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Chapter Two.

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The car ride..

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About an hour later, Kinsie and Bert emerged from the house, dressed, packed, and ready for the days events. They had a three hour drive to the Warped Tour venue. They lived in a small town, where no exciting things really happened, so the nearest concert was always quite a while away.

"Hey Bert, did you remember to go to the bathroom?" Kinsie joked. "We don't want any accidents on the road." Bert flashed her a sarcastic smirk and and replied "Yes, mommy." They both laughed and sat down in the car, Kinsie taking the drivers' seat. She started the car when Bert looked over to her.

"Um, Kinsie? I have know." Kinsie rolled her eyes and threw her hands in the air. "Mother of God!" She began. Bert laughed and grabbed her little hands, shaking them as he spoke. "Chill, dear. It was a joke." Kinsie giggled. "Oh. Good one." With that, she began driving.


"BERT!" Kinsie swerved. "If I try to play 'I Spy' with you, I will crash, and we will die. Okay?!" Bert just laughed his girlie giggle and patted her head. "Now!" He began. "I Spy something...dead!" Kinsie rolled her eyes and looked over to him. "You in about 10 seconds?" Bert grinned and shook his head. "The opossum on the side of the road!"

"I loooove you Kinz!!" Bert sang, then gasped dramatically. "Music! Music!" He jumped around and clapped like a little kid on Christmas. "We need some tunes, brahh!!!" Kinsie couldn't help but laugh at Bert, he was so cute. Quickly, he turned on the radio, and "Never Let You Go" by Third Eye Blind blared through the speakers. Bert grinned and began singing along, his voice was flawless. It made it hard for Kinsie to concentrate on the road.

Soon Kinsie was singing along with him, "I'll never let you go.." and they looked over to each other, laughing. Bert started playing air guitar, and Kinsie threw her head back and laughed. The rest of the ride went like that; they sang along to the radio, talked about random things, and Bert almost caused a car accident every so often. To be honest, Kinsie didn't really care anymore. She just laughed with him as the people around angrily yelled. (And occasionally, gave them the finger.) She was too happy to care.

Ahh! Sorry I haven't written in so long, I'll make it up to everyone who's read and put up another chapter or two today.
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