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In your eyes, I lost my place...

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The party

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“What if she hates me?” Cami said nervously as she shifted on her feet glancing at Jake and Adam who flanked her either side. Jake hitched Blair’s diaper bag on his shoulder smiling at Cami.

“Sweetie she’ll love you, your like totally cute and you gave birth to her grandkid she can’t hate you” Jake said rolling his eyes making Cami laugh. “Besides she won’t have time to judge you this party is all about Blair Bear” he said running a hand over Blair’s head affectionately. Adam leaned over to knock on the door. Footsteps were heard and moments later the door opened to reveal a man with greying hair and a warm smile.

“You must be Cami” he said stepping aside allowing Cami, Jake and Adam to pass through. “I’m Don Gerard’s dad” he said taking Blair’s diaper bag from Jake. He hung the bag up on a hook and turned back to face Cami, he looked down at Blair.
“Is it okay if I hold her?” he asked. Cami nodded allowing Don to take her and cradle her gently in her arms.

“Don who is that?” A woman with bleach blonde hair said as she walked out of the kitchen followed by Kyan. Cami smiled as she saw her dad holding a beer in his hand.

“Hi you must be Mrs Way, I’m Cami” Cami said walking over to shake Donna’s hand. Donna stared down at her hand and chuckled before pulling Cami into s rib cracking hug. Cami hugged her back just as tight laughing before Donna let her go.

“Please call me Donna we’re practically family” she said standing back and looking her up and down. “Which by the way your to skinny and as practically being your mother in law, I’ll have to fatten you up” she said causing Adam to snicker. Donna looked up at Jake and Adam who stood apart from the group.

“And who are these two young men?” she said eyeing up Jake and Adam in their similar outfits, skinny black jeans, band tees, hoodies and hats. Jake in beanie type thing and Adam in an LA cap.

“I’m Adam and this is Jake my boyfriend” he said wrapping an arm lovingly around Jake’s waist pulling him closer to his side. Donna smiled. “I’ll have to fatten you two up as well your too skinny” she said in a disapproving tone to Adam causing Jake to laugh and plant a kiss on Adam’s cheek. Donna turned to Don looking at Blair in his arms; he glanced up at her smiling, he handed her gently over to Donna who cooed quietly at Blair.

“God she looks so much like you Cami” she said with a smile as Blair opened her eyes staring up at Donna, she gurgled happily as Donna smiled back lovingly. “She has her father’s eyes though, god it’s like staring at Gerard” she said as she rocked her gently cooing. Cami smiled as she unbuttoned her coat before hanging it up, she heard the front door opened and looked up to see Mikey enter followed by Alicia, Jamia and Frank. Hugs were exchanged and everyone surrounded Donna who was holding a sleeping Blair in her arms. Jamia broke away from the group.
“So what’s it like being a mom?” she said laughing as she handed Cami a bag with Presents for Blair in it.

“Scary, I swear I’m so worried I’m gonna fuck everything up for Blair somehow” she said as she sat on the couch beside Jamia.

“It’s only natural it’s all apart of parent hood” Jamia said simply running a hand through her hair. “Open our present your going to love it” Jamia said excitedly. Cami smiled and opened the bag, her smile widened when she saw what was inside.
“Oh my god this is so freaking cute” she said holding up the pale pink hoodie with the cartoon skull on the front, she pulled out matching pink gloves along with a pair of baby converses. “Thanks guys” she said smiling and throwing her arms around Jamia embracing her, she pulled away and stood up walking over to Frank to hug him.

“Here’s our present” Mikey said handing over another bag, Cami opened it laughing slightly as she pulled out all MCR’s cd’s and dvd’s. “She can listen to that instead of those stupid lullabies” he said causing Cami to laugh. “I also got you this” Alicia said handing Cami another bag. Cami opened the bag and smiled at the cute little jumpsuit Alicia had bought, it was black with white swirly writing on the back which read “Mommy’s Little RockStar” with a black and pink chequered scarf to match.
“Thanks you guys” Cami said pulling them into a group hug before the front door opened again and Ray, Bob and Gerard entered together.

“Where’s the munchkin?” Bob said as he hugged Cami, he looked over and saw Donna holding her. Bob took Blair from Donna and poked her tummy gently causing her to gurgle again happily, she clutched at Bob’s finger which appeared giant in Blair’s tiny fingers. Bob lifted her up and kissed her forehead gently before handing her back to Ray who cradled her gently as Bob handed her his present. Cami opened the bag curiously and burst out laughing pulling out a pair of drumsticks.
“Those are hers for when she’s old enough to learn” he said with a shy grin as Cami wrapped her arms around bob hugging him tightly before pulling away and turning to Ray.

“Well it was hard to shop for little miss here” he said smiling. “But eventually I found her the perfect present” he said handing over a box to Cami. Cami untied the ribbon on the box lifting the lid. She smiled pulling out the present gently. It was a mobile with little guitar’s hanging off it, Cami wound it and as it played she heard I’m not okay playing. She smiled placing the mobile gently back in the box before hugging Ray and kissing him on the cheek.

“It’s beautiful Ray thanks” she said before she looked over at Gerard who was hanging his jacket on the coat hook. He stopped and turned staring at Cami. It was the first time he’d seen her since Paris. It would be the first time he’d spoken to her in over 8 months. He walked over to Cami standing in front of her nervously biting his lower lip as everyone looked on curiously wondering what Gerard would say to Cami after all these months.

“You look great” he mumbled barely meeting Cami’s eyes as he finished looking her up and down. She looked beautiful in the tight black skinny jeans she wore coupled with her favourite black and grey off the shoulder sweater. Her dark hair was pulled back and her eyes were made up in a smokey fashion giving off a mysterious vibe. Gerard just wanted to kiss her but instead settled for a hug knowing a kiss would ruin the moment. He buried his face into Cami’s shoulder inhaling her scent smiling as he did. She smelled so different from Bert who’d chosen to blow off the party in favour for getting drunk with his band mates.

“I got her a present, actually it’s not really a present. It’s more a hand me down” he babbled nervously as he handed Cami the bag. Cami opened it, her heart melting as she saw what was inside, a small bear with fluffy grey fur and a great red bow.

“He was mine when I was growing up, I thought Blair deserved to have him now” he said looking down at his shoe scuffing the floor.
“It’s wonderful Gerard it is honestly” she said hugging him again. She turned to Ray who handed back Blair.

“Would you like to hold her?” she said as she cradled Blair gently in her arms. Gerard nodded eagerly as Cami handed him Blair. He held her staring down at the tiny sleeping thing in his arms.
“Your beautiful” he murmured as she opened her eyes. It was like staring into his own face. Everyone stood in relative silence for a few moment s before there was a knock at the door. Don walked over to the door opening it.

“I hope I’m not late”
It was Julia.

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