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Where we stand defines who we are...

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Burying the hatchet and godparents among other things

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“What about?” Cami said as she slipped her purse into her bag along with her I-pod and other important items.

“I think it’s time Blair met her grandparents, I mean you never had a baby shower or like a christening party cause I know your not really religious or even a naming party”
Cami walked over to Blair’s crib and ran a hand gently over her soft head thinking it over.

“Ok my dad and your parents are the only ones who are going to be there and the guys are welcome too of course” Cami said as Jake walked into the room, he stood their quietly as she continued to speak.

“So where should we have it?” Cami said picking up her sunglasses from beside her bed.

“I was thinking my parents place in Jersey”

“That sounds fine, Friday sound okay?” Cami said turning to face Jake who was resting against the door frame.

“That’s cool Mom will love it, I’ll see you then”
“See you Friday, Bye Mikey” Cami said and hung up Jake raising an eyebrow.

“What did he want?” Jake said walking over and sitting on the edge of Cami’s bed with her.
“Mikey wants to throw Blair a party to meet her grandparents” Cami said smiling sadly at Jake.

“Is he gonna be there?” Jake said anger flashing across his eyes. “Cause I’d just love to wipe the smirk off that irresponsible assholes face” Jake said biting his lower lip to stop more harsh words from coming out.

“I don’t know and right now I honestly don’t care. I assume Mikey will invite him, or he’ll get one of the guys to. It really all depends on whether he decides to attend or not” Cami said standing along with Jake she picked Blair up from her crib carrying her back into the lounge where Adam sat at his drum set.

“You’re okay to watch her today?” Cami said to Adam who nodded smiling, he gently took her from Cami . He smiled down at her making soft cooing noises smiling, Adam moved to stand beside Jake who tickled Blair’s tummy making her gurgle in delight. Cami looked at the two guys she’d known her whole life, two guys she considered family she knew what she had to ask them.

“Adam, Jake; How do you feel about being Blair’s godfathers?” she said evenly, Jake and Adam looked up from Blair smile’s spreading across their faces. Jake opened his mouth to speak then closed only for it to open again seconds later. Cami felt Jake throw himself at her knocking her onto the couch, moments later she heard choked sobs as Jake cried.

“Are you crying Jake?” Cami said patting his head gently as he buried his face into her shoulder crying hard. She looked at Adam raising her eyebrows as he just smiled at her.
“No I’m just really happy” Adam said looking up with tear stained cheeks, she giggled and hugged him tightly.
“So I take it that’s a yes from both of you?” she said causing Jake to nod vigorously.
“We’d be honoured” Adam said smiling at Cami warmly as Jake continued to cry tears of happiness.

“So should we tell him we’re having a party?” Mikey said as he placed his phone on the coffee table in his Brooklyn apartment he shared with his wife Alicia. Frank looked up from the TV and at Mikey.

“Well Blair’s his daughter, so of course he should be invited” Frank said as an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants started. “Look he’s been an ass of late, but bury the hatchet with him for the sake of your niece” Frank said seriously.
“Don’t you think I’ve been trying?” Mikey said exasperatedly at Frank who shrugged his shoulders.

“There’s a difference between trying and making the effort, trying is letting him ignore your text messages and phone calls. Making an Effort is going over to his place and setting things straight for the good of your relationship with him and his relationship with his daughter and the mother of his child.” Frank finished standing up, he held out his hand to Mikey who took it allowing Frank to pull him up off the couch. “Come on lets go see your brother.”

Gerard frowned at the picture he was sketching, he ripped the piece of paper from the sketch book crumpling it into a ball and throwing it to the floor. He was having trouble concentrating on his drawing of late whenever Bert wasn’t around; Bert had replaced Cami as his muse in his sketches. Gerard though of the sharp angles of Bert’s face trying to commit them to the page but he just couldn’t. He pressed the pencil to hard to the paper and groaned as the lead snapped off, he threw the pencil across the room out of frustration as he heard a knock at his door. He stood up walking over to the door to open it, his jaw dropping ever so slightly when he saw Frank and Mikey standing there.
“Can we come in? Thanks” Frank said pushing Gerard aside ignoring his protests as he wandered into the kitchen to pour himself a mug of coffee for Mikey and himself. Gerard stared at them incredulously as Mikey unwound the scarf which had been wrapped around his neck and hung it on a peg beside the door.

“Gee we came to talk to you” Mikey said as Frank ambled over handing him a mug of coffee, Mikey took a nervous sip struggling to meet his brother’s eye.
“I have nothing to say to you Mikey” Gerard said as he closed his sketchbook and began to pack away his art things.
“God can’t you just hear me out for once” Mikey stated angrily causing Gerard to look at him in shock. He’d never heard Mikey talk that way before to him, it shocked him catching him off guard completely.

“What did you come here to say?” Gerard said quietly not meeting Frank or Mikey’s eye.
“I came here to apologise” Mikey mumbled walking over and sitting at the table with Frank and Gerard. “I should have told you about Cami being pregnant. She asked me not to though and I wanted to respect her wishes” he said causing Gerard to nod solemnly.
“I don’t get why she didn’t tell you, she has her reasons maybe she’ll reveal them to you one day” Mikey said with a shrug of his shoulders. Gerard nodded quietly putting his art supplies back into his satchel and shutting it. The three men remained in silence not knowing what to say to each other, Frank eventually got sick of it and spoke up.

“Anyway apologising wasn’t the only reason we came here” Frank said as he finished off his mug of coffee and poured himself another. “We wanted to invite you to a party that we are throwing for baby Blair” Frank said with his usual silly grin, Gerard looked at him hearing that name.
“Blair? I have a baby girl?” He said curiously. Mike and Frankie nodded, Gerard smiled serenely. Mikey pulled his wallet from his pocket and opened it; he pulled a small photo from it handing it to Gerard.

“That’s her, that’s your daughter” Mikey said pointing at the tiny infant who’s eyelids were scrunched with a look of sheer determination on her face. Gerard smiled, she already took so much after Cami. Blair didn’t resemble him much at all.

She’s beautiful aint she?” Frank mused smiling and opened his wallet, he handed over a copy of the photo to Gerard. “Keep this one I have another at home” he said simply.

“Thanks” Gerard murmured smiling opening his wallet and sliding the picture in for him to look at whenever. “So when’s this party?” He said breaking out of his reverie.

“Friday” Mikey said. “Mom wants to throw it at her place so we’re gonna have to do the drive to Jersey for it” he said causing Gerard to nod.
“Should I bring anything?” he said as he went and poured himself a mug of coffee and came back down to rest at the table.

“A present for Blair” Frank said simply. “She’s freaking adorable she deserves presents just for that” he said causing Gerard and Mikey to laugh.
“Friday it is then” he said smiling into his coffee.
Hopefully nothing would go awry.

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