking at her worried; she looked past him to see members from her old team and friends she made.

“Aria we need to talk” he said.
“About what?” she said still trying to walk out.
“About the fight with your brother”
“Ask someone that was there I’m too tired to deal with it right now, my brother was trying to kill me that’s all you need to know” she said leaving the hospital.
“Come on bub let’s get something to eat” Aria said walking the streets and going into a ramen shop with River holding her hand.
“What would you like Aria?” the chef asked.
“Your vegetarian ramen please, the two of us a quite hungry” she answered. The chef nodded his head and left to cook the meals when he came back there were more people in his shop. He gave them their meals and went to the other people and got their orders Aria paid for her meals and left the shop.
They started walking around the village she didn’t know that the chunin exams were so close she turned the corner and saw Gaara, Temari and Kankurou they were picking on Naruto and his friends.
“God cant you three come to a village and not annoy people?” Aria said a little annoyed. They looked at her and smiled
“Aria! It’s been a while!” Temari said walking over to her and hugging her.
“Yeah it has been, Kankurou put the kid down, Sasuke don’t even think about it, and Gaara get out of the tree and come and say hello to me” she said with a smirk. Gaara came from the tree and walked over to her.
“Where have you been Aria? You left the village in a hurry last time” he said coldly.
“I know and I’m sorry about that Gaara, why are you three here?” she asked.
“Chunin exams” Gaara answered.
“There here already, damn I better go see the Hokage than to see what he wants me to do, no fighting you three, come on sweetie let’s go see the Hokage” Aria said to them and River. River clime on Aria’s back and she walked off.
Gaara and the others looked at her as she left than turned to Naruto and his friends.
“When did she have a child?” Temari asked him.
“Aria said something about having a child when she was fifteen she said she got pregnant when she was fourteen” Saurka said turning and walking away. Temari looked at her brothers confused and shocked she didn’t know what to say about it they knew Aria for five years and she didn’t say anything to them about her having a daughter.
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