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Chat With Sasuke

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Aria and Sasuke have a chat

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“If we’re done here I’ve got places to go people to see” she said leaving the office, as she walked down the street a few people looked at her as she walked with River on her back asleep when she got to her house Sasuke was waiting for her with a smug look on his face. Aria got the keys out of her pocket and unlocked the door and walked in, Sasuke followed looking around the room as he entered.
“What’s up Sasuke?” she asked looking at him.
“You said the other day that my brother and your brother killed your parents?”
“Yes what of it?”
“I want to know why you don’t want to kill them, I mean they killed your parents why wouldn’t you kill them!” he yelled.
“Sasuke not everything is about killing idiot, yeah they killed my parents but killing them is not going to bring them back! Do you think killing your brother will bring your parents back! Wake up Sasuke there dead and nothing is going to change that! No matter how much you want it to it’s not going to change” she snapped with so much anger it scared him a little. She moved away from where she was so she didn’t through something at him.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you angry, I just wanted to know” he said leaving. But before he got to the door Aria spoke.
“I know what’s it’s like to have no family Sasuke, but I got through it you on the other hand had no one, you were eight when your family die and your brother made you watch it over and over again, I got the chance to run and that’s what I did no one could fine me no one new were I was, the Hokage only new what I wanted him to know I sent word to him every now again but that’s it. I’m known as the shadow I only helped your team because I use to work with Kakashi” she said. Sasuke took everything Aria said into mind as he walked back to his silence home. Aria looked at him through a window of her house, why she came back here was beyond her so many troubles keep coming her way, she has a five year old daughter to look after and the village is going to be under attack in the third round of the exams. How is she going to look after her daughter and the village at the same time? This is too much for her to handle at one time. She sighed and walked into the bedroom where River was sound asleep she looked at her daughter with sorrow, she didn’t want to put River through this how was she going to get through it? Aria lay beside her daughter hugging her and fell asleep.
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