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Reality Kicks In

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Frank and Gerard get a surprise.

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Frank drained his cup of coffee, gave Jamia a kiss goodbye and headed out to his car. Getting in, he rested his forehead on the steering wheel for a few moments, trying to push the man in his dreams, out of his head. He started the car, driving in the general direction of his workmate Gerard's house, to whom he gave a lift every morning. He stopped outside the house, and beeped the horn 3 times, and waited.
Gerard stumbled out of his house, looking a little worse for wear as he came round to the passenger side of Franks car.
"What happened to you?" Frank asked as Gerard got settled, running a hand through his dishevelled hair.
"Bob stayed over." Gerard said. Frank smirked, and then laughed as Gerard shifted uncomfortably in his seat.
"It's not funny!" Gerard muttered, then relented and started laughing with Frank. Frank, signalled and pulled out, getting to work in 5 minutes since the roads were relatively clear.

The two men walked through the foyer of the upstate restaraunt that they worked in, heading to the staff locker rooms to get changed into their waiting suits. As they were getting changed, Gerard suddenly asked Frank
"What's wrong?"
Frank looked up. "Hmm?"
Gerard looked at his sternly and said,
"I know something's up with you Frank, and I'm not letting you leave this room until you tell me what's up."
Frank sighed, grateful for his friends concern, but embarrassed about what he was about to say.
"Well..I've been having these dreams. About me and this guy...doing stuff. And it seems so wrong, because he's all I can think about. Even when me and Jamia, y'know, had sex, it was him that I kept seeing, instead of her..." He rubbed an hand over his face. "I just don't know what's going on with me, Gee."
Gerard was about to reply when Sarah, their co-worker, burst through the door.
"Hey guys, just to let you know, we have a new boss starting today." She smiled, grabbing something out of her locker.
"What?" Gerard exclaimed. "What happened to Ray?"
"He tripped over his cat and fell down the stairs." She replied " He'll be back in a few months time. In the meanwhile, we have this new guy, he should be here any minute."
"Oh okay..." Gerard said.
Frank turned to pt his wallet in the locker and heard the door opening.
"Hi, I'm supposed to start as waiting manager here today?" A deep, silky voice that seemed strangely familliar to Frank. He turned
and gasped.
The man that had spoken flicked his eyes to Frank, and smirked ever so slightly.
Frank just stared. How could he be here?
How could Frank have dreamt about someone that he hadn't even met, and now, that same person was stood infront of him?!
"I'm Zack. Zack Baker."
That was the last thing that Frank heard before he blacked out.

He opened his eyes to see Gerard and Zack leaning over him.
"I'll take him to get some water-" Gerard started to say, but Zack cut him off.
"No, you go get to work, I'll look after him."
Gerard hesitated, then nodded and left.
Zack looked back at Frank.
"Now, are you alright to stand up?" He asked. Frank nodded, and pushed himself up to standing. He wobbled, then almost fell. He would have, if Zack hadn't caught him.
Frank looked up, and met Zack's emerald eyes.
"Careful.." Zacky murmured, his arms still around Frank. Frank said nothing, and Zack let go, moving towards the door.
"Come and get some water." He said. Frank started to follow, then stopped.
"Who are you?" He asked, almost angrily. Zack turned, that smirk on his face again.

"I'm the man of your dreams."

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