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He Tastes Like You,Only Sweeter

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Well this maybe the end im not going to include how the band got started cuz my fat ass teacher is makin mee read a book.freak prob the last chptr PLEAZ R&R

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"What do you want for breakfast?" "mmmm is Ryan on the menu?" "sorry we sold out of him last night!"they giggled together.

"oh Brendon you stole something from me last night and I want you to keep it.Iwould never let anyone steal that from me but you."

"me too RyRo.Me too." "soo lets get some pancakes?" "vegetarian pancakes please." "a stack of vegetarian pancakes coming up!"

~~Brendon told his parents and they gladly accepted.4yans mom accepted but his dads words were very harsh.In school everyone knew and learned to accept it.

Even Jon,Spencer, and Brent did. They allowed Brendon in the band. He was happy Jon replaced Brent because Brent always knew the wrong thing to say.

Things were actually going good for Brendon and Ryan had always tasted sweeter every night. His favorite time of day was night.

That is Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross's Love Story.Rydon lived happily ever after.=)
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