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Just stay Where I Can See You, DOUSE The Lights!

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Ya the normal stuff boy/boy nothing out of the ordinary wait till ur married kids! lol R&R pleaz

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Gently i traced my fingers along his shoulder blade. Ryan moaned for more and i gave it to him. gently until he started to whisper in my ear "Harder,Harder!" i gave it to him hard and slow until he whispered "faster,Faster!"

it came faster and harder. I worked my way down to his lower body section and kissed all the way down.He moaned for more."uhhhh Brendon give me more.

I need more!" more came. then up up and off i kissed him hard and he was sweating i was sweating. We agreed once more wouldnt hurt so i gave it to him as hard as possible in and out fast as i could i just needed to taste him.

down i went in he went.oh fuck Ryan you taste sooo good!"come on Brendon i need you inside of me not me inside you!" he giggled.

one more time we did it so hard soo fast. He kept pleading for more,but i told him he drained me.he was my sex monster.

we just sat and kissed each others body and finally fell asleep.~~"good morning beautiful he said" "heyy RyRy."

"my dad slept at the bar last night never came home." "its ok."
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