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My Chemical Heart Will Go On

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The Titanic, But in Gerard version.

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Note: Okay so again, I deleted my last story. I didn't have anywhere to go with it and today I had a total inspiration for a new story. I promise I will stick with this one. This is gonna be a story set back in the 1912. I know I know a verrrrry long time ago but hey. It's set on the RMS Titanic. I warn you now im gonna try make this story as sad as possible so please don't hate me!!
Oh and just something I found a little interesting. Here's the most popular names of the 1900's and look who I found. You may recognise them:
7 - Robert
8 - Frank
22 - Raymond
39 - Michael
609 - Gerhard (Yeah.. this was the closest I got. That or 860 - Gerardo

I sat on the cold stone steps next to my suitcase outside the old crumbling orphanage tapping my fingers together in excitement and anticipation. Gerard was going to be here any minute now and I couldn't wait. For 18 years I was stuck in this place as a house maid, abused and ignored. But now I was finally leaving. Leaving for a better life. Today was the day that I finally left good old Britain for the glamorous lifestyle of America. No longer did I have to spend my days being whipped and beaten by the cruel sisters who ran the London School for Young Ladies. Now I wouldn't have to see the frowns on the faces of the older girls or hear their whispered comments about my 'witch-like' combination of black hair, green eyes and pale white skin. I was free. Free of them with the only person I ever needed. Gerard.
I noticed two of the older, wealthy girls walking across the gardens with their parasols chatting together. They kept glancing over at me and sniggering together. I blushed and quickly turned my gaze back to the road, looking out for the black taxi to pull up and whisk me away from this place forever.
"Well well look here Lucy. It's that poor little beggar girl Alice. This place too good for you then hmm?" A voice asked sickly sweet. I glanced up through the long hair hair over my eyes. The girls were looking down at me sneering in disgust.
"What do you want Elizabeth?" I asked angrily. The girls laughed loudly.
"You may address me as Miss Crawshay thank you very much" Elizabeth said. I laughed.
"I'll address you however I like. I don't work here anymore" I replied cooly. Both girls eyes narrowed.
"That doesn't change anything. You're still a servant. A filthy, disgusting, poor little servant girl." Lucy said angrily. I felt my cheeks burn and didn't meet their eyes as they laughed cruelly.
"Come along Lucy. Let's go. I feel dirty just talking to this little runt. She probably has fleas in that ragged pile of filth she calls hair" Elizabeth said. Lucy giggled. Elizabeth bent down so that she was face to face with me.
"You'll never manage on your own worm. Soon enough you'll come crawling back here like the pathetic little scum you are. Then we'll see how you shall address me" She snarled. She stood and spat at my feet, then walked away laughing loudly with her friend. I felt tears of anger burn in my eyes and I clenched my fists in frustration, trying not to cry. A car horn sounded and I looked up. A wave of relief washed over me as I saw Gerard's handsome figure step out of the taxi. I jumped up and ran to him as he held his arms outstretched to me. He held me tightly as I buried my head deep in his chest.
"Are you ready Miss Rosalie?" He whispered into my hair. I looked up at him and nodded.
"Yes of course Mr. Way" I replied. Gerard smiled widely and I returned it making him laugh softly. He bent his head and gently kissed my lips then he picked me up and swung me round in a circle. He set me back down dizzy and giggling and, taking my hand, walked over to my suitcase I'd abandoned in the excitement of seeing Gerard. We walked back to the taxi and Gerard put my suitcase into the boot of the car. He turned and smiled down at me happily.
"Well here we go then" He said. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Hmm.." I said pretending to consider this "umm.. yes!!" He shook his head laughing and kissed the tip of my nose.
"Lets go." He opened the back door for me and I stepped inside. He appeared next to me in a matter of seconds.
Leaning back in the seat and sighing in happiness I watched as we drove away from my old life, into my future, and let me tell you. This was something I was never going to forget.

Sooooo???? Whadda ya think? Like it? Hate it? I LIKE COMMENTS AND RAY TORO'S GINORMOUS AFRO!!!! ;)
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