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Stay with me

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  • Lips of an Angel

    (#) CaroBECKETT 2008-12-11 05:21:47 PM

    Is this the ending?

    Ohh this story iss sooooo amazingly great.

    I loved it.

    Billy is such a...cutie ;)

    Im glad Alex finally told Luke to fuck off, it was about time (:
  • Lips of an Angel

    (#) Hellsangel666 2008-12-20 11:19:08 AM

    Is that the ending?

    loved the story!!!!

    loved the human/animal hybrids!

    you can imagine Billy's little kitty ears pressed on his head.

  • Lips of an Angel

    (#) Gizelle-LeAnne 2008-12-23 02:27:36 AM

    What an emotional story. It was quite sad and I think it did a good job at making me mad at the characters. But I enjoyed it and that's probably why I'm still up at 2:30 in the morning. I would like to read about Billy and Alex now though. :D I have to admit, the names you use really get me hooked. ;)
  • Lips of an Angel

    (#) Yereanth16 2010-01-30 03:50:24 PM

    awesome story! I got hooked with Alex and his feelings and I could relate to him from pass experience my mother had, thank you for the great story.

    Author's response

    Your welcome xD When I read this story back now I cringe out how good it COULD have been and just wasnt xD But I'm glad you liked it :]
  • Lips of an Angel

    (#) abstract_knight250 2010-12-14 07:14:16 AM

    Okay. . . This is practically the first time i have ever given a review 2 a story. . . Dishing in d fact dat i've been reading fanfics for over a year now, u better be flattered. . .pout and glare Anyways, first and foremost i wana ask u something. . . WHERE D HECK IS D EPILOGUE?! Second, love d plot. . . To flatter u further, there are very few fanfics dat ever touched me. . . So far they can ol be counted with one hand. . . And ur story just got added to the record. . . big wide smile but enough of d flattery and on to d grilling. . . Lots of wrong spellings. . . but since i'm d type who dwells on d plot rather than d spelling. . . I'll let it pass (i talk like i'm a teacher. . . Haha. . . Can't help it. . . It's my first tym afterall). . . Also my knowledge (which is something i'm not sure i can trust) tells me that there is no such thing as 'lieing' but 'lying' does exist in my vocabulary. . . U can search that in a dictionary or something. . . Oh, yeah. . . You should also learn when to use 'too' and 'to'. . . I can't pin-point d chapters i saw d mistakes but it's somewhere there. . . Those are d only mistakes dat got stuck on my brain after finishing it. . . Anyways pls remember i enjoyed it (however badly i phrased my review. . .bow of apology). . . I gave this review 'cause i know u have talent (believe me. . . I know talent when i see one) and i don't want minute details or mistakes like the ones i mentioned to obscur the plot from somebody else that's too shallow to see the beauty of art even if it stares at him on d face. . . smile

    Author's response

    Well, firstly thanks for the review xD I appreciate the constructive criticism but I should probably mention this story is ooooold, which would be why there are so many mistakes in it. My writing has improved a lot since then, to the point not even I can read this fic anymore without cringing at how very bad it was xD
    Also, the grammar lesson (though justified) might have come across better if yours was a little better too... U, d, and 2 are not words... just sayin'.
    And as a side note, there's no epilogue because I didn't like the story XD
    But yeah... that might have come across more negative than intended, I am honestly pleased you reviewed, especially since you dont do it a lot so... thanks :D

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