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I'm dead so i'll txt u ltr..Ttyl

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SORRY!!! I had to move...away. but be lucky im back

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"What the hell!?" Brendon said. Him and Ryan scratched their heads as they looked around the pitch black area.

"Ryan?" Anna called. She knew something was out there... Almost like an instinct.

Suddenly, the car broke down, it seemed the car didn't do well with blood over the engine.

"Brendon, you got your cell on you?" Ryan asked as he strained to see in the darkness.

"Uh...Yeah, but no bars."

"Shit!" Ryan slammed his hand on the car in anger. "Ouch!"

"Dude, you are so weak." Brendon smirked.

In the car Anna and Malissia held themselves as the boys fought outside the car. For minutes there was dead silence. Anna rolled down the window and flashed her I-pod out to see.

"Anything?" Malissia asked.

"Its not bright enough. Ryan! Brendon!?"

"Whats going on!" Malissia panicked.

"Don't worry, I bet the guys found a flashlight and went to find a snack stand." Anna said reassuringly.

"Without telling us to keep the doors locked and to keep put? Its not like Brendon!" Malissia said opening the door and getting out.

"Malissia! Were are you going?"

Anna waited several minutes for Malissia to come back. When she didn't Anna sighed and followed behind her. She called Malissa's name after losing her in the darkness.
Anna began stepping forward and stumbled on something hard. She looked down but couldn't see, she reached in her pocket and pulled out her I-pod. She flashed it down.

"Oh my God!" Anna stumbled up and fell back. It was Malissia. Her body was lifeless and her eyes were bloodshot, and her neck was still oozing blood from the cut on it.
"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" Anna turned over and puked out on the pavement. She tried to scream but she couldn't. She tried to move but she couldn't. She was cold, scared, and in her mind she thought she would die here. It was the end for her and her friends. Moments later a patrol car pulled along the side of Spencer's. The driver got out and approached Anna.

"Everything okay here ma'am- What in the name!?" The Patrol Officer said flashing his flashlight.

Anna stood up, "O-officer, I- My friends- and-"

"Well why don't you follow me into my car, I'll take you into to town."

"Thank you." Anna walked towards his car as the opened the door the officer aggressively bashed the flashlight on her head causing her to fall over. She was knocked out.
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