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Chapter Three.

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Bert starts some trouble..

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After a while of driving, the two spotted a gas station up the road. "Kinsie, dear" Bert began. "I need to use the bathroom." Kinsie laughed and pulled into the parking lot. "Go right ahead, and could you get me a Monster while you're at it? I'm thirsty." Bert quickly nodded, getting out of the car and walking into the gas station.

Kinsie played around with her phone for a bit, waiting for Bert who was taking insanely long. She was about to throw her phone to the side when it made a buzzing noise. The phone read '1 NEW TEXT MESSAGE, BERT.' She opened it, and it read, "KINZ GET IN HERE. I NEED SOME HELP ASAP". "Mother of God.." Kinsie muttered, sliding out of the car.

When she ran into the gas station Bert whispered "Kinsie, make no sounds!" Looking around, and very puzzled she spotted a worker sound asleep at the cash register. Another thing she noticed was Bert behind the counter, grabbing as many kinds of liquor as he could carry. "Holy shit Bert, what are you doing?!" She whisper/yelled. Bert could barely carry all of it, Kinsie could only imagine the bottles sliding out of his hands..then cops coming.

"Kinsie, just help me out with these!" Bert exclaimed. Practically fuming, she replied, "Bert, they've got cameras in here. Proof. We will be fucking dead." He just laughed. "Already taken care of, kiddo. The tapes can be released from the cameras quite easily. They need better security around here, to be honest." Kinsie just stared. Frantically, Bert said "Okay I really need some help here unless you want to end up in the back of a cop car."

"You're fucking insane." She exclaimed as they scrambled out of the station carrying bags full of Jack Daniels and Budweiser. She angrily plopped the stash into the back seat and slammed the car door. Bert ran over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Kinz, you need to lighten up, today is gonna be fun! We can get a little wasted, it won't hurt anyone! Plus no one will find out it was us. The manager will probably think it was that worker, its his fault for falling asleep." Biting her lip, Kinsie just looked up at him. He smirked and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Its okay, lets just have some fun. Loosen up!" Bert patted her on the head, and skipped off into the car. Why was he so good at convincing her to do such stupid shit? She loved him, that's why.

Before Kinsie knew it, they were laying on top of her car, in a vacant lot, insanely drunk. "Ohh Kinsiiieeeee! I looove you more than my mommy! That means a lot, you know." She grinned and gasped. "REALLY?! Cause I love you more than your mom, toooooo!!" She squealed, and they began laughing obnoxiously. They paused, and Bert snuggled close to her. "You know..I really do love you Kinsie." Kinsie looked over to him, moving close enough that their noses touched.

"Let's get married!" She giggled and he nodded excitedly. "Yes!" He yelled, leaning forward and roughly kissing her. They joined hands and jumped off the car, getting into it. "Hmm. I forget how these work!" She laughed, gesturing to the keys. Bert shoved them into the ignition, then kissed her again. "Like that!" He grinned at her. Kinsie drove out of the lot at a ridiculous speed, swerving down the road. She leaned over and gave Bert a quick kiss. As she was doing so, a tractor-trailer sped out in front of them. Everything faded to black.

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