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Always been scare of the dark, eh?

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Here another...gets scarier!

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After Spencer filled his tank, he decided to check his tires as well.

"Spence! Your tires can wait another 2 hours, I wanna make it to my dorm ya know! ALIVE! I'm starving!" Malissa complained.

"For once shes right. I'm starving, too." Anna said as her stomach growled.

"I didn't think you were hungry after you just ate Ryan tongue." Brendon smirked.

"Haha! Super funny, you prick!"

"Hey, your right. But theres nothing funny about my brother." He said as he tapped his pants.

Anna rolled her eyes and walked away. As she approached the bushes she noticed some type of metal piece sticking out. "Hey Ryan, check this out." She touched it and quickly jumped back. "Fuck!" Her fingers began bleeding.

"Anna you alright. What the-" Ryan said she he he saw the blood run down her fingers. "What happened?"

"Some blade in the bushes, right there." Anna pointed. Ryan looked over to where she had pointed and opened the bushes. A machete? About 55cm/23in to be exact. Thick enough to man slaughter.

"Damn. Who the Fuck dumps this stuff off in the bushes?"

"I say we get the fuck out of here, forget were it came from." Anna said.

"Right." Ryan nodded. "Spence, you done? This place is full of crazy shit."

"...Should I-Never mind." Spencer said starting up the car.


After driving but half a mile it was dark. Pitch black dark. And Spencer's 8-passenger SUV stopped in the middle of the road.

"Fuck!!! Bad fucking gas!!!" Spencer said as the car began to smoke. "My baby!"

Malissa laughed as Spencer ran out of the car like an idiot.

"Someone pop the hood!" Spencer yelled from outside. Brendon leaned over the driver seat and pulled the button and the hood popped up. "Thanks!"

"UGH!" Anna screamed. "Just when I thought I was the fuck out of here!!!"

"Chill baby. Promise you we'll get back to college alright." He kissed her forehead and smiled down at her.

"I hope..." Anna said as she thought she saw a figure in the darkness outside the car. She wondered...?

Outside the car Spencer worked on the engine. "Oh, there it is." As he reached down to grab the buckle off the side of the engine it burned him. "Fuck!" He jumped. It was so hot it took a piece of skin off his finger. "Damn, maybe if I..." He reached down again and suddenly the hood slammed down on his head. Smoke steamed from the car. Anna and Malissa began to scream as Ryan and Brendon jumped out the car and attempted to pull the hood off of him. When they pulled it off, Spencer slid from the hood onto the ground. His eye sockets, where his eyes had been, bubbled, the skin on his face was basically burned off.
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