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Dreams Of The Unknown

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Dreams, surprises, and the supernatural. Oh, and MCR. What else could you want? [RE-WRITE]

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Frank giggled as he pulled pulled him into the bedroom in Frank's apartment.
"What are you doing?" He whispered, looking around, expecting there to be some obvious reason as to why this man had locked the two of them in together in his bedroom. His eyes widened as Frank felt his hands slide down his sides, resting on his hips.
"I think you know why I brought you in here, Frankie..." Came his quiet voice into Frank's ear, the words sending a shiver down his spine.
He spun Frank around, pushing him so that his back was against the wall. Lifting Frank's wrists so that they were above his head, he held them there with one hand, whilst he moved forward and caressed Frank's neck with his lips.
"If you have.." He bit down softly on Frank's neck, eliciting a moan from the smaller man, "..any problems about this..we can stop."
Frank took a deep breath, it changing into a gasp as the dark haired man's free hand slid up under the bottom of his shirt, his fingers brushing lightly over the sensitive patch of skin just below Frank's navel. His hand moved lower, his beautiful hazel eyes gazing into Frank's own innocently as he palmed Frank's growing erection through his jeans. Frank shifted, pushing up slightly into the man's hand. He smirked, moving away from Frank, leaving him wide eyed and breathless.
" I think that you would look better without those clothes, Frank..."

Frank woke with a start, breathless, as though the dream had actually happened. He looked over to the other side of the bed, seeing the sleeping form of his fiancé, Jamia. He slid out of bed, standing and pacing.
This wasn't the first time that he had had dreams about this unknown man, and this certainly wasn't the first time that he had woken up with a hard-on because of it.
"Frankie?" Jamia's sleepy voice floated through the darkened room.
"Are you okay?" She asked, rubbing her eyes as she sat up and looked at him.
Frank gulped.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine babe, don't worry." He said quickly.
Jamia looked slightly taken aback.
"Well..okay." She said, lying back down and rolling over, going back to sleep.
Frank sighed gently. He sat on the edge of the bed, and put his head in his hands. These dreams were all that he could think of, and he knew that Jamia knew that there was something on his mind, but he could exactly tell her that he was dreaming about having sex with another man, could he?
He lay down, with all these thoughts still swirling around in his head. He attempted to sleep, but it wouldn't come. So Frank lay there all night, until his alarm went off, signalling that he had to get up to go to work.
Just who was this man that was invading his dreams?

welll. start of a random story, that i have no idea where it came from.
anyway. review. (:
jake xx
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